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Guest curiouser123

Non Alcoholic Trifle Recipe please :)

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Guest gardner1

I need a trifle recipe for christmas lunch. DP's very english family have invited us over, and I said I would make trifle.

Would like a non-alcoholic recipe.


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Cover a sponge cake in strawberry jam(or whatever jam you like)then add fruit(once again whatever you like)custard, jelly and cream, it is really easy and so yum. I made a nice one with bananas and strawberries, but tin fruit works well also, what ever takes your fancy really.

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I found a Turkish Delight Trifle that I made not long ago and it was a huge success.


Waitrose Turkish Delight & Berry Trifle


I think Frambaise is a hazelnut liquere, I left that out and used authentic TD, not the chocolate coated kind.


I put a layer of sponge roll on the bottom of bowl

2nd layer chunks of turkish delight and cut up strawberries, lots of them

3rd layer custard

4th layer whipped cream

Topped with more cut strawberries and crumbled flake


Another way I used to do Trifle is prob upside down compared to pp.


Line a bowl with cut sponge roll

Pour over tin of fruit salad, minus the syrup

Pour over raspberry jelly

Let set

Pour over custard

Top with whipped cream


I've never had any complaints except that people couldn't eat a 3rd serving :huh: .

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