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sibling rivalry less in large families

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We get a lot of comments regarding how the kids in our family talk to each other and rarely seem to squabble. I must say the rivalry thing certainly doesn't occur as much as it did in my childhood (1 sibling) or in my DH's childhood (2 siblings). My older children also seem to more actively guide the younger ones in a way that my sister and I never did. I'm just curious to know if this is a large family phenomena, or is it just because my kids all have fairly quiet temperaments?


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hi sunday..sounds a lot like my kids...granted we have our days when I could quite cheerfully strangle the lot of them, but mostly they get on really well, with the bigger ones sorting the littler ones out...will be interesting to see what some of the others think..janine


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When the kids were little there didn't seem to be much rivalry, but it could have been the fact that they were afraid of annoying thier father while he was drinking, which was 99.9% of the time. since they have grown up the ones that had a lot of my attention, due to medical problems, feel that they missed out on the attention and that I loved the others more, gave the others more and ruined thier lives, tell me why did I want more kids? I remember now they are lovely when they are younger and once they grow up and leave home they are not my responsibility I can only teach them to be responsble citizens and hope for the best. the older ones did tend to "look after" the younger and they shared more. So instead of buying a complete set of barbies with all the accessories for all 4 girls you're able to buy one set and split it between them all so they play together. Yes they had times where they would cry thats mine your not playing with that but on the whole they usually shared. Can't comment about boys as my 2 boys are 11 apart and no 18 yo boy will play lego with a 7 yo and no way is the 7 yo allowed to even look at let alone touch an 18 yo's belongings.

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