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If you have any links you want to add please reply here. That way if you click on a link and read through it might have the answers there. If you want to know more please reply in that thread... it will get bumped up, more people will answer and each thread will become a full answer to the question :) AND still be easily found :)



Oz Cloth Nappies FAQ’s

Where Can I Find a List To Information and Cloth Nappy WAHMs & FAQs About Cloth Nappies?

Kelly's 101 on Cloth

Promoting Modern Cloth



Oz Cloth Nappies Abbreviations List


Index of Brands

Index of Brands


Nappy Reviews

Pocket Reviews

Cover Reviews

Night Nappy Reviews

AIO Reviews

Fitted Reviews


Nappy Rash/Creams/Powders/Ointments

The Full Deal On Nappy Rash

Extreme Nappy Rash Help!

Nappy Cream Recommendations

Extreme Nappy Rash #2

Cloth Nappy Misery - Nappy Service - Leaks & Rash

Paw Paw Cream


Nappy Rash Help

Cloth = Nappy Rash?

Nappy Rash

Aloa Vera On Nappy Rash - Can I?


Nappies - Environmental & Baby Health Stuff

Cloth and Eczema

Crystals In Nappies

Huggies - Crystals Coming Out Of Nappies

Crystals Coming Out Of Nappies #2

#Cloth Mum's Question - development and cloth

Cloth Mum's Question - Development and Cloth


The 'Versus' Questions

Cloth V's Disposable Nappies

OK - Convert Me!

Thinking Cloth

Cloth or Disposable Nappies

The Mega 'Versus' Thread

Cloth Nappy Myths

Cloth or Disposable?

Cloth - will I really Save?

Why Do You Use Cloth?

Nappies - Cloth or Disposable?

Cloth Versus Disposable

DH Refusing To Use Cloth?

Anti-Cloth Crusaders - It Aint Rocket Science

(I know this is in the venting board, and some of the posts are a little... unfriendly, but there is some good information in there so am adding the link.)

Cloth Q - Twins - How Many Nappies?


Disposable Questions

A Good 'Second' Option Disposable Nappy?

Anyone Else Having Problems With Huggies atm? (Product Review)

Aldi Newborn Nappies? (Product Reviews)

Huggies Sizes?

Disposable Nappy In Washing Machine! Help!

Baby Love Nappies

Huggies Nappies

Woolworths Select Nappies (Product Reviews)

Woolies Select Nappies (Venting Board)

What Are Your Favourite Nappies?

Disposing Of Disposables

Environmentally Friendly Disposables

Environmentally Friendly Disposables #2

Environmentally Friendly Disposables #3

Disposables and Cloth = Same Environmental Impact? What The Studies Say

Huggies - Crystals Coming Out Of Nappies

Huggies - Crystals Coming Out Of Nappies #2

How Many Newborn Nappies?

Are Huggies The Best?

What Nappies After Huggies Newborn?

Disposables Leaking At Night?

How To Stop a Nappy Leaking Out The Top?

New Huggies Nappies - Questions (Leaks)

Nannies Brand Disposable Nappies?

Product Reviews - Disposable Nappies

Product Reviews - Disposable Nappies #2

What Nappies Would You Recommend?

Nappy Wrapper

Nappy Wrapper #2

Nappy Wrapper #3

Bebes Nappies

Cloth or Disposable With Twins

Wipes Warmer

Huggies V's Snugglers?

Bambino Mio Nappies

'Disposable' Users - Genuine Question on 'Cloth-Like' Outers

Allergic to Disposables?

Allergic to Disposables? #2

Allergic to Disposables? #3

Huggies Sizes

Do You Flush The Poo?

My Planet Nappy Recycling/Disposal

Thinking of Changing To Cloth


Swimming Nappies

Best Reusable Swim Nappies

Swim Nappies



Baby Wipes - Which Ones?

Baby Wipes (Product Reviews)Reusable Baby Wipes?

Home Made Baby Wipes

Cloth Wipes?

Cloth Wipes - How Many?

Homemade Wipes Solution

Home Made Cloth Wipes


Washing Nappies/Dry Pailing/Soaking Questions

Camping With Cloth - Can You Do It?

Washing Nappies on Minimail (tank) water? Possible?

Can I Use Stain Remover On My Nappies?

Alternative To Lux Flakes?

Hemp Nappies Not Absorbent?

