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VBAC Birth Stories

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Hi girls...I had a VBA2c in March this year and my birth story is long long long...so for those wanting to read it and other VBAC ramblings i've posted the direct link to my birth story on my blog...


My VBA2C Birth Story


Here is PART 1 below:


Where do i begin?


Ethan was born in 2006 i was very naive towards birth and the whole process. I thought the public hospital classes were enough to get me through the birth but OH MY GOD the pain! The suffering. I had no idea what was happening to me and had no idea what to do! My mum, bless her, had 2 cesareans so she really wasn't much help to be honest! I went through the public system at the height of a baby boom so it was like a farmyard at this particular large teaching hospital in the south west of Sydney *cough cough* Liverpool *cough cough*. Had all the drugs they would give me totally off my brain until i finally gave up after about 20 hours of established labour, after days of constant prelabour, had my epidural. Doc on duty tried to vacuum him out, he was posterior, i was flat on my back and he was big. Didn't work so Doc says he ain't coming out so off to surgery we go. By this time i was totally over it and just happy it was all over. I still remember the feeling of being wheeled to surgery and my epidural starting wearing off. i was screaming at everyone to get me to theatre faster to top up my anesthetic as i was so afraid of feeling that pain again!!!!!!


Looking back on Ethan's birth and first few months, I'm quite sure i had some form of post-natal depression. The birth was so traumatic for me, breastfeeding was really hard to establish (and after such a traumatic birth experience i couldn't handle it so i threw the towel in after about 3 weeks) and i didn't feel quite connected to my baby. This lasted about 3 months when it felt like i could breath again, to hear his cry and not have my entire body freeze with anxiety.


After this experience i was adamant i would have a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) second time around. Foolishly thinking, if i went private and hired the ants pants OB in my area i would get what i wanted (a VBAC) all would be sweet. WRONG. He blind-sided me at about 37 weeks sending me off to a growth scan to measure Amaya, results came back showing she was measuring 4kg's at 37 weeks. Oh well you're going to have all the same problems you had with your first so don't even bother, I'm booking you in for an elective C -Section at 39 weeks. I was absolutely gutted. I remember walking away from that appointment with my Ob and balling my eyes out in the car park to my husband. Doc had played the you're going to kill your baby card and what was i to say against that?? Looking back i just wasn't in the right head-space to fight for what i wanted. I felt i didn't really have any full support so i buckled.


Amaya was born in 2008 at 39weeks exactly it was a strange feeling driving to the hospital knowing that you are booked in to have your baby.


Surprisingly things went so smoothly with Amaya, we bonded great. She was a text book baby and everything was roses.


But deep down i knew my body could do it. I just knew that my body was made for birthing and i believed that it could do it, i just needed the confidence in myself, but more importantly i needed unwavering support surrounding me.


We fell pregnant around June 2010, we weren't planning on trying until the end of the year at the earliest. I was late, but then i didn't really know, i just woke up one morning and thought crap where are my periods? and when i did the test and it came back positive we were both in shock. Jake more so i still remember his reaction.




Me: "ummm I'm pretty sure you were there!"




Prior to falling pregnant I had started researching my options and if i could achieve a VBA2C. I knew i could, but i also knew that i needed full support of those around me. I knew what i wanted so i set about quietly researching so that when the time came i would be already prepared. I wanted to birth in hospital home-birth wasn't an option for me personally, i was much more comfortable with the thought of birthing in hospital in case anything went wrong. I wanted a fully supportive OB. I wanted to hire a fully supportive (of hospital birth) independent midwife as support at home and in hospital.


I found all of those things!


This time around i was going to head into this thing guns blazing.


Check out my blog for Part 2 and Part 3

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My boys were CS for failure to progress. I had a private OB for both these births. Both were posterior and born under general anaesthetic due to failed spinal. My greatest wish with this birth was to see my baby born. I planned an intervention free birth at a public hospital as no OB would fully support VBA2C. I hired a doula, read everything I could on VBAC and had chiropractic care throughout my pregnancy.


On Saturday 3rd Sept we had to cancel DS 5th birthday party because he was vomiting and DS 2.5 had high temps. DH was just starting to feel better after having the flu and I had just picked up a cold and had a slight temp as well. At 6.30 pm I was exhausted and left DH with the boys and went to bed. I dozed on and off, DH put the boys to bed and slept in their room to monitor their temps.

