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Pregnant mums # 4

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I told the 2 eldest kids that we were expecting. They thought

it was fantastic. My son said "wow! saying that I am now one

of 7 will sound far more impressive!" Bless.


I am feeling rather stressed about telling my mother. I don't

like her very much and she is terribly unsupportive in all that I

do and can be down right nasty to me. It is horrible to say,

but sadly the case. DH says I should tell her, as now the

MIL,BIL, and the 2 eldest kids know...It might slip out and that

will give her (not that she needs one) an excuse to pay out

on me. SiGh. I really don't want to tell her, because she is the

worst of all with the awful large faily comments. She makes

me feel like crap, most days. I am rather upset about this.

Has anyone else, been is a similiar situation? I don't expect

so, but I just thought I'd ask. She is returning home on next

Monday..I guess I'll have to tell her then. Talk about angst. I

am sure this is all being compounded by the fact that I am

feeling sick most days with this pregnancy. M/S has been

kicking my butt!- to say the least. I am very dizzy today too,

which is an interesting combo. So sorry to whinge, I should

consider myself blessed and have that be that.





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Thought I'd drop in here and catch up on the goss. Haven't posted for ages!


Jen, I am so sorry about your mum's attitude towards large families. My mother is sort of the same, but not rude about it. I only have one brother, and everyone else on my side of the family has only two or three children.

I told my mum when I was 6 weeks preg, as I had a few issues which I thought may lead to another M/C. Her reaction was that she thought my body had "had enough!" LOL! Oh and I didn't even tell her about my pregnancy before that, which I miscarried, until after the event. Her reaction then was "good lord, I thought you had that implant thingy!", and then the conversation revolved around whether or not I told her that I had the bloody implanon removed (which I told her). It left me feeling slightly angry, but she has wrapped her head around the whole idea now.

I think she just wants us to be better off financially. I am still doing my degree at uni, and we live off DH's income....but we have a relatively small mortgage and no other commitments as we own everything else outright. We are happy where we are right now, it is sad that some people are having a hard time accepting this for us!


Kate, hello buddy. How's your baby making coming along...hope you aren't too sick or tired. Good luck with all the car decision making...even though there's not a huge range of cars which can transport more than three kids, it is still a hard decision. Hope you can work out a loan/deposit which isn't too cut throat. We had a $15000 car loan a few years ago and it was a killer. Luckily we could pay it out really quickly because it killed me every month. It should be OK if you can work out a committed plan to pay it off quickly, or if you're good at juggling finances (unlike myself!)


Neen, I hope your morning sickness is easing off! Good to see another June mum to be (this will be my first little Gemini).


Charm, welcome. Good luck with your car hunting also. I am not very knowledgable about the Taragos, but there are lots of mum's on here who have them and love them!


GHD, welcome to you too. For car recommendations, I have always been told Toyotas are the best. We have a Holden Zafira, and I love it to death. Unfortunately we may be trading it in for a Ford Territory, which I guess is exciting, but they are really huge looking. I think the Territory's look great, but not sure on how they are to drive....will have to get back to you when DH arranges a test drive.


Michele, I hope you don't have a posterior birth. I wonder what causes them? My first baby was posterior, she turned during the end of the 1st stage luckily, but the others all did the right thing. I will never forget that labour pain in my back, it was awful.


Lisa, I hope your haemotoma has gone...have you had your scan yet? I have had a few over the last few weeks, and it has shrunk. I saw it last week, and it is only a very tiny thin crescent between the membranes and my uterus. My ob said it is no threat to my baby at all now, as bub is a lot bigger now and it is also nowhere near the placenta, which was a huge relief.


Well, my news is that the wonderful second trimester is very very close now. I have had a wonderful bout of morning sickness last week which saw me hold nothing down for over 24 hours. I was diagnosed with hyperemesis, and put on maxolon 6 hourly. It has got much better in the last week and a half. I haven't vomitted at all for a couple of days now (but get very close sometimes!), and have stopped taking the maxolon for now. Hopefully it was a short lived event.

On top of that I had a small bleed on Thursday evening. Rang my ob and she saw me first thing on Friday morning. She gave me a scan, and bubs is growing fine, with heart beating away nicely.

I have my nuchal translucency test this Wednesday, so I get to see bub again.

I also had my booking appt with my ob last week too. She is so great...I am so glad I chose her this time. I haven't booked into the hospital yet, but I don't usually do that til about 20 weeks or so anyway.


Well that's all my news for now. Oh, I should mention that my belly is really swelling now. I am down to my last pair of jeans which I can wear without a belly belt, but even they are getting very very tight. Might be time to start shopping for some maternity jeans.