Does Anyone Still Soak Clothies?

Cloth Nappies Not Line Drying?

Soft Nappies - How?

Cloth Nappies - Vinegar and Bi-Carb?

Help! Smelly Nappies (Cloth)Smelly Cloth Nappies

Smelly Cloth Nappies and Liners

Cloth Nappies and Newborn Poo - Stains Q

Smelly Cloth Nappies - Help!

Another Smelly Nappy Quest?

Stinky Nappies

Wool Covers? How To Wash?

Dry Pailing

Zippered Wet Bags?

OMG The Smell! (Wet Nappies)

Stinky Nappy Bucket

Carrying Around Pooey Nappies

Nappy Buckets

Cloth Nappies and Washing Machine...

What Size Washing Machine?

Cloth Nappies and Newborn Poo

Washing Vs Soaking Cloth Nappies Before Use

Washing Cloth Nappies?

Getting Urine Smell Out Of Cloth Nappies?

Two Nappy Buckets...Why?

Where Do You Keep Your Nappy Bucket?

Nappy Service?

Washing Powder For Baby

Cloth Nappies Outside The Home

Little Squirt Won't Work

Alternative To Napisan

Cloth Nappies and Salt Water

Help Attaching Little Squirt

Cloth Nappy Misery - Nappy Service and Leaks and Rash!


Fitted's and Prefold Questions

Best Fitted Cloth - Very Chunky Thighs!

Recommend a Cloth Nappy To Hold It All

Where Did You Get The Money To Buy Your Cloth Nappies!? (expense pf initial outlay)

Tots Bots Bamboozle Users

Trimmest, Slimmest, Fitted Nappy

Big Fitted Cloth Nappies

BabyBeehinds Cloth Nappies

Fitted Cloth Nappies (Product Review)

Where To Buy Cloth Nappies?

Fitted Nappies From Newborn to Six Months

Durability of Fitted Cloth?

Slimmest Cloth?

Fitted Washable Nappies - Where To Find and Cheapest?

Fitted Cloth Nappies?

Best Pre Fold For Infant?

Help Choosing Fitted Nappies?

Hemp Nappies - Baby Green's

Hemp Nappy Night Probs - help!

'Animal' Fitted Cloth Nappies

Sandy's and Tots Bots Nappy Q's

One-Size Fits All Cloth Nappies?

Motherease Sandy's Fitted Nappies

Ruthiroo And other Prefold Users

Designer Cloth

How Many Cloth Nappies to Buy?

Fluffies Fitted Nappies?

BabyBeehinds with Me and Tots Covers

Fluffies Fitted Cloth Nappies?

Fitted Nappies - Motherease or TotBots?

Calling All Fitted Cloth Nappy Gurus

Help With Choosing Fitted Cloth?


Specific AIO Questions

Trimmest, Slimmest, Fitted Nappie (Nappy)

Rumpster AIO's

Rumpster Problem

AIO Users

Slimmest Cloth?


Bubblebubs AIO's?

Are Fleece-Lined AIO Nappies Too Hot?

Rumpsters v Pocket/Fitteds


Overnight Cloth Nappies

Night Nappy Alternatives

Budget Night Nappy Options - For Keeping Baby Dry

THE Best Night Nappy? (Cloth)

Night Time Cloth Nappy (again)

I Need An Overnight Nappy

Cloth Nappies Overnight?

Night Nappy Help

Help In Searching For Extra Large Night Cloth Nappy


Make-Your-Own Wipes/Covers/Cloth Nappy Q's

Nappy Fabrics

Wee Weka v Poo Pockets Pattern

Patterns Patterns Patterns!!!

Sew Cloth Nappies #1

General Make Your Own Talk

Trimmest, Slimmest, Fitted Nappie (Nappy)

PooPockets Nappies

Wipes and Boosters - What's the Difference And How Do I Make 'em?

Cloth Wipes - What To Make Them With?

Making Hemp Boosters?

Making Pocket Nappies?

Wool Covers Pattern?

Cloth Wipes - How Many?

Free Patterns For Fitteds?

Best Pattern For Fitted Nappies?

Overlock v Stitch 'n' Turn?

Material For Nappy Liners?

PooPockets Pattern Q's

My Nappies

Cloth Nappy Making Q

Sewing Cloth Nappies

Best Material For Liners



Childcare and Cloth Nappies - Happy Partnership?