At 10.30 I felt a clunk in my pelvis which woke me up, then some wetness. Checked and it was blood. Went back to bed hoping I would get some more sleep but within 10 minutes had my first contraction. It was quite strong and within 5 minutes another one. Went and woke DH up and he indicated that he was too tired do deal with labour. He snapped out of it pretty quickly and asked what we needed to do. The contractions were 4-5 minutes apart and I had to breathe through them. I sent a text to our doula Liz to let her know I was in labour and would let her know as things progressed. DH called my Mum to come and be with the boys.

I got in the shower for a while and had more of a show. DH checked on me, asking if I needed anything but I just wanted to be alone. I got out of the shower and alternated between bouncing on the fit ball and leaning over it while squeezing my stress balls. Sent another message to Liz to let her know labour was progressing at around 11.30 and she said she would get some rest and call her when we got to the hospital. I got in and out of the shower 3-4 times. I chatted with DH & Mum between contractions. At around 1.30am thing stepped up a notch and I started making an aaaarrr sound to get through the contractions. DH rang the hospital and said we would be headed up there soon.

I had about 4 contractions in the time it took to drive the 10 minutes to the hospital which were nasty because I couldn't move. I was starting to think I wouldn't be able to do this much longer. Had a contraction leaning over the car in the car park, another at the entrance and one outside birth suite. The midwife we saw first got me to sit on the bed in the little assessment room and immediately strapped on the CTG. She confirmed that the baby was 'sunny side up' which had been the case for about 3-4 weeks. DH called Liz and asked her to come up at around 2am. I asked for the straps to be taken off and the midwife advised that it needed to be on for another 10 minutes. I told her my preferences were no continuous monitoring and being on my back was not helping my baby to turn. She unstrapped me and I asked for the shower. As soon as I got in to the room I stripped off and got on all fours in the shower. DH directed the shower on my lower back while the bath was filled. The temperature kept changing and I was getting really cranky at him 'too hot' or 'cold, cold ,cold'. I lost it a bit and had a bit of a sob after the temp changed again. Liz turned up around now and in the middle of a contraction my water broke on DH feet with a really loud splat. I immediately yelled that I was pushing. Another midwife had come in and was asking DH if the waters had been clear but no-one was sure. I was pushing with contractions and the urge was massive. Karen, the new midwife, told me not to push to allow more time for the baby to turn. But it was so hard not to and she was reminding me during every contraction. Liz suggested I lean over the beanbag in the shower which I did and took some of the pressure off my knees. Karen came in with a torch to check if she could see the baby but not yet was the verdict. DH directed the water, rubbed my back and encouraged me. Liz also gave me sips of icy water and wiped my face with a cool cloth which felt great. I kept asking if the bath was full as it seemed to be taking forever.

Liz spoke to Karen about my preferences and she let me know that she was happy for me to birth the baby in the water.

As soon as the bath was full, which I think was around 3am I got in on my knees, leaning over the side. I was being very loud during the contractions and had abandoned my stress balls. Karen put a mirror in the bath and I was pushing hard with each contraction. The other midwife checked the heartbeat with each contraction. I had a feel and let everyone know I could feel hair. I could feel the head come down during contractions and then move back up. By this point I was exhausted but once I could feel the head I knew that this baby was coming out my vagina and that gave me motivation to keep pushing. Not long after the head was no longer retracting once I stopped pushing. I sat back in the bath and felt the head as I pushed and was trying to prevent myself from tearing. DH was in the bath beside me and said 'You're doing it babe' and Liz told me I was about to give birth to my baby. The head came out and I felt myself tear at the top but it was quite a relief. The baby had turned anterior for the head to be born. It seemed like a long wait for the next contraction but with the next push the body was out at 3.48am, less than 2 hours after we got to the hospital. She had turned back to posterior for her body to be born. Karen and DH both passed the baby to me and I said 'You're so small!'

After a minute someone asked what we had, so I had a look and announced we had a girl!

