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VBAC Birth Stories

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Hi - here's our VBAC story which I'd like to share. Our DS #2 was born on 13 August, weight 7 lb, 13 oz at 38 weeks, 6 days. I went to a private hospital with private obstetricians who work under a shared practice model.


After having our DS #1 by c-section under general anesthetic due to bleeding caused by placenta previa, it was my goal to have our second child as a VBAC. While I had accepted the circumstances of his birth, I wanted it to be totally different the second time round.


On the Tuesday for my 38 week check-up , I happened to not see our usual obstetrician and I saw a different dr in the practice who I had not come across before for some reason (I was having appointments with each dr so I could meet them before the delivery day). I had written out my birth plan so raised the issue of the continuous monitoring. He went through the reasons why it was necessary and the potential risks (which I had heard before) and said if was done by doppler then it wouldn't be continuous. He finished by saying that it was however my choice and suggested that I stay at home for as long as possible because then I couldn't be continuously monitored could I? This was also the approach suggested by our doula.


On the Wednesday night, I tried to go to sleep at about 10pm. DS #1 was restless so I went and resettled him then tried to go to sleep myself. I had been feeling period-like pains for the past couple of days, on and off and nothing major but I couldn't get to sleep because of more crampy pains. They started to get stronger and I tried to rest between them but ended up getting up and finishing to pack my hospital bag. At around midnight I noticed a tiny bit of blood on the toilet paper so knew that this was it! I had a shower and washed my hair. I tried to time the contractions myself until around 2am I woke DH and suggested that he start timing. The contractions were about 6 minutes apart. By this stage it was more painful and I tried different things like massage oil, heat packs, relaxation CD, rolling on the fit ball but nothing worked as well as sitting on the toilet and moving up off the seat with each contraction. I was also vomiting so one end was in the toilet and the other was in a bucket! DH sent a text to our Doula telling her that labour was underway, she rang and we spoke and agreed that it was OK for me to stay at home and for her not to come over just yet. DH rang the hospital to let them know that we would be in later. I hopped in the bath which helped pass the time but the toilet still felt like the safest place for me. I was gritting my teeth with the pain with each contraction but thought that there could be hours ahead and didn't want to make that trip to the hospital too early - at least while I could work through the pain by myself. At 6.30am I told DH that we would need to go to the hospital soon because I needed to have some pain relief but would hold off until he could drop DS #1 at daycare. We rang our doula and asked her to come over. My waters broke at 7.30am (on the toilet!) and when our doula arrived at 7.45am DH rang the hospital to tell them we were coming in. By this stage the contractions were about three minutes apart. Of course it was peak hour traffic and while we don't leave far from the hospital it seemed to take an eternity. I could feel that the baby's head was down really low and was making grunting noises. Our doula was helping me with the breathing through each contraction as they were bearing down hard and I was tending to hold my breath rather than release through it. When we got to the hospital at around 8.15am, DH pulled into the passenger drop-off bay and our doula suggested that he not go and park the car as he might miss the birth. The nurses could hear me coming down the hallway and they ushered me straight into an observation suite. The midwife tried to strap on the monitor which didn't seem to work so she did in an internal and said that she could feel the baby's head. The obstetrician (who I saw on Tuesday) was there and joked that while he said I should stay at home as long as I could...perhaps not this close though. DH asked for some pain relief for me (as this is what I had said at home) but the dr told him it was too late. It was time to push. I stayed lying on my back as I couldn't contemplate moving into another position. With my consent the dr gave me a local and with a couple of big pushes and lots of urging on by all in the observation room, the next thing I could hear them yell - "look up" and there was our gorgeous little boy born at 8.41am. A quick wipe and our baby was under the blanket nestled on my chest. I had a first degree tear which was stitched while he had a breastfeed. I felt immense pride that I had achieved my VBAC, totally drug-free. I could eat, get up and have a shower and enjoy our little baby. And I didn't even make it into the birthing suite.


Edited to say: I am so grateful to our doula who gave valuable advise and moral support, and gave me faith in my own body and its ability to give birth.

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With my consent the dr gave me a local


What a lovely story. I just stumbled across this thread tonight in new posts and had a read. I posted here with a VBAC story this time last year and all of the stories in here always send a shiver down my spine.


I was just wondering what the local was for? I've never heard of that before.



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What a lovely story. I just stumbled across this thread tonight in new posts and had a read. I posted here with a VBAC story this time last year and all of the stories in here always send a shiver down my spine.


I was just wondering what the local was for? I've never heard of that before.


It was local anathestic which he injected "down there". It helped numb the pain a bit and I think it was also a mental thing for me as well - I was stressing a bit about pushing the baby out so maybe I was having a 'mental' block because I was worried about any pain with tearing IYKWIM.



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Oh, ok. That makes sense.


Once I got to pushing, it never ever crossed my mind that I might tear. I just wanted the whole thing over with :o I pushed with all my might and she was out 15 minutes later. I had a graze only. After it was over I realised I had just totally forgotten about all of the horror birth stories I had heard of with 3rd degree tears etc. I think if that had have crossed my mind I would have froze up probably as before becoming pregnant that was a huge fear of mine.



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Samantha 46

Danielle - your story is so inspiring.


I am 46 years old - with my second baby due on January 10 - and am hoping for a VBAC too.


My first child, a gorgeous daughter was born by C section 2 years 9 months ago at RPA.

She was 4.2 kilos - or over 9lbs in the old scale.


I have been told by my obstetrician that they won't induce me for this second baby because they are concerned about my scar. The baby is going to be another big one - over 4 kilos - but I am REALLY hoping to have a vaginal delivery this time.

