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My Business forum rules

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Forum Guidelines

The purpose of this forum is to provide a place for support and discussion for those who run a business. If you run or are involved in party-plan activities please use the PARTY PLAN forum.


Can anyone post in this forum?

No, you must have a minimum post count of 100 and been a member for 3 months, to prevent spammers.

Can I promote my business in here?

No. Posts that promote your business (including links in signatures to business and competition sites as well as using business names for username) may not be posted here, or anywhere in the EB forums.


Can I link to my website?

You cannot have a link in your signature, or use a business name as your username. You can however provide a link if it is placed in the context of a relevant discussion. (eg. Someone asks about your business)


We do not allow any businesses (including party-plan and small work-at-home ventures) to be promoted free in the forums or we run the risk of members being subjected to spam from all sorts of companies/businesses.


Can I find a business in here?

Yes. Whether you are looking for a hairdresser or graphic designer you can ask if any EB members fit the bill. If we suspect you are using a friend or member to plant questions you will be cautioned and possibly blocked from this forum.


Can I post ads if I am seeking work or if I have a job on offer?

No, please post in the Employment Opportunities or Seeking Employment section (subject to meeting post count and membership criteria).

What are the reasons for the above rules?

Without very strict rules around promotion and advertising, forums can quickly become awash with spam and non-genuine posts. We do this to protect the quality of the forums. The EB forums have been running for 10 years so the rules have been very finely tuned!

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