The 3 of us sat in the bath for a while waiting for the cord to stop pulsating. After a few goes she latched on and had her first feed.The water was getting pretty murky with blood and started to get cold. Karen said it was ok to wait in the bath for the placenta but I wanted to get out and get warm. I passed baby to DH while I got out and left a trail of blood on the way to the bed. Once on the bed , DH cut the cord and we waited and waited for the placenta. I was losing a bit of blood and Karen gave the cord a tug a few times to check if it had detached. While waiting we decided on her name, Lola Jean. After about 45 minutes I asked for the syntocin and Karen went off to get it. DH asked if I felt ok and told me later that my face went white and my lips lost all colour. I fainted briefly and when I came around there were a few extra people in the room. The synto went in and the placenta came out followed by blood. 3 canulas were put in with more synto and fluid. Once I felt better a Dr started checking my bits out. She advised that I'd torn in 3 placed upwards and down as well. She asked if I wanted gas for the stitches and I readily agreed. I asked Liz some questions about the birth and it was organised that the placenta be kept for me to have a look at. DH had some skin to skin time at this point and gas was my best friend. Lola was weighed and was a petite 2840g, a whole kilo lighter than DS2. After stitching for a while the Dr advised that the tear down may have been third degree and would need to be repaired in surgery. The anesthetist came in and said they would do it using a spinal but once in surgery I had a bleed and it was decided it was safer to do it under general. 2 hours later I was back in maternity. Liz left when I went for surgery.

Lola has fed beautifully and was back above birthweight by day 4. I left hospital on Tuesday, 2 days after Lola was born. I was sent home with a catheter in as I was told I was not emptying my bladder properly. 10 days later it was out and probably could have been removed on discharge. But I won't let that detract from the birth itself which was intervention free and beautiful.

I was extremely sore and swollen for the first week. Sitting down was very painful, but with salt baths and a frozen condom everything is settling down. I would say that the recovery is much better than both the c-sections.

The midwife Karen was fantastic. Not once was any intervention mentioned. She also came and saw me the next day to see if I had any questions about the birth.

I felt so supported during this birth. Although DH had some fears earlier in the pregnancy he came to fully embrace VBAC. Liz was a great support and wealth of knowledge during the pregnancy and birth I am very grateful for all her encouragement.





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Guest gillibeanz

Im' not sure if Im doing this right but wanted to add my drug free VBAC story. I'm new to this forum.


So my DD1 was born in August 2009, she was 11 days overdue when I was induced at a public hospital. Syntocin drip in at 7:00 and waters broken, contractions started straight away and built up fast I held out for as long as could but by 2pm I was asking for an epidural which didn't arrive until 3:00pm. What a weird feeling that was I felt like a different person once the epi went in and then it was just a waiting game until 11pm when I was told I was 10cm and it was time to push, I had no urge to push and couldn't feel any contractions or pressure so just trusted the midwife to lead me. After 2 hours of pushing and no progress the midwife called in someone else and they advised that I had got an anterior lip where part of my cervix was coming back over and it was blocking babies head from coming out. They were trying to flick it out of the way but it was making it worse. My epidural started to wear off very quickly and I was freaking out, I then felt the urge to push and was pushing but nothing was happening the midwife asked me what I wanted to do I just yelled "get it out, get it out" I was in so much pain and so confused. I was taken down to theatre as they said they would try the forceps first, the Dr said that he was unable to do forceps as they head was still to far up and he was also unable to use the vacuum as he would have to pull and twist and that wouldnt be good. I later found out he meant that baby was posterior and she was coming out forehead first.


So ceasarean it was and to be honest I'm glad every Dr I spoke to afterwards said there was no way she was coming out naturally, without doing a lot of damage. Oh and she was 8lb 14oz. After the CS I felt completely devastated and a complete failure especially when one of my friends told me that now that I'd had one CS any other babies I would have would be CS also... I was gutted.


Then I spoke to a midwife about 3 months later who was a huge VBAC advocate and said it was definitely possible, so I started looking into it more and that was it I had made my decision I was having a VBAC. I was told to wait 18 months after giving birth to TTC again so I waited 20 months and we luckily fell straight away. I went to the same hospital which was VBAC friendly until...