I also have a clotting disorder which I have had to have daily clexane injections for up until 38 weeks - to keep my blood thin. All is ok - and bub and I are so well - and unlike my first pregnancy - where I put on 27 kilos - I have only put on 12 with this one so am SOOO much more comfortable.


Baby is in a posterior position - and so I am doing everything naturally that I can to turn him face down again - and his is lying on my right side - so the obstetrician is concerned about getting him to turn face down.


I have been doing acupuncture and burning a moxa stick on an accupressure point on my little toe to try and aid induction AND turning the baby - if any other readers have any other ideas or suggestions I would be so grateful.


Many thanks!!

Samantha 46

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Hi all! Just thought I'd share my VBAC story - the story of a near "pain free" birth :)


I had a VB with DS #1, 3 hours, and managed to labour at home until i was fully dialated. It was an empowering, amazing, though somewhat painfull birth. I ended up with some 3rd degree (Ob says 4th degree) tears.


With DS2 and DS3, my twins, I was strongly encouraged to have a CS due to a difference in their sizes. In contrast to my prior VB, I found the CS very scary and clinical. When my sons were born, i was overjoyed, but also very dissapointed i hadnt been able to have them vaginally :(


Thus when we fell pregnant with our 4th child, I really wanted a VBAC. I had one OB encouraging me, and the other telling me it was a dangerous decision. Luckily i did my own reserach and continued to push for the VBAC! At 38 weeks I was told there would be certain "conditions" to my VBAC: Having to have a CS if I reached 41+2, going to hospital at the first contraction, constant monitoring whilst I laboured laying down, and if need be, internal monitoring. I fought them on the last, maintaining no-one was going to attach anything to my childs head with needles! But they said we would discuss it during my labour.


At 40+4 I went into labour naturally, just very faint "period pains". After calling my IL's to mind the babies we made it to hospital at about 12:30am. I was still in no real pain, just "concentrating" my way through each contraction. After an internal (I was 5cm dialated) the midwife told me to go relax in a shower. I wondered what had happened to the "constant monitoring" mandate, but was happy to oblige *lol* I was still concentrating my way through each contraction, but dancing around in between. My DH turned his Ipod on so I had some music to sing along with. Occasionally the midwife would come in and check Bub out with a doppler, but that was it. At about 2:30am my water broke! This was the first time I felt real pain, and had that moment of panic that lets you know your moving through transition. I really had to try hard to regain "control" and "focus".


The midwife came in and found me starting to push on the floor of the shower! She said something like "Im too old to deliver babies on the floor" and got me into bed. I started pushing straight away. With the 2nd push Adahlia was born! 8lb 14oz (over 4kg) and she was a perfect APGAR of 10. The 2nd midwife almost didnt make it, apparently she arrived just in time to remark what a big baby i was birthing ;)


I think knowing how to labour really helped me. Not fighting it etc. It was such an incredible experience, and i'd reccomend VBAC to anyone considering it!!

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My waters broke, early on the morning of the 4 January at around 36 weeks (exact date depends on what date you use.) . It was our wedding aniversary and as a result we still haven't had a chance to really acknowledge the passing of another year. I did, though, get the best present ever. I had my daughter. I had a waterbirth. I had a natural birth. My DS was safe and sound and happy in his own bed and showed no stress on waking and finding us both gone. I had the midwife of my choice at the birth. My DH and I got to spend the hours after the birth together. My DH seems more relaxed about this birth - the last one upset him.


Waters Breaking

The first thought that entered my head was, "Oh, my God. It's that dream I had as a kid." I thought I had dreamed I went to the bathroom... I think it was the moment I stepped into the shower and noticed that the water suddenly turned yellow. I concluded, as I tried to wake up, "noone pee is technicolour!" I was in shock. I posted on EB. I did some work for school, despite knowing I wasn't going back this year, and I went back to bed. I woke at the normal time and... the day began.



We arrived at hospital, after dropping DS off at childcare somewhere around 11am. I regret not calling my midwife instead, but I really wanted to know whether it was my waters or not. I wanted to go swimming... It was hot and I loved swimming.


On arriving I was meet my a lovely midwife, who tried her best throughout the day to walk the line between my needs, interests and plans and the protocol of the hospital. After some discussion I had the answer I needed - it was my waters, but it was thought that two conversations with two obs was needed due to the nature of the situation. I was talked to by one ob, and lectured to by the second. Amongst other things, I was told, "I have listened to you, now you will listen to me." Her tactic was to ask me the rather stupid question of, "What do you know about VBACS!" I asked her to refine her question, she refused. She then went about systematically dismissing everything I said, including the well accepted. The second conversation ended shortly after I said, "I do not need your permission to have a VBAC". That scared her, but God, it made a difference. To this day, I think it marked an important moment in time. I was determined, possibly due to the ignorance and rudeness of this doctor to get a VBAC. I was also going to get my VBAC on my terms. In the BC. I would not have a cannula. I would not have CTG. I was going home to labour.



Home Again

I discharged myself against medical advice and went home. Well, I went 'homeish'.... I went shopping for pyjamas, I got a bit of acupuncture and than I caught a bus and a two trains to get home. I also walked quite a bit. Walked from the station to the acupuncturist and from the station to home. With each passing moment, my contractions got stronger. As I walked from the station home, I actually came up with the wonderful idea of taking my phone out to 'check my messages' when the ladies walking towards me got closer and the contraction hit. I might add, it worked a treat.


At home, I busily cleaned the house. I watched a bit of television and than went to bed.



One hour after going to sleep, I was up. I laboured for half an hour on the ball. I was pleased when DH got up and I asked him to call my PIL (who refused to help us), a friend to look after DS and our midwife. We made a plans. As the plans that concerned childcare and meeting our midwife at the hospital were put into place, I laboured in the shower and as the water temperature dropped, the bath... I loved the water being tipped on my lower back. I was pretty sure that the contractions were pushing the baby down... or at least that is what I visualised.