Take care all


Tamsin 26


DH Nigel 35


Jade (8), Andrew (6),

Cheyenne (3), Alicia (2),


Little fleck ^i^ 23/8/05

at 5w3d.



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Hi Ladies


I haven't been in here for ages. My computer is playing up and I can't click up the original thread so I'm sorry I can't do personals.


Welcome to all the new ladies. Hope everyone's morning sickness is staying away or will be going very soon.


And sorry to hear of those whose family members aren't being so supportive. The reason I came into this thread was because hardly anyone had a nice word to say about my announcement. Though I think my nasty hormones have well and truly kicked in because if I see that 'look' in someone eyes I say very quickly and firmly "I'm so happy. I always wanted 4" lol.



I have a lot more energy now and able to keep on top of the housework lately.

I had my scan the other week. I didn't find out what we're having (for whoever asked earlier, sorry). I just love surprises. I didn't find out with the others either.


Tamsin ~ My haematoma seems to have reabsorbed, thank God. The girl couldn't see it so was pretty confident it has gone. I still have to see my GP with the scan report but I'm feeling ok about it all.

Hoping yours reabsorbs very soon and that the morning sickness stays well away too. Sounds like you're having an awful time right now with it :(


I'm 20 weeks tomorrow so halfway. It just seems to have gone so quick. The end of the school term is right around the corner and with Christmas, the New Year and school starting again I imagine the time will fly by. Sometimes it feels like I turn around and another week has flown by.



Oh something else I wanted to ask....Does anyone work or run a business? And how are you coping with it?


I run a business from home which is fairly low maintenance (since I'm in a position to delegate when I feel the need) but I'm in the final stages of start up of another component of my business (sorry to be so vague) which has run me off my feet and will be pretty high demand in the new year.

Just wondering how everyone copes and your thoughts for maternity leave this time?


Hoping everyone stays well :)



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Hi ladies .. I joined large families and oh how I love it!! So may I join this buddy group as well??? I find most other forumns have mum's with one or two but this pregnancy is much different and harder than those ones for me!!


I am pg with number 4 due Anzac day, a clomid baby. I have 2 dd's both clomid babies and my natural little suprise ds!! I have had hg with all pregnancies and am in the recovery phase with this pregnancy and weaning off the zofran I have been taking. Just feel neauseated now and the vomiting has settled.


Finding this pregnancy very tiring and challenging .. to the point I think it will have to be my last ...


I look forward to meeting you all!!




Chris 30 and Dh 31

Emma Claire ~ December 20 2000

Sarah Elizabeth ~ June 14 2002

Callum James ~ December 28 2003

<a href="http://www.snugglepie.com"><img border="0" src="http://www.snugglepie.com/ezb/214486.png"></a>

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Hi everyone,


I haven't posted in this section for a while and thought I would pop in and say hi. We now have a bigger internet plan each month so I can spend more time browsing and posting :-)


I have 3 beautiful boys and am pregnant with #4 so I think that this group will be great for me. I do get a little bit worried at times about having four children!!! But we have always loved the idea of having a big family.


Well, looking forward to getting to know you all more :-)


Karen xx


Me - 29 DH - 30

DS #1 - 8

DS #2 - 5

DS #3 - 3

Our little princess due 1/4/06


<a href="http://www.snugglepie.com"><img border="0" src="http://www.snugglepie.com/ezb/301674.png"></a>

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Thank you for your support <3


Hmmm. I do appreciate hearing what you said about your

situation. My mother returns next Monday (21st) so I am

trying not to stress about it too much. Easier said than done.

I too am acutely aware of how stress can negatively affect a

pregnancy. I suppose, that's why I want to keep all those

unsupportive people from getting at me.... These horror-

mones don't help much either do they? LOL


I have been feeling exceptionally tired and having tons of m/s

this go around. Has that been your experiences? I certainly

feel the most RS I have ever felt. Is it because the body is so

weary? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this. My kids are all

saying, "mum, have you had your nanna nap today? Looks

like you could go for one!" Bless. I am trying not to be too

surly, but I can't seen to keep a cap on it. Oh dear.


I went to my OB on Monday and he was so pleased to see

me. It was really nice. I have to have a cervical sutire put in

and we booked in for that, but first they will do a Nuchal on

the 21st of December. As a public patient, do you think they

will put the stich in soon after? Which will be during the

Christmas week? I wouldn't think so, but, I would more than

likely start to dialate as the stitches are generally put in week

11 to 12. I must ask about this. SiGh. - and try not to stress.



