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Essential Baby resources on Labour & Birth

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Have you seen Essential Baby's resources on Labour & Birth?


Pregnancy & Birth


Pregnancy Fact Sheets, such as:

- Tips for a healthy pelvic floor


Features, such as:

- Birthing your baby at home

- A wee problem


Read recent news articles, such as:

- Study shows benefits of early maternity leave

- Midwife home birth as safe as hospital, says study

- How to have a positive caesarean experience

- Older Mums, more babies



Your birth


This section discusses birth choices (in the main link above).


Other topics include:


- Your birth plan

- Preparing for labour

- Choosing a hospital

- Public hospital care

- Private hospital care

- Independent midwives and homebirth



Labour and birth, a partner's role



Essential Baby home page


There are also many other articles and fact sheets on other topics relating to Conception, Pregnancy, Baby, Toddler and Kids.



If you have suggestions for articles or fact sheets that you would like to see, feel free to add them here, or suggest them directly to admin here.

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