At some point the contractions changed. They turned from a pain that went from the top of my tummy down, to a pain that was between my legs and felt like it was stretching. I was sure I was dilating.


We left and travelled to the hospital. I was so aware during contractions. So aware. I even warned my DH of approaching fixed speed cameras and suggested the route we should take. I remember thinking, this is so different to last time.



I remember a few things. Firstly, I didn't stop to get the paperwork that I was supposed to pick up. We broke the cardinal sin and parked in the no parking zone at the front of the hospital (I begged my DH not to park in the parking station - lol - as if he was going to!), my midwife meet us at the lifts, and the lights in the room were down low and the room was ready.



I was at hospital for a matter of minutes before I started to push. I remember it was exhausting and the need to get into the bath. I remember the midwife saying, "I don't mind you vocalising but you need to concentrate on pushing!" I remember the suggestion to sit on the toilet to assist with pushing and than I remember the question, "Where do you want to have this baby?" My response was, "the bath!" My answer was, "the bath!" And, that's what I did. Second stage lasted 55 minutes.


A Note

I can't tell you how different this experience was to my first birth. In comparison to my VBAC my induction feels like a mess. It feels like a cat was put amongst the pigeons hormonally and as a result I had the birth I did. I was aware of everything with this birth. Each step, each push, and I made very conscious decisions. It was frightening or horrible. It was just ... well, it worked.


I really, really want to thank a few people. A thank you to the friend that came and looked after my little DS and looked after me as my DH made a few last minute alterations to the back seat of the car, and to the seat of my friends (car seat) and setting up a spare room. A special thank you to my DH who listened to me, who supported me and was there through the hard times that related to the planning of this birth. However, a very special thank you goes to the midwife who supported me. If she does read this, which I am not sure she will ever do - thank you. Thank you for all that I have mentioned here and for the other things - all the other things, that I haven't mentioned.


I wish that every woman would have this sort of birth.

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My VBA2C story.. a little history first of all..


After an uneventful first pregnancy with a plan give birth in a birth centre I reached nearly 42 weeks with no real signs of movement, at 41+5 my waters broke, still no action 2 days later so was off to hospital for induction. Syntocin drip started and after dosage being ramped up several times contractions started full on, lasting a minute each with no breaks in between! After about 12 hours of labour hospital decided due to FTP, some signs of fetal distress and time limit up for my waters being broken that emergency csection was required and beautiful DS1 was born – at the time although disappointed that I had not had the birth I planned I felt that the csection was necessary, knowing what I know now I can see the cascade of interventions contributed and wonder what would have happened if left a little longer to naturally start labour – will never know!?


Onto two years later and pregnant with no.2 – was very very keen for VBAC. In the third trimester we moved from Sydney to Gold Coast, booked in at local public hospital. 1st problem I encountered was low-lying placenta but by 33 week scan placenta had moved to 2cm from OS but OB’s advised this not high enough contrary to the research I had done where 2cm seemed to be considered ok for vaginal delivery. 2nd prob bub was in transverse lie – I tried acupuncture, yoga positions, praying, hanging upside down on the ironing board at 45 degrees (managed to break the ironing board – luckily do not iron much!) but no movement. At 37 weeks I was told had to be csection under general – was scare mongered into believing would bleed out on the table at worst and at least probably need a hysterectomy, when I questioned the need for general the anaesthetist said I should just do it as I would only miss the first few hours of bub’s life – what was I complaining about? I couldn’t believe his attitude!!!! I was extremely upset by all this of course and that night I woke up bleeding (sure stress contributed somehow to this) so went to hospital and ended up delivering our gorgeous DD by csection that morning, under a general there were no complications but I felt robbed of her first hours and DH wasn’t able to be there either. I found the whole experience quiet traumatic (even now feel uncomfortable looking at the pics the midwife took of the delivery for us as it seems surreal) so I vowed never do that again!


About 10 months later – a surprise!! I was pregnant again, we were very excited but straight away I was dreading another csection. Did a little research & came up with an OB at the local private hospital who might be VBAC friendly… had my appointment and this turned out was not the case. He advised risks of uterine rupture to high and so csection was booked, hubby was happy with this decision as trusted the OB and I was pretending this was all good but couldn’t sleep for a week thinking about being cut open again… after some serious soul searching, lots of internet research and some advice from the lovely lady at birthtalk spoke with a doula who came to chat to DH & help me convince him that I could achieve a VBA2C! From there once we decided to do it I just knew it was the right thing for me & bub!! So booked into the public hospital where I knew they had no choice but to allow me to deliver naturally if I didn’t consent to csection. Funnily enough I got the same OB who I saw privately, he told the same story about the risk of the baby dying but then said if I was prepared to accept all responsibility that they couldn’t stop me..


So one of my biggest worries was not going into spontaneous labour – as this hadn’t happened with the previous two, and I knew their was no way the hospital would induce me (not that I wanted to be induced anyway..) My doula kept reminding me that the baby will be born on its birthday…whenever that may be and it would happen when it was ready! So I stayed positive and used RLT & EPO, had chiro for positioning, read several positive birthing books and had acupuncture for induction…. the 2nd session of induction acupuncture definitely got me started I think…


