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February 06 Parents # 256

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Hi everyone!!! well everyone who does come in here still!!! lol


It has been sooooo long since I have been in here!! Theres some new names so am unsure of who is who with those names - if there is a sig i know but no sig i dont!! lol


Wow congrats to 4forme!! A surprise huh!!!! Hope is going well.


Jen Leo is just beautiful. How is thom?


SSSSOOOO how is everyones little cherubs going getting ready to start school!!! I am not even organised i need to get books and uniforms still :o

not really prepared, been so busy and stuff with marriage breakup, a new love, selling a house, getting thru the first year of uni and actually passing - OMG yes i passed it all!! lol. I feel like i have run a marathon that has not ended this year and has just kept going!! lol


Gee next year better be calmer i tell you..


anyhow I shall head to bed right now i think.


I hope you all have a wonderful christmas and Im sure I will see most of you on facebook anyhow! lol



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Happy 9th Birthdays to all our Feb 06 babies!

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