Cloth Nappies and Daycare


Pocket Nappy Questions

Anyone Tried Peapods Yet?

Ella's House Humhugger or Fuzzi With Hemp Booster?

FuzziBunz - Bottom Not Dry?

Pocket Nappies And Covers

Best Pocket Nappy For Chubby Bub?

Stuffers For Pocket Nappy?

Pocket Nappy/AIO Virgin - Help Needed

How Many Stuffers?

Which One-Sized Pocket Nappy?

Favourite Pocket Nappy?

Chamois As A Stuffer?

What To Stuff A Pocket Nappy With?


Specific Covers Q's

Wool Covers/Soakers on Newborn

PUL Nappy Covers

Chunky Thighs - Which Nappies/Covers?

Which 'Pillies'?

Covers Sizes?! (grr)

Terry Squares - Which Covers?

Wool Covers? Huh?

BabyBeehinds With Me and Tots Covers

Pocket Nappies and Covers

PUL Covers Q

Motherease Rikki or Air-Flo?

Cloth Nappy Covers

What Size Cover For Newborn?

Nappy Covers - Which Ones?


Specific 'Flats' Q's

Flat Nappies - What do I need and where do I start?

Best Covers for Flats/Prefolds?

Terry Squares - Which Covers?

No Pins No Snappi Nappy Fold For Newborn

BabyBeehinds with ME and Tots Covers

Terry Nappy Q

Terry Square Nappy Users

Square Cloth Nappies - Which Ones?

Best Nappy Fold For Newborn?

Hemp Flats?


'Other' Cloth Questions including Multi-questions

Nappy Talk On Sunrise At The Moment

Going Out In Cloth

Considering Using Cloth - Q's

More q's - Night and Tight?

Changing To Cloth?

Q For Cloth Gurus?

Cloth Disaster Already...Please Help!

Cloth Nappies - How Many Wet Per Day? - Toddler

Cloth Plans - Please Pull Apart

Cloth Nappies - How Many Years?

Dh Refusing To Use Cloth Nappies?

Cloth Nappies In UK?

Damn Disposables! (Venting Board)

All Clothies - Snugglers Site

Getting Annoyed With Cloth!

Polar Fleece Liners - water beads - is that right?

Your Favourite Nappies and Covers

Cloth Convert On Her Way - Help!

Cloth Nappy Q's

Need A Lot Of Help With Cloth Nappies Please

Cloth Nappies On 2 Week Old

Cloth Nappies Outside The Home


I Need To Repair My Nappies!

Repairing Elastic - BBH, BG's and Bubblebubs


Thanks to Kristymum~ for all her hard work in putting this thread together.


Last updated 19/09/09

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Please feel free to post more places you find and I will add them to this thread.


Nappy Stores


WAHMs Store Fronts


Etsy Overseas

Hyena Cart

KnitspirationsKnitted Items

Mini Cuteture


OzBaby Trends

Oztion (search for ‘cloth nappies’)

Virgo KnitsKnitted Items





Large Stores/Brands and WAHM’s




Baby Beehinds AIOs, Fitteds, Covers, Flat Prefolds

Baby Blossom AIO, AI2, Fitted, Night, Pockets, Boosters, Liners and Covers

Baby Bullfrong MCNs OSFM’s, minkees

Baby Eco Store Fitted, Covers, Swim, Training Pants and Prefolds

Baby Soft Landings Fitted, AIOs, Covers, Swim and soakers

Baby Gecko Nappies and Eco Products AIO, AI2, pockets, customs and more

Bamboo Fabric Store Fitted

Berry Baby Fitted, AIOs, Covers, Swim, Training, Boosters, Liners, Wipes and Prefolds

Bits for Bots Fitted, AIOs, Pockets, Nights and Seconds

Bonnibuns AIOs, Nights and more

Bubblebubs Prefolds, Flats, Night, Covers, Fitted and AIOs

Bubby Couture Handmade AIOs and Nights

Bubs In Cloth AIOs, Pocket, Fitted, Prefolds, Covers and Swim

Butt Natural AIOs, Fitted, Prefolds and Snappies

Buy For BabyKinda a auction site for WAHMs, Fitted, AIOs, Covers, Liners/boosters, Flats, Prefolds and Wool in Ones

Catnaps AIOs, Covers, Night Nappies and Pullups

CGR DesignAIOs

Cinderella’s Stash Woollies, Cloth Wipes, Washable Liners, Cloth Pads, Breastpads & Nappies.