Ok the birth…day before due date, had just jumped in bed, DH fast asleep in 5 seconds as per usual when contractions started about 9pm – not too bad and I lay in bed dozing till about 11pm. They were getting stronger & more regular so got up and was watching some TV bouncing on fitball till about 2.30am when thought better get up sleepy DH!! My Doula came around 4am which was great relief just to have her there she was so tuned in to me. We headed to the hospital around 5.30am. After some serious reprimanding by the doctor about all the risks of a VBAC which we had heard before but also that because it was a Sunday there would be no one available in the event of an emergency they tried to persuade me to consent to the csection, I kept repeating no and then they brought us the consent forms to sign that took all responsibility (I was mid contraction at the time so probably could have signed anything as couldn’t concentrate really!). I had to have continual monitoring which kept me standing at the bed but that was ok as I wanted to stand and they put a cannula in my hand without my permission (ouch!). The Doctor checked me and said I was only 3-4cm so in her opinion I was unlikely to progress quickly enough?? and I should just go with the csection – I had a fleeting thought of agreeing with her but then I reminded myself that all over the world right at this moment women were doing this & I could do it too! I was so determined to prove several people wrong and I really wanted to do it for me and my baby so I didn’t say a word and just got on with it. I just tried to breathe through the contractions holding DH’s hand and with my doula rubbing my back and encouraging me all the way. Next check I was 6cm, then bit later started to feel the urge to push and so they checked & I was 10cm, I was surprised as has no idea how long had passed (about 3 hours) I was just in the zone breathing through each contraction!! After about 45 mins of pushing (and a few “just get it out” comments from me!) our lovely little DS2 arrived straight into his mother’s arms and daddy was able to cut the cord for the first time!! Was so special to be able to hold my son for the first moments of his life… had a natural third stage and then just a few stitches afterwards.


So we did it our drug & intervention free VBA2C!! Couldn’t have done it without my doula – I just had to look at her and she knew I needed something and she kept an eye on everything, at one point when I tried bouncing on fitball bubs heart rate went down and she immediately got me off before midwives could notice as we had been warned any signs of distress that were going to want csection. I was able to go home the next day and was so great to be able to pick up my other two toddlers as would have been so hard not to. So to anyone planning a VBAC or VBA2C I wish you well. I just wanted to have the opportunity to try for a natural labour just as any other first time mother would and so even though the doctors did not agree I truly believed my body was capable of doing it so went for it and it was the best decision I ever made!


Our DS2, Taj Geoffrey was born 7/02/2010 - 3.73kg/8lb 3oz, 35cm head, 50cm long (With his beloved poppy watching over us I am sure).


ps. the other stories and support here on EB was also essential in keeping me positive and believing in my ability to do it, so thankyou to all you lovely ladies who shared your thoughts and experiences.


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My VBAC story!


Well Im still coming to terms with the way our little Elodie arrived into the world.. totally in shock! In a good way though!


I had opted to attempt a VBAC for this birth after my last daughter's c-section birth 20 months ago. I knew I had a good chance of success as I have also had a previous vaginal birth to my 1st daughter 3.5 years ago. Dr said it was OK for me to try and the risks wouldnt be too high, but close monitoring during labour was important due to the scar rupturing risk. I was also a gestation diabetes pregnancy which came with its own set of risks but Dr seemed to think that they should not be an issue, as my sugars stayed fairly low and bub didnt seem to be too big.


So thats the background, here's now the leadup!


Monday 15th was my first real day of contractions. Possibly just BH, possibly the start of the real deal... we'll never really know. They started at 9pm and were approx 5 mins apart till about midnight. Not super strong, but regular! They seemed to stop after having to do a poo...Wednesday they started at 12:30pm and went on the same way till about 2am, finishing with bowel movements!! Saturday, the same again, Sunday the same AGAIN!! By this stage I was getting pretty tired of all this night action and lack of sleep, and no apparent progress. At my Dr's appt Monday (22nd) I had a stretch and sweep as Dr could tell I was getting tired and desperate to have things started properly. The S&S found bub fully engaged and cervix was fully effaced, 2cm dilated! Hooray!


The S&S gave the contraction and different intensity, Monday night they were regular again, but 15 mins apart, strong enough to make me wake with each one, yet far enough apart to give me rest between each one. Taking panadol for the back aching. They continued all night.


Tuesday morning (23rd) I had a feeling that the strength and regularity was enough to warrant me calling the maternity ward. They had picked up to 5 mins and fairly strong, yet still manageable. So down to hossy we went. DDs were in the care of my sister at home. Put onto the CTG and EVERTHING STOPPED!!!! Laid there for 45 mins and had 2 contractions, and the midwife from hell to go with it. I was sooooooo dissapointed. But my lovely Dr saved the day and booked me in to have my waters broken first thing the next morning. I also requested that they did not check my cervix here as I didnt want to be disappointed in hearing that it may still only be 2cm, but who knows if I had requested a internal they may have kept me in! But as far as the CTG scan indicated, it was all false labour, so there was nothing more the Dr could do but to send me back home. So I went home and planned to rest up for the big day. Contractions did not return to 5 mins again, but every time I would move, I'd feel one come on... very random, yet quite strong!


DH and DD2 stayed home with me, DD1 went to stay with my sister.We took a nap at 1pm, I recall having a few contractions while sleeping, but the one that hit me at 2:30pm woke me with a start and almost had me in tears it was VERY strong. Suspecting that it was just a bowel movement that had started up the contractions (again) I sat on the loo waiting for that poo..... took panadol for the back aching and hoping to ease the intensity of the 'braxton hicks'........ ha ha!!!! What I didnt know was I WAS in labour already here.


But contractions were getting more intense so I thought to hop in the shower. This would have been approx 3:15pm. The shower was so wonderful for the pain. I remember thinking to myself I wish they would just go away as I want to have a good rest and be ready for tomorrow's appt. As at this stage I still really thought they were a false start and I just needed to poo to get them to pass. Still no bowel movements. 3:30pm my Mum (my other support person) arrived and DH and her decided that it may be time to drop DD2 off to her carer and take me back down to hossy, as the contractions were getting more intense. But first they decided to wait and time them for a while. Im on my hands and knees on the shower floor, Mum rubbing oil into my back with each contraction. DH timed 3:54, 3:56, 3:59..... it was at this stage that he picked up DD2 and drove her off to SIL (5mins down the road). These contractions were coming thick and fast now, I had no idea but I was about to hit transition stage to pushing. Suddenly I REALLY needed to do that poo, I NEEDED TO PUSH!!!!!!!


