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Forum Upgrade

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As most of you know, the EB forums have been around for many years. Whilst the current software has done an amazing job in supporting a growing community, the patches, plugs and band-aids that have kept the forums going for so long are just about done.


It's been very hard to fix a number of bugs that members are reporting, and most of you have experienced the site becoming slower to load. We'd also like to add new features in the future, yet the current version won't support anything additional of significance. Additionally - we simply can't risk our forums breaking down one day and being unprepared.


As a consequence the Essential Baby team has been working hard to upgrade our forum software. The new version has the same basic functionality but it does look different and there are a number of user interface changes.


Like any major change - and it is going to be a significant one - it will take some getting used to. Our moderating team are helping us get it prepared for you and we hope to make the change over as smooth as possible.


We expect the new forums to go live toward the end of June, but will provide more info soon.



Essential Baby

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