Cheeky Butts Fitted, Covers and Pockets

Cherub's Kiss AIOs and Fitted

The Cloth Nappy Shop (previously Pookey Pockets) Fitted, pockets, Covers and Seconds

Chris’ Dial A Nappy

Clever Pants Fitted, Covers and Snappies


Cotton Bottom AIOs, Fitted, Covers, Swim, Training, Pocket and Liners/boosters

The Crafty Caterpillar OSFA and Side Snaps

Cuddles N Cloth AIOs, Night, Boosters and Training


Cuddle Monkey

Cushie Tushies AIOs

Cute Tooshies Fitted and Covers

Darlings Downunder Fitted, Covers, Pocket, AIO, Swim, Training, Prefolds and Boosters

Dragonfly Magik AI2s and Covers

Easipants Cover Shell Nappies with boosters/liners

eBubs Fitted, AIOs, Covers, Swim and Toddler

Ecobabe Fitted, Flats, Prefolds,Covers and Swim

Ecobambino Fitted, Covers and AIOs

Funky Mates

Genesa Forge

Green Bums Fitted, Covers and AIOs

Green Kids AIOs

Iish Fly AI2s, Fitted, Covers, prefolds, Boosters and Seconds

Issy Bear Nappies Pocket (day and night), dolls range

Ittii Bitti AIOs, Fitted, Nights and Seconds

Joel-eze Pockets, Fitted and Covers

Kidz In Cloth Fitted, Liners and Seconds

Knitspiration Knitted products

Krap Katchers Stuff the silly night nappy

Little Cheeky Pants Pockets

Little Koala AIOs, Pockets, Night, Covers, Flats, Swim and Training

Lotus Nappies AIOs, Night, Fitted and Covers

Lou~Lou Nappies AIOs

Mandy Macs Fitted and Covers

MiniLaLa Nappies and Handmade Baby Items

Mummy's Touch Pockets

Mums Happy Nappies AIOs, Fitted, Flats, Prefolds and Covers

Nappies Covered AI2s

The Nappy Bucket Fitted, Pocket, AIOs, Flats, Prefolds, Swim, Training and Night

Nappylicious AIOs

Nappy Madness Fitted, Covers amd AIOs

Nappy Nirvana Fitted and Covers

Nappy Works Pockets and AIOs

Natures Child Covers, Fitted and AIOs

Natures Cradle AIOs, Fitted, Covers, Flats, Prefolds, Swim, Night and Premie

New Age Nappies

Nic Naps AIOs and Fitted

Nip Naps AIOs, Fitted, Covers and Swim

Nurture Nappies AIOs, Fitted, Covers, Pockets, Flat, Swim, training and Premie

Panada Baby AIOs and Night Nappies

Pea Pods AIOs

Peenuts Fitted and Pockets

Possum Pouches Fitted, AIOs and Covers

Razzily Rhino AIOs

Real Nappy Fitted and Covers

Rocket Nappies Pockets, Boosters and Seconds

Scarlett Jayne AIOs, Fitted and Wipes

Silky Creations AIOs and Accessories

Snuggle Pants AIOs, Fitted and Wipes

Sunshine Tots Fitted, AIOs, Wipes, Boosters and Seconds

Sustainable Hemp Products Fitted, Prefolds, Flats, Covers, Nights and Boosters

Sustainable Families

Sweet Cheeks Baby Store AIOs, Fitted, Covers, Swim, Training, Night Pants and Boosters

The Enchanted Pond AIOs

The Green Nappy CompanyAIOs, AI2s, Boosters, Wipes and Nursing Pads

The WeeWuns AIOs, AI2s, Pockets, Fitted, Prefolds, Flats, Covers and Liners/Boosters

Ticklefish Tots Pockets, AI2s, night nappies

Tinkle Tots Covers

Tiny Roo Fitted and Covers

Tummy Time Maternity & Kids Pop In & Twinkle Lily nappies

Twinkle Lily

Twins In Cloth Covers, Fitted and AIOs

Waggle-Wee Kids Pockets

WiddleBumz AIOs, Fitted and Covers

Wriggley Bumz AI2s

Wild Child Nappies AIOs, Night and Fitted


Wonderfully Made Fitted




Overseas Stores


Baby Online (NZ) Disposable Nappies, Cloth Nappies, Trainers, Swimmers, Wipes, Wetbags and Factory Seconds