Around this time Mum decided to call the maternity ward, as she was starting to recognise that we were a little too far to be at home at this stage. The lovely midwife told Mum that this was far too urgent and she suggest we call an ambulance. Especially when I was screaming in the background 'I NEED TO PUUUUUSSSSHHHH!!" This would have been 4pm, maybe a minute or 2 past. My whole body shaking, 1st contraction I fought as much as I could, but not a hope, 2mins, Mum is on the phone to 000, 2nd contraction my waters broke, baby's head is crowning, 3rd contraction, baby's head is out, Im saying I dont want baby to die, 4th contraction I push her all out, feeling a little tearing and Mum catches bub and pulls her up to herself. Cord snaps, I automatically clamp onto my end of the cord, Mum has baby in one hand and phone in the other. My gorgeous little baby cries and is a beautiful colour. Mum quickly wraps her and follow the 000 instructions to tie cord with something, anything, a shoelace it is! So baby and I have shoelaces tied to each end of our cords. Mum checks bub over with instructions from the phone. All seems good, although bub is a little pale she is still alert, so the phonecall ends and we wait for the ambulance to arrive. We try to call DH who has be gone for all of 10 minutes. Time would have been around 4:10pm. No answer on his mobile, so I ring SIL home, while holding my newborn bub, asking if DH is on his way home. He had just left. DH comes home and I ask Mum to meet him at the door to prepare him for what he's going to walk in on. He nearly faints in shock but sits down and copes really well! 5 mins later the ambo arrives.... were finally in medical hands!!!!!! 2 wonderful men come in and check me and bub over, then off to hossy to deliver the placenta. DH comes with me and baby in the ambulance, she gets her first breast feed and Im on a total high!!!!! Grinning from ear to ear! WE VBAC'D AT HOME!!!!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!


Were welcomed at the maternity ward, and the rest is a bit of a blurr, lots of laughs, recounts and a few stitches after placenta was delivered uneventfully by my very impressed Dr. I was feeling oh so very good, as I had only laboured in total for 1.5hrs and that was after having a good nap, so I 'looked like I'd just been at the beach for the day, not just given birth' (my MIL words!!)


Im now home, and its already been 3 days since the awesome arrival of our gorgeous little girl. The night of her birth was a very wild night with a massive electrical storm and our town suffered a lot of damage from it. Many people will remember March 23rd as the day with those wild storms, but I'll be remembering it as the day that my little girl arrived in that wild way!!!!


Phew glad to get that out!!!


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Just wanted to add the link to my VBAC birth story... such an empowering and overwhelmingly positive experience!!!


My wonderful VBAC!

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It's been a while so probably time to add my story.


1st VBAC


After having my daughter but C/S, (not indicated but strongly "suggested" after only 12 hours of labour) I was despondent and sad that I hadn't achieved what I had wanted to. When DH and I decided to add to our family, I went to my GP for some advice. He sent me for tests and scans to determine my ability to achieve natural childbirth. The results came back great, that there would be no problem to deliver vaginally.


After we got our BFP for the second time, I headed to my OB and asked if she was willing to help me achieve my VBAC. She agreed after giving me the obligatory speech about risks etc. But I was on the road to what I wanted and what I knew I could do.


After a fairly straight forward 8 months, the time had come. DH and I had fed, bathed and put our daughter to bed and had started to make our own dinner. We were both standing in the kitchen when I noticed an unusual feeling. Nothing painful and certainly nothing like I had felt with my daughter but definately something different. I didn't say anything to my DH as I just wanted to see what it was. I kept looking at the clock just to be safe and all at once this "thing" was happening every five minutes!!! It wasn't painful but because of wanting my VBAC I thought I would call my mum and see what she thought. She said it could be anything but if I was concerned, call the midwives at the hospital. It was about 8.30pm when I phoned the hospital and the midwife said not to rush but to come in just to see what is going on but to not be surprised if I was sent home. I called my mum back as I needed my stepdad to come and sit with our daughter. The arrived at about 10.00pm as they were out at a party. By the time they got to our house, I knew it was labour as it was starting to get painful but not enought to stop my in my tracks - yet!!!!!


We took our time getting organised and got to the hospital at about 11.00pm. It was a Sunday night and my DH (bless him) kept asking if this was the real thing cause if not, he had to get up for work in the morning!!! At the hospital, the midwife checked me and said that I was 4 to 5cm dilated!! What???? That took me hours with my DD and this seemed to happen so easily this time. She said that she would move me straight into birth suite as I wouldn't be too long till delivery!!! What??????


Labour started pretty hard and fast after the VE. I was planning to go through drug free but was open to using gas if I felt the need. I used all the techniques I could, rocking, breathing, groaning etc but the gas helped me focus on something else. I used a beanbag on the bed that I could lean over. At some point, the midwife said that I was 9 and a half cm dilated but that my body was pushing to early and that I needed to stop, WTF??? At this point she suggested an epi which I agreed to, to allow my body to stop pushing (I now wish I hadn't agreed). Once the epi was in, I could relax a little and concentrate on the pushing.


After half an hour of pushing, at 3.34am on Monday 1st August 2005, our son, Reilly William Annan, weighing 8lb 7oz, was handed to me, placed on my chest and loved instantly. It was to most emotional experience and much more calm after our DD's birth. I was glad to have achieved something so great. I was the talk of the hospital, as he was born in a private hospital well known for it's caesar rate.


