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Lutheran schools - what are they like?

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Not sure if I have picked the right place to post, but I figured that the mums here would all have some idea about schools.


DS is 3 and I have been advised to enrol him at a primary school (already!!??!!). I have heard some rumours about our local state school, suggesting that they're not too strong on discipline, so as a result we have considered sending him to a Lutheran school (of which there is also one in our town).


We are not Lutherans, not religious in any way, and are wondering just how much the Lutheran 'philosophy' might influence the curriculum at the school.


So are there any mums out there who send there kids to Lutheran, or even other types of Christian schools? What do you think? What are the benefits? Are there disadvantages? Did you consider a christian school but decide against it, and why? I'm really interested to hear from those people who aren't Christian, but have chosen this type of education anyway.



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Guest toppy

I taught at a christian school (no set denomination) and loved it. It was friendly and the children were bought up with sounds morals. Problems with relationships were dealt with through prayer and children were taught that we are designed to love one another. Bullying was definately not accepted.


Children whose behaviour is inappropriate, were removed from the class to do their work in the office and we worked with those children and their parents to improve their behaviour. The children whose behaviour continued to hurt or interrupt other children's learning or safety were suspended or expelled (didn't happen too often)


I prefer a private school setting because there is a reason behind the morals and values taught. Children are given the chance to learn without the 'naughty' children taking most of the teacher's time with discipline.


The education is also at a good level and comparible with state schools with generally smaller class numbers being an advantage.


The Lutheran school I knew of was a small school with a similar environment to what I experienced at my school. Values and morals are the main advantage but academics are upheld (compared to the 'prestigious' private schools where academics are the main goal).


The Lutheran school I knew of also accepted non-christian children. You can usualy ring the school for a tour and information before lodging an application form.


If you are after a school level with public academically, but generally more positive behaviourly it would probably be a good choice. If you will be offended by christian teaching it may not be a good choice.


Please note there are some lovely public schools where values are taught and upheld but I have also been frustrated in some public schools from the lack of support from parents when their children are preventing others from learning.


PM me if you have any qns.

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