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No selling of Text Books in this forum

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Please note that there is to be no trading of any sort on Essential Baby outside of the Trading Rooms. The Forum Rules state

There is to be NO trading outside the trade forum. The Trading Area of EB has its own set of rules and is open to members with more than four months history on EB. This is due to an issue we've had with fraud in the past. When applying for access to the Trading Room you will be supplied with the rules.


The reason for this is that members have been stung in the past by fraudulent or unreliable traders, and it is hoped that this can be at least minimised by only allowing trading in the one forum, and restricting it to registered members.


Moderators will delete any post selling text books (or any other item) in this forum. If you notice someone offering to trade text books, feel free to let me know, or post in Messages to Moderators and Admin, as at times I may miss these posts, particularly if they are in amongst general discussion in another thread.

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