I was a week overdue and well and truly had enough inducement was sounding so tempting and imminent, I'd had 2 S&S and drinking raspberry leaf tea, sex, bumpy drive, and fitball (which I recommend to all) . I'd pretty much resigned myself that I was going to be induced on 41 +3 and it was booked in. Then on Saturday I was 41 weeks and I was sitting at Mums house after we'd been out to lunch and I had a few mild contractions on the drive home, then I felt a trickle I assumed it was my waters and we called the hospital to see what we should do. I was told that the hospital was on "Bypass" they had no Dr's on and they weren't taking any deliveries until Monday.... I was shocked and devastated I'd done all my antinatals there it wasn't fair. The MW was really nice she said come in and we'll check if it was your waters and if not you can go home and cross your legs till Monday! So I went in they did a test and it was not my waters... phew and the contractions had gone away too. Next day I was at home and I started to feel a few mild contractions about 1 every half hour or so they were so mild, so I decided to just take it easy and I just watched a movie with DD1 and then we both took a nap. Later I was pottering around in the kitchen making dinner and started to feel another so I sat down, then I heard this CLICK in my pelvis and then a DEFINITE trickle (6PM). The MW had told me to put a pad in so they could check if any waters do come, so I went to check and there was a smallish green patch meaning there was meconium in the waters. So I rang the hospital and spoke to MW who said they still were on Bypass and they would have to send me to another hospital. Whilst I was on the phone I got a strong contraction much stronger than the others that I'd had previously. We called the mother in law to watch my DD1 and she came straight over I jumped in the shower which was lovely got dressed and ready and off we went to the hospital I was having quite strong contractions in the car we got to the hospital at 7pm and I was doubling over they had gotten so strong so quickly. Went up to the labour ward and they offered me some gas I accepted the contractions were about 30-40 every 2 mins and they were strong, I sort of hopped from one foot to the other I didn't want to lie down. The MW was trying to put the Strep B antibiotics needle into my arm but my veins had disappeared and the MW was having trouble and I couldn't stay still for long so she went to find someone else, a young Dr came into the room and I still couldn't stay still I told the Dr I wanted an epidural she said she couldn't help me with that she was just hear to do the needle. The contractions were sooo strong I felt the need to do a number 2 so I went to the toilet pulled down my pants and there was my bloody show with lots of green mucus sorry TMI! I pressed the button to call the MW into the toilet and i got a new MW I was crying saying I want an epidural it hurts. She said Ok I understand but we need to check how far you are first. I couldn't beleive they hadn't checked me yet lol I'd forgotten too. So I jumped on the bed quickly and as soon as she was done I army rolled off straight back to standing. The MW turns to me and says well done your 9cm this was 8pm.... I think my jaw dropped I couldn't beleive it, no wonder it hurt so much I was going thru transition, my DH gave me a hug and yelled GO GILLY! lol I think he was just happy he wasn't going to be there all night like last time!

I'd always planned to go for as long as I could without drugs, I'd been using the gas which helped but not much. When she told me I was 9cm there was this voice inside me that said tell her (the MW) you can do it without the EPI and then the words fell out of my mouth it didn't even feel like I was the one that said them! She was really excited and yes yes yes you can, she said when you start pushing it will releive the pain a bit too. 10 seconds later I got this incredible urge to push I squated down and pushed and a little splash of water came out not much thou gosh it felt good to push thou she was right I did feel releif. I got up on the bed and started pushing and pushing and pushing then a big splash there goes my waters. Pushing pushing, the MW asked me if I wanted a cold towel for my head I got my DH to put some lavender oil on it and it was so nice, it started slipping over my eyes and ended up being a blindfold I was able to zone out and just concentrate on pushing. Finally I got the ring of fire when the head came out, I did feel a bit of a tear but it didn't bother me I just wanted that baby out. I got the head out and the MW says to me if you've still got a contraction push again and you'll be done. One big push and wooosh out came the baby she literally flew out! What a releif once she was out I had managed to pull up my blindfold just in time to see her come out. She was placed on me but the unbiblical cord was so short she only reached my tummy. She smelt disgusting but she was so beautiful, my beautiful vbac baby I was so proud of her and me.


I had a second degree tear little bit at front and a bit at the back, was very swollen and bruised for a few weeks but definitly healed better than my CS. All up I pushed for 1 hour 45 mins so to recap, water broke at 6pm, got to hospital at 7pm, started pushing at 8pm and Bridget Amber 8lb 10 1/2 oz was born at 9:45pm, thats 3 hours 45 mins of active labour!


Now if I could just talk DH into letting me have another one!

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Lickety Split

DS is now almost four months old so I'm way overdue to write up his birth story!


DD was born in 2010 via an elective c-section. I was planning a vaginal birth up until the day before she was born. I was 40+1 and my OB diagnosed me with severe pre-eclampsia. An internal exam revealed my cervix was unfavourable and my blood tests were bad so he told me I'd be having a caesar the following day. I was shocked - I thought he was going to induce me and I had done absolutely no preparation for a caesar so had no idea what I was in for.


Her birth was ok, although I was very nervous and they had a lot of difficulty getting the spinal block in for some reason. It took them an hour to get it done and by that stage I was feeling sick with nerves. DD was born weighing 4.2kg with a HC of 37.5cm. My recovery wasn't great - I got a nasty wound infection and was in hospital for 7 days. My milk took longer than expected to come in as well so DD was comp fed for the first week of her life.