2nd VBAC


Having done it once before, I knew that I could do it again. CS wasn't even an option. We never even discussed the possibilty. As our DD was born 8 days before her EDD and DS1 10 days before his, I assumed (even though I know you shouldn't) that this baby would be earlier again, how wrong I was. Four days before my EDD, I was so far over being pregnant, through summer, that I called a GF to come and amuse me to keep my mind off things. It was a Sunday and she came over with her DD around lunchtime. When I heard her car, I went out to great her and said "I think it is starting but don't say anything to DH as I don't think it is". I had had many false starts this pg, one which took me to the hospital so I wasn't ready to jump if it was going to stop all over again. My GF came inside and we did some folding (as you do) and had a cuppa and a chat, all the while, I was trying to work through niggly little contractions. I got to a point where I told DH that we needed to consider calling the hospital and my mum to come and sit with the kids.


Once mum got to our house, we headed up to the hospital. We were meeting my GF at the hospital as she was thinking of having a VBAC and had never seen natural childbirth so I asked if she would like to come and experience our sons birth. When we got there we were shown straight into a birth suite as they weren't very busy. My midwife was AWESOME!!!!! She told me straight out that she could get me through this, that I may hate her while it was happening but that I would forgive her in the end - how right she was. We got the the hospital at about 2.30pm. I was 5cm and had bulging waters so the midwife offered to break them for me. I said sure. Of course, then all heall broke loose. Thankfully the midwife had snagged me the wireless CTG machine so I could still walk and sway through my contractions. The midwife didn't check my dilation again as she said she didn't need to, that we would know when the time was right. I told her that I could feel my sons head moving through the birth canal and that I was ready to push. I hopped back up onto the bed (I still don't know why I did this, familiarity I suppose) and began to push. I knew that he was crowning from the sensation but it didn't help that the peanut gallery (DH, GF not to mention the midaife and my OB) kept commenting how big his head was!!!!! Thanks guys, just what I need to hear.


After 25min of pushing, at 5.56pm on Sunday 1st February 2009, Zack Henry John, weighing 9lb 2oz, was born. As I reached down to bring him up to my chest, something snapped. He had a very short umbilical cord and it had ruptured. Thankfully, quick thinking from my midwife and my OB saved both me and my boy. He was rushed to the Neonatal Unit for observation and blood tests. But after 16 hours he was discharged back to me.



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VBAC Birth Story


Here is a link to my VBAC story.


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My beautiful VBAC December 26 2010


Very very very long story ( Thanks to a 34 hour labour)



The story of my VBAC begins almost 3 years earlier with the birth of my daughter Ava. Ava was born via an EM LSCS at 39 weeks after 14 hours of induced labour for “suspected” rupture of membranes, which was never confirmed. Well not surprisingly, Ava went into distress with the high doses of syntocin I was given and contractions one on top of another for many hours. It was discovered during the LSCS that she was actually breech, whether this contributed to her distress I do not know. It was from this moment that I started dreaming of my next birth, I immediately felt the challenge, like a task left uncompleted, I craved a natural birth. I began reading, doing my research, studying, and spent the next 2.5 years trying to decide on the best way to achieve my VBAC.


I umed and ahhed over home birth, attracted to the idea of minimal intervention, birthing in my own space with my own people was tempting, but I could not settle on the idea. So I went in search of the closest thing I could find. Being banned from the local birth centre not 2 minutes away from home, Brisbane left no real options for me, until I stumbled upon the Nambour Selangor private hospital. I discovered this hospital and its staff had a brilliant reputation for VBAC and fully supported it. After my first meeting with my obstetrician where he told me he was happy for me to birth however I liked, and water birth would be fine, I walked away knowing I had made the right decision, although slightly concerned over the 1hr 10 min drive up there, just incase we didn’t make it…as it turns out it wasn’t something I never had to worry about.


Fast forward 9 months after a carefree and healthy pregnancy to my due date, 9 days before Christmas which came and went, I really didn’t care when the baby came, I just really didn’t want to have it on Christmas day, firstly for the poor child’s sake, and also for my daughter, this was the first Christmas where she was excited that santa was coming, I really didn’t want to miss out watching her open her presents on Christmas morning.


I did my best to encourage the baby to hurry along by walking everyday, sex, sex and more sex, and finally acupuncture, which almost seemed to do the trick, as after my first treatment I began having regular strong contractions which lasted half the night then fizzled out to nothing. At 8 days over on Christmas eve I went to see my obstetrician to check on the baby and discuss my options, he was reluctant to do anything saying he would rather just leave things to happen naturally, assuring me that the baby would have to come out eventually. To which I agreed, I was adamant that I did not want to be induced, however I was not opposed to help things along and requested he do a stretch and sweep. He agreed and we found I was 3cm dilated and 50% effaced, he told me he expected I would go into labour within the next 48 hours.


A few hours after the stretch and sweep I began having mild cramps which came on and off all day, just like I was getting my period. 5pm Christmas eve I began having my first mild contractions, I wasn’t timing them religiously, they came roughly every 5 minutes and lasted 30-40 seconds, I tried to ignore them and had some dinner, put my daughter to bed, then finished packing my hospital bag. By 9pm they were beginning to require my attention to get through them, we had attempted to time them a couple of times, but they were irregular going anywhere from 3-7 minutes apart lasting from 30-60 seconds, so we gave up. My obstetrician had told me to come to the hospital when they were 5 minutes apart and lasting 30 seconds, considering the long drive we had, and although they were certainly regular and strong I just felt that we still has a long way to go, as baby’s head was high and was posterior.