Blue Zoo Baby Boutique OSFA, Liners and Pockets

Bumbles (NZ)

Blueberry Diapers(USA)

Fuzzi Bunz store(USA)

Piko Baby (NZ)

Pinstripes and Polkadots (USA)

Precious Baby Bums (USA)

Snazzipants (NZ)

Swaddlebees Outlet Store (USA)



Training Pants/Night Nappies for Older Children


Baby Blossom Training Pants

Berry Baby Training Pants

Catnaps Night Nappies

Cotton Bottom Training Pants

Darlings Downunder Training Pants

eBubs Training Pants & Bedwetter Pants

Baby Eco Store Training Pants

EcobabeTraining Pants

Etsy Overseas, WAHM Multiple Site, Training Pants

The Nappy Bucket Training Pants & Bedwetter Pants

Nurture Nappies Training Pants

The WeeWuns Training Pants & Bedwetter Pants

Sustainable Families



Nappy Supplies (For Making Nappies)


Baby Blossom

Baby Delights

Bamboo Fabric Store

Bubba Earth

The Cloth Nappy Shop (previously Pookey Pockets) IRL Store

Fairy Fabrics

Green Beans NZ Based

Green Beans Australia


Mini Cuteture WAHM Multiple Site

Nappies Covered

Nappy Works

OzeBaby WAHM Multiple Site

Real Nappy

Rollicking Rascals

The WeeWuns

Tiny Toosh

Snaps Australia

Wild Child Nappies




Cloth Pads


Aunt Flo[/color] NZ Based

Baby Blossom

Bamboo Fabric Store

Bubs In Cloth

Cheeky Butts

Cloth Pad Shop WAHM Multiple Site


Girly Bits

Green Beans NZ Based

Hyena Cart WAHM Multiple Site

Mini Cuteture WAHM Multiple Site

Moon Pads

Mummy's Touch

Natures Cradle

Nurture Nappies

OzeBaby WAHM Multiple Site

Pleasure Puss

Rad Pads NZ Based

Sustainable Hemp Products

The WeeWuns

Tinkle Lily


Wild Child

Wonderfully Made



Selling Pre-Loved Nappies


Essential Baby Trading Room (how to apply and rules)

Buy for Baby

Monkeys Undies


Used Nappies



Disposables Online Bulk/Special Sites


Aussie Nappies Premmie Nappies, Bulk Huggies, Bulk My Bear Nappies, Bulk Nobrand Nappies, Bulk Childcare Nappies and Moltex Nappies

Baby Eco Store Bambo Nature, Safeties Nature Nappies and eco training pants,

Baby Needs Reopening 10th December

Buy 4 Baby Bulk Huggies, Nappy Liners and Wipes

Cuties Bulk Own Brand Nappies

DashX Bulk Huggies, Bulk Plain, Bulk Training Pants and Night Pants, Bulk My Bear Nappies, Moltex Biodegradable Nappies and Trial Packs

EcobabeSafeties Nature Nappies and Bambo Nature, Moltex and Seventh Generation nappies

EcoDirect Moltex Biodegradable Nappies

Moment By Moment Bambo Nature Premmie Nappies

Mums Happy Nappies Bulk Huggies, Babylove, Bambo Nature, Safeties Nature Nappy,Snugglers, Premmie Nappies and Daycare Nappies

Nappies Are Us Premmie Nappies, Bulk Huggies, Bulk Babylove Nappies, Snugglers, Ultrasek Nappies, Moltex and Babylove Biodegradable Nappies, Wipes, Swimming and Training Pants

Nordic Nappies Bambo Nappies and Premmie Nappies

No-Wets Bulk No-Wets Nappies

The Bulk WarehouseBulk No Brand Second Nappies and Training/Nighttime Nappies

Victoria Health Care Plus Huggies, Babylove, Seconds, Training and Nighttime Nappies



Other Useful Bits For Nappies


Soap Nuts

The Nappy Library Try before you buy! (Melbourne only)

Green T Try before you buy! (Australia wide)

Green & Nutty Soap nuts and more


Please add new stores, make notes about broken links etc in this thread.


Thanks to Shellby for putting this thread together.


Last updated 24/12/09


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