Two years later and I fell PG with DS. I decided I wanted to try for a VBAC, although I kept umming and ahhing about it through the whole pregnancy. I wanted to at least attempt a vaginal birth, but if I needed a c-section then that was that. Being public I saw a different midwife or doctor at each appointment and I kept getting conflicting advice which was frustrating.


Thankfully this time around I never showed any signs of PE, although at 32 weeks I ended up in hospital being closely monitored as I began having contractions which luckily stopped after a few hours.


At 40 weeks I had my doc appointment and she offered me a c-section the following day. I said no - I felt my body could handle one more week but after that I would probably be begging to have the baby out! At 40+5 I had an internal and my cervix was unfavourable so I was booked in for a c-section at 41+3 which was the earliest they could book me in. The next day, at 40+6, I had an acupuncture appointment as a last ditch effort to try and bring on labour. The following day, at 41 weeks, I woke up several times with pain between 3 and 5am but was able to go back to sleep. At 5am I woke up and the pain was enough to stop me from getting any more sleep. At 6am I got up and started timing them - about 5mins apart. At 6.45am I called the hospital - they told us to come in as we were 50mins drive away. We had breakfast, called my Mum to meet us at the hospital, got the car packed and the contractions stopped. I wasn't sure whether we should go to hospital or not. We eventually decided not to, but when we called the birthing suite they told us if I started having contractions again they I should come in even if they stop again. 30mins later I was sitting on the couch and got a very strong contraction. We called Mum and the hospital and jumped in the car. I had been dreading the long drive to hospital in labour but it was actually pretty good. I only had about 2 or 3 contractions the whole way so I was expecting the midwives would check me over and tell me to go home. We arrived at the hospital at 9.15am where Mum met and and took DD back to her house. The birthing suite was almost empty so we had the place to ourselves. The midwives were lovely and we chatted for a while. She put me on a wireless CTG monitor (hospital policy for VBACs) but thankfully didn't mention the cannula. She did an internal at 9.30am and was very surprised - I was 4cm already! I asked if that meant I was in labour and she said yes. I said "So the baby will be born today?" and she laughed and said yes. DH and I were both pleasantly surprised as we' thought we'd be home by lunchtime! With my permission she put a scalp monitor in which broke my waters, although they just trickled.


At 10.30am the midwife returned with the OB on call and a registrar. The OB had a quick feel of my tummy and told me I'd have to have a caesar as DS was going to be huge. His exact words were "Your daughter was big and boys are always bigger." Shows what he knows! He then told me that if in two hours I hadn't gotten to 6cm then I'd have to have a caesar. I smiled politely and said ok and as soon as he was gone I told the midwife there was no way I was listening that that guy!


The contractions picked up at about 11am and I was starting to breath and vocalise through them. At 12pm they were quite strong and coming very fast and I was getting into all sorts of positions to help wth the pain. At 12.30 the registrar came back and did another quick internal, told me I was 6cm and she was happy for me to continue labouring. She told me she'd be back at 3.30pm to check me and that she hoped by then I'd be 8cm. I was unable to talk by this stage but I remember thinking "Lady, by 3.30pm I will have already had this baby!"


At abut 1pm after that I asked the middie if I could get into the shower (although being almost completely unable to talk I think I just said "SHOWER!") and she said yes. It was brilliant! DH hosed my back with the nozzle and I was in my own world. I was REALLY loud throught the contractions now and it wasn't long before I felt the need to push that I had read about. I quickly said to DH "I need to push!" and the middie got to me to kneel on all fours on a rubber mat while she had a feel - I was 10cm so she said "Off you go!" and I started pushing.


After about 40mins of pushing in the shower the midwife told DH she thought things would have progressed a bit more by now and that the baby was getting a bit tired so it might be helpful for me to get out of the shower and onto the bed in a different position. I was in no mind to do anything but they quickly helped me out of the shower and onto the bed on all fours. With a bit of coaching I could finally feel DS moving down and when he crowned they told me to breath and not to push. I heard DH exclaim "OMG! Oh wow!" when our son was being born but all I could think was "Oh thank god, that feels sooooo much better!"


DS was born at 1.55pm on Saturday 23 February via drug free VBAC. He weighed 3.3kg (told you the OB had no idea what he was talking about ;) ) was 50cm long and had a HC of 35.5cm. We named him Thomas.