I tried to go to bed as I was already so tired but after one contraction lying down I jumped up and knew it wasn’t an option, it hurt so much more !! So I made a comfy nest on the lounge so I could lean over the back and kneel and sway through the contractions. My husband not wanting me to be alone dutifully made his own little nest beside me and went to sleep after lighting lots of candles and creating a nice cosy atmosphere for me.


After a while me knees were sore and I gave up on the idea of sleep I started to pace the house trying to get the contractions closer and stronger, I ended up in the bathroom sitting on the fitball and leaning forward over the vanity with some clary sage burning and my ipod in I watched my little clock and counted through my contractions which I now had to make some noise to cope with, they were coming every 5 minutes and increasing in strength all night but I still didn’t feel like I was making much progress. By early morning I was exhausted, I decided to lay down on the lounge and try to rest between contractions, and although the contractions were so much more painful, the half an hour of rest allowed me to relax a little, and I found that the contractions started to slow down, the intensity did not change, they were just coming about every 7 minutes now, so I got up and had a shower and decided I would try to enjoy Christmas morning with my family, we were expecting my daughter up at any moment. Ava’s excitement was everything I hoped it would be, and although she looked at me funny every time I had a contraction we had an enjoyable morning.


Contractions remained irregular all day still very strong requiring my to rock and breath through them, its as if my body knew that I just wanted to spend Christmas with my family because the moment they left at about 4pm things changed gear, and contractions returned with a fury, 5 mintues lasting 60 seconds, I thought that for sure we would be having our baby tonight, my mum left expecting the call to come and get Ava some time in the night, and it was only a few hours later that we had to call her back, I had decided to go to bed at about 9pm because it had already been 24 hours with no sleep and I was beside myself with exhaustion, I had 3 contractions while I was in bed which were 3 minutes apart lasting about 60 seconds and were agony, I moaned very loudly through them, them felt something wet down below, I hurried off to the bathroom to find a lot mucous plug and fresh blood, it just kept coming, and I knew now that the baby was on its way. I went out and told Adam to call the hospital we were coming in, he also rang mum who arrived about 10 minutes later to watch Ava, we jumped in the car with my in the backseat leaning on lots of pillows, and headed north in the driving rain on Christmas night.


During the trip my contractions slowed right down, so I only had 5-6 in the car, once again my body showing me that it knew what was best for me…On arrival in birth suite, we were greeted by a nice young midwife who asked if she could check my blood pressure and check on the baby which we agreed to, she soon had the CTG on the check the baby was happy, and after only 5 mins the heart rate dropped down into the 40’s and stayed there…she had a little bit of a panic and called for back up, with 2 more midwives coming in, I head her say call Ted (My OB) she asked me to get up on the bed so she could do an internal incase I was fully dilated (HA) all the while I was quite relaxed and trying to tell them that the baby was doing some somersaults, so I was no concerned that he was distressed. I heard the young midwife ask one of the older ones if she should rupture my waters (she discovered I was 3cm and fully effaced during the internal) to which she responded “no, I will take care of this one”. This is without doubt the luckiest thing that had ever happened to me, because the midwife who took over was the legendary Vicki Chan, homebirth midwife extraordinaire, and advocate for natural drug free birth. I found myself much more relaxed, after she introduced herself, she explained how she liked to do things, and that she gets a feeling about how things are going instead of needing to examine and or intervene…


Vicki then let us get on with the labour, we headed out to the stairwell for some hiking to try and get things moving along and help baby come down, it soon became too painful to walk around, with some very intense contractions and the baby moving and kicking so much I wanted to head back to the birth suite where I paced around the room with Adam silently pacing behind me and Vicki watching quietly from the corner, occasionally coming to rub my back or sit beside me while I had a contraction. I was trying to hold off getting in the bath until as close to the end as possible, I didn’t want it to slow things down, and I wanted the pain relief option up my sleeve for later, but my legs just couldn’t take it anymore I had been pacing around for well over 24 hours now. Luckily Vicki had though ahead and had already filled the bath halfway , so we only had to add a little warm water and I was in heaven, it was the best feeling sinking into that warm deep bath, and there I stayed for many more hours…


Sometime around 3am Ted popped in to check on me, he asked Vicki to check me at 5am, then left me to it. I don’t remember much about the time in the bath, I was in labour land so I was surprised when Vicki asked me if she could do an internal at Ted’s request. I agreed reluctantly ( I really didn’t want to get out of the nice warm bath onto the bed), I knew it would hurt lying down, and boy was I right…I screamed through the internal, begging for her to stop, it was the most painful thing I had ever felt, it felt as though she was trying to dig the baby out with her nails, she was infact trying to determine what position bub was in but gave up when I yelled for her to stop. ( She did not tell me that during the internal she discovered that baby was posterior with his head deflexed, he was presenting face first). After the internal I tried sitting on the fitball for a while, but it was to uncomfortable, Vicki suggested the birth stall, which I tried and was a little more comfortable, in between ctx Vicki suggested I wiggle my hips vigorously, which I did, and whilst she was rubbing my back, we both felt baby drop down into my pelvis like a bowling ball, finally some progress.


I decided that I wanted to get back in the bath, this is when Vicki told me that I was 7cm dilated and she would need to check again at 7am to see if I had progressed. This shattered me, I lost all my focus and strength at this point because 7cm is exactly where I had got to in my labour with my daughter, and I just knew then that I would not be having this baby vaginally, I gave up. Contractions became unbearable and I was screaming, Vicki was watching with a mirror in the water, expecting a baby’s head by the way I as carrying on, and Adam decided to get in the bath with me to support me. I cried and begged them to ‘put me to sleep, and just cut it out’. I said I didn’t want a baby anymore, I changed my mind, to which Vicki calmly encouraged my and said its too late for that, I will be holding my baby in my arms soon….I didn’t believe her. (reflecting back this was obviously transition, just not a lot of hooha made about it) Adam all the while was my rock, telling me when to breath, trying to keep me focused on each contraction, and Vicki was telling me how amazing he was, and that I had a keeper !


