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quiet time with hubby

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It is approaching my birthday and my husband and i have decided its time to have a night out and a sleep over in a hotel.


Oh my god, we've not been alone together without the children since we moved to the country, we're in our 6th year here in Manjimup.No family and I would'nt leave the children with friends.


So Nanna and Poppa are having them, we'll drive up to Perth on the Friday and have Saturday and Sunday night to get reaquainted.


I am so excited, what should I wear, better purchase some new lingerie, shave the legs extra careful.


It actually feels like the first date all over.


I was doing the mopping and thinking is the way I feel stupid or immature or is this perfectly normal.


With 6 children as you all know , there is'nt often time for the romance until their all of to bed.

After their gone to bed there is always folding to do , mopping to do, cleaning the bathroom to do.


I have lost how many times I have gone to bed with the sweet smell of disinfectant or bleach which has seeped in to the pores of my skin.


So yes I'm excited.

How many of you goddesses have or feel the same.





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sounds great! Iv thought lately I would like a night away but cant imagine who would put their hand up for all four kids. Think baby is too little yet.


What made you decide to move to country? Thats my dream, to live on a few acres and be self sufficiant when it comes to food. Is this your life? tell me all about it.


Iv been really clucky lately even though number 4 is only 7mnths, did you ever stop feeling this or does it go on till your body says nomore?


Nice to read your posts each night.



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About three times we have "escaped" the last being our wedding anniversary in August when dh sister offered to take all five (yes she doesn't like to see family separated). She had her 19yo son and fiance home for the weekend plus her two teenaged girls so plenty of helping hands.

We had a wonderful weekend, even have a cute picture to show you once I find the disc. I did notice though it was SO quiet not that it wasn't nice lol. We took walks in the park, went out for tea, power even went out at the motel lol.


Susan~ Mum to

Jacob 11, Patrick 10, Caleb 7, Thomas 5, Ethan 1 and hoping for just one more!

Diary: BoyOBoy


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I have always lived in the country. Fourteen years on a farm, followed by twenty five years in a medium sized country town, ie 20,000 people. Then one year in a rented farmhouse, then one year in a remote small country town of 1,000. Have you had a look around the country section of eb? You are more than welcome there.


DS16, DS14, DD11 and

<a href="http://www.snugglepie.com"><img border="0" src="http://www.snugglepie.com/tickers/tdb.php?tid=62833"></a>

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I hope you have a great weekend..

You deserve it..



neen 28

DH 28




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Have a wonderful time!


My dh and I are planning a weekend away in April, but we're taking Jessica with us. We don't have any problem being romantic with the kids in the house - that's why we have early bedtimes sometimes, and a lock on our bedroom door <grin>.



Thomas, Peter and Isabelle's baby sister is now...


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Hi Pitstop


how about an update.


Did you get a little romance ;) or catch up on some sleep


Hope you got your night out and a little quiet time with hubby





Me (38)

DH (39)

DD (10) DS(7) DD (3) DS Dec04

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