Unfortunately I suffered a 2nd degree tear and needed to be taken to theatre to be stitched up. We waited 6 hours for the theatre to be free and when I got there the anesthesistist couldn't get the spinal block in. He tried for an hour and eventually called another one in who as out to dinner - I felt awful! But then that bloke couldn't do it either. They asked if I have scoliosis - I said not that I know of! They ended up giving me a general anesthetic and it was 11pm by the time I got out of theatre. I insisted on going home the next day and was fine apart from the swelling and soreness but that was all gone after two weeks.



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My first two children were born naturally. My third was a medical emergency due to a cord prolapse, I was raced into theatre, placed under a general anasethic and DD was born, all within 10 mins flat. With baby number four I was scared into a planned caesarean, even having my sister as a proactive midwife I still was too scared to think about having a natural birth.


With Remy I wanted a vaginal birth after two caesareans (VB2C). I do not deal well with the pain after a caesarean section and it takes me months and months to even start to feel normal again. Though I knew it was going to be a hard task getting a doctor to agree to let me have one. I was just lucky that with a lot of research, the obstetrician agreed, with a few stipulations being that the baby was not over 4kg weight, I was to be monitored during labour continual, I would have an early epidural and if there were any complications beforehand there was no choice but the caesarean.


I had two sizing scans leading up to Remy’s birth and both had placed him in the normal weight ranges – even though one of my children was just below the 4kg mark and the other was just over the 4kg mark.


The last few pregnancies I suffered with irritable uterus, so I was not surprised when it started at around 26 weeks. Leading up to my due date it was becoming very annoying and 5 days before my due date the Braxton hicks were continuing to progress in time and pain, I rang the hospital who told me to come in when It started to become really annoying. It didn’t take long, I was also getting pains in my back and felt like I needed to do a bowel movement, which either meant this baby was coming soon or he was posterior, which is what the midwife thought at my last appointment.


The good news is I made it the half hour drive to hospital without having the baby on the way. I met my sister there (also a midwife at the hospital) I was assessed and was so disappointed to only be 2cms dilated, not quite effaced and my cervix was still at the back. I was in so much damn pain. They called in the doctor who decided to give me some pethidine and send me up to the pre labour ward.


My contractions felt like they were progressing well and I was so sure that I would have progressed well, but after two hours I was still at 2cms dilated, but fully effaced and my cervix was to the front now. I wanted more pain relief and they were going to organise more pethidine for me but I would have to go down to the delivery room again for that.


By this time my sister was sure bubs was posterior and told me we were going to get this baby moving, she got me into a position that would turn the baby and believe it or not it worked well. After about 10 mins of contractions I wanted to have a shower. I was only in the shower for a short while when my waters broke, but they were stained with meconium and I lost the plot. My trip back to the delivery room was then very quick and I was placed on monitors where they found Remy to be very happy *thank god*. I was asked about what pain relief I wanted and I said epidural (seeing that I was supposed to have it early), though they did try to offer me another pethidine shot the pain was escalating. It was to the point I was making these horrid mooing noises which I had no choice over. It had taken about 45 mins to an hour for the anesthetist to get set up and then he had to go on a mission to find some bigger tubes or something or other, but this time I was on gas for pain relief and was out of my head. All I can say is thank god for that epidural, and no wonder I had dilated from 2-8 cms within that 45-60 mins!!!


Though the epidural had breakthrough pain, my experience with an epidural of this type, every other one I had was a full block with no pains what so ever. Let’s just say I was pressing that top up button like crazy, not that it helped that much, I think I was praying that it at some time it would.


They obstetrician was informed when I was at 10cms and she had said to leave me for about an hour for Remy to move down the birth canal more so there was less pushing and less stress on my caesarean scar. When I did start to push they could see him but he was not moving much, no matter how much I pushed Remy was not budging, I had pushed for about two and a half hours when the specialist consultant obstetrician was called and she said I was to go to theatre for a forceps delivery.


Just then I felt the need to push, like I had felt with Kaeden’s birth, it was not painful just a need to push, and with that push Remy had decided to shift quite significantly. The midwives were excited. Mind you at this stage I had quite an audience, my husband and sister, two midwives, another midwife (it was shift change over), the registrar obstetrician, the specialist consultant obstetrician, the paediatrician and also various theatre staff who were waiting to find out if I was going to theatre or not.


Everyone was cheering me out to push him and out at 7:35am on the 14th of November, Remy was born, weighing over a whopping 4.5kg (a smidge under 10 pounds). With no stitches and no tears at all. He was exactly born an hour after the solar eclipse.

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