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Drieyes, turning hair washing to fun

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The drieyes product is designed to make hair washing more fun and easier too.


My girls were really excited to see the product. It was a bright orange and looked quite fun. They are 6 and 8 so it was really interesting to see their reaction to what it looked like.


They begged to wash their hair that night and so off we went. The drieyes product was held in place by them which left me with two hands to wash their hair. It created a seal around their forehead and no water or more importantly shampoo got through.

They were each able to keep their eyes open the whole time so didn’t feel at all apprehensive about having their hair washed. There was no need to tip their head either forwards or backwards, they could just stay where they were.

It worked perfectly. No tears from anyone. And they have kept asking for it each time it is time to wash their hair so it’s been a great addition to our house.


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