So 7am comes and Vicki says she would like to check me again, but I flat out refuse to get out of the bath, she explains how important it is as she thinks I have a lip of cervix in the way, I didn’t care, I refused….They all tried so hard to convince me, Vicki said maybe if I was at the pushing stage she would let it go, so I said I was pushing…I would say anything to get out of another internal, no one believed me, but as I was saying it I realised that I did have a very slight urge to bear down right at the end of each contraction, so I went with it and pushed. Maybe 10 minutes later, Vicki says that I must get out of the bath because I was bleeding quite a lot, Vicki was worried that I had torn my cervix, Adam didn’t give me a choice and lifted me out of the bath and got me to the bed, Vicki called for back up and another 2 midwives arrived, Vicki did an internal and discovered there was still a lip of cervix but it was not torn. Now the urge to push was unbearable, so despite their protests I pushed hard with each contraction I was lying on my side on the bed, I didn’t care anymore, I said that I didn’t want to give birth on the bed. The midwives decided that it was time to call my Ob as I was very distressed and pushing to hard against my cervix. Ted arrived shortly after, and I screamed at him as he walked in ‘JUST CUT IT OUT”, he patted me, told me not to be silly and that I was doing fine by myself. they got me onto the birth stall again, where ted put his finer inside and just flicked my cervix aside during a contraction and immediately I felt the head move down into the birth canal, it felt huge and such a weird sensation. I pushed a couple of more times and made good progress, they could see a decent amount of head now, this is when Vicki made me get off the birth stall (I had said earlier in labour I didn’t not want to birth on the chair in fear of tearing) So they got me to squat between Adam’s legs while he was sitting on a chair. I was so exhausted that I was sleeping between contractions, they could not wake me, I could not hold my head up so Adam did it for me, and the 2 other midwives supported me in the squatting position. Ted sat beside me on the floor encouraging me and giving me sips of water ( I could really tell now that he was a member of the midwives college) and soon the head was crowning. Ted told me that it would sting and burn (he was right) and they said to slow down pushing, but there was no way I wanted this to last one second longer, so I ignored them and pushed with all I had and all of a sudden the head was out, we waited (very uncomfortable having a head sticking out of you) for the next contraction and I pushed the shoulders out, and I felt the baby come sliding out and all of a sudden it was in my arms, at 7.59 am I had this hot, slimy, gooey, bloody baby, screaming and turning a beautiful pink colour, I saw the dark hair and cute little face, and I just knew it was a boy, I checked down below and announce to all that we had a boy, and all commented on what I healthy size he was. I had intended to have the placenta naturally but Ted was worried about bleeding and they gave me the syntocin needle (which I complained about loudly, I had just reached my thresh hold for pain) and the placenta came out easily, it was huge too. Ted took the baby and gave it to Adam so he could get me up on the bed then put the baby on my chest hoping it would distract me while he announced that I had a little tear and would need stiches ( I begged him not too, I just couldn’t take anymore, but he said it would be quick and would heal better ) So I agreed and holy hell it hurt like crap, local anaesthetic does nothing, I felt every stitch ! I think at the time ted neglected to tell me the extent of the tearing because he could tell I was at my limit, but I had a borderline 3rd degree tear….nasty.


After the stiches Vicki spent some time with me and Adam explaining things from labour, she told me now about the position he was in, you could tell he was presenting face first, he had a big circle of bruising on his face from it being pressed against the cervix for so long. And she told me about her kids and gave me some great advice. She told us she had secured a family room for us, she wanted Adam and I to curl up in bed together with our new baby for the day and spend some time together, then she left. I wish I had thanked her then, had told her what she meant to me, and how she had made my dream come true and changed my life, but I was too tired. Then we were alone, for about 3 hours they left us, and I eventually got Flynn attached and he fed for an hour and a half, then another midwife came in and weighed Flynn, 3.96kg, well over what we were expecting.


We spent one night in hospital, I wasn’t intending to stay but I was in a lot of pain from the tearing and too exhausted to move. We are now 3 months along, with a happy healthy BIG boy, and I still feel blessed to have experienced his birth, and thankful to all who made it possible, his birth really did heel me from my first experience, and now I can’t wait to have another one !






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Guest Monkey News

The link to my amazing VBA2C is in my sig :)

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the link to my vbac is in my sig... hopefully a HBAC story coming later on the year :)

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Guest tigerdog

Thank you for this thread, trying for a VBAC when due in June, will kepp my eyes on this one :)

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June 2008 I gave birth to DD1 via emergency c-section at 37weeks 2days as my water broke and DD1 was breech(had been since 32weeks).

Just before going into surgery I was 10cm dilated.



Thursday 18th November 2010

It was late afternoon and I started to feel my lower back tightening up every 10 minutes.

Every time the pain came I had to stop what I was doing to breathe through the pain.

After bathing DD1 I put her to bed and decided to go to bed early myself.


Friday 19th November

I woke up around 7.30am still with the back tightening and feeling very tired. I was 37weeks 2 days. I sat down and ate breakfast with DD1. Afterwards I then searched for my heat pack hoping it would help. Once warmed up I sat down on the lounge.

It was now 9am and I started to feel the tightening in the front as well as my back. They were coming every 6-7 minutes and lasted around 20 seconds. I then decided to lay down on the lounge to try and rest.


11am and I got up to reheat my heat pack and make some lunch for DD1. I headed into my room to see DH and let him know that I was having pains.At 1pm we rang the delivery suite. After explaining what was going on they said to wait until the contractions were frequent and 5 minutes apart. For the next few hours we watched