Lovely to read your post ladies. Thanks!





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Hi everyone, thought i'd introduce myself. I'm pregnant with #4, due in April, so not a huge family yet but on the way. I have a 21 month old daughter, and 8 month old identical twin girls. All babies have been planned, we wanted them very close! This baby's a boy, at least there's something new this time. This pregnancy is pretty good, was a bit worried i might be straining my body but all is well other than mild PSD, as long as that doesn't get too much worse should breeze through it! Hopefully #4 will be VBAC, i had to have a c/s for my 2nd twin, and would like to avoid another one if possible. Anyway nice to see there's plenty of others who love having lots of children, i tell people they're addictive and most look at me like i'm insane! Just going to have to work out how to break that addiction in a few years........if you've finished your family what made you stop? Good to meet you all, enjoy your families!


kelly, 1@01/04, 2@03/05, 1due04/06


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Hi everyone. I forget to pop in and chat here, so you havent heard from me for a while. I am now 35 weeks pregnant and feeling fed up and exhausted. I think my iron stores are wiped out because I have never been this exhausted before. Meantime sciatica and heartburn are driving me insane too....



But I love feeling the baby moving, I love rubbing my tummy and talking to him, and the baby gear is all washed and ironed, ready to go and I am CLUCKY. I cant wait to be holding this wee blessing and loving it face to face....

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Hi there ladies..


My name is Kellie and I havnt posted here (on EB) much at all.. But we are now PG with bub #4.. Due 17th Jan!! Much to our surprise.. But what a lovely surprise it has been.. Besides a terrible pregnancy we can not wait to have our newest addition here with us..




Kellie & Wayne

DD Alicia(9)

DS Brayden(6)ASD, ADHD...

DD Paige(3)

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Guest mel1973

HI Ladies sorry i haven't been around lately. I actually have been in hospital not fun at all. They have let me out but i have to be a good girl and do nothing at all. I still have to go to the hospital for CTG's but not daily anymore every second day now. I had one today and i B/p is up and protein in the urine they nearly kept me in again :( so glad they didn't i really don't think i could bare being in there for 10 more days nope no way. I will have to be in there long enough when the babies are born. I hope everyone's pregnancies are going well and you are all keeping safe bye for now i will hopefully be on again later bye MEL :)


<a href="http://lilypie.com"><img src="http://lilypie.com/pic/051015/yFjo.jpg" alt="Lilypie Baby Pic" border="0" /><img src="http://bd.lilypie.com/5hByp10" alt="Lilypie Baby Ticker" border="0" /></a>

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Hi Ladies!


I thought I'd join you in here, thought I had already but I must not have! lol


I'm expecting baby #4, my kids are 7, 5 and 3. I have two girls and a boy. My 5 year old just had her tonsils and adenoids out a few days ago, so she's a grouchy thing right now. But I'm having my break from nurse duty and my DH is looking after her right now!


I've been really sick with this one, way worse than with the others, but so happy to be pregnant. We tried for 4 months, which seemed like forever as I've had two accidental pregnancies while on the pill (one is Liv, the other I m/carried) and Bailey and Dayne were conceived first month off the pill- so this one seemed to take forever! But I know I was lucky, as some women have a lot more trouble TTC than I have.


Anyway, just wanted to say Hi! The Due in July group is just huge, so I'm finding other places to chat too! lol


x Kate


DD Bailey-7, DD Olivia-5, DS Dayne-3.


<a href="http://lilypie.com"><img src="http://lilypie.com/pic/051027/YU8P.jpg" alt="Lilypie Baby Pic" border="0" /><img src="http://bd.lilypie.com/1taem8" alt="Lilypie Baby Ticker" border="0" /></a>

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Hello Everyone :)


I hope all is well. This pregnancy, despite the horrendous m/

s is actually flying along. That's certainly something different.

Since this might well be my last, I kinda wanted it to really

savour the times. At the same time, I am really excited about

this baby. Uh, duh, I hear you say. LOL.


I have noticed that I am exceptionally sensative to bad news

these days. I know that extra horror-monal activity is to

blame, but I don't recall being so moved by just about

everything , in the past. Oh well.


I am starting to rack my brains about names. Since this is #7

I feel like I have already used up all my and DH's favourite

names. How do you ladies do it? All help appreciated.


My stitch is booked for the 21st of December and my NT the

23rd. A bit back to front, but, heck, better the stitch in, then

out. LOL. I have never had a NT before. Strange as I was

over 35 with the last 2 kids! I have had 2 amnios though.

Sorry to ramble on. ;)


Just wanted to check in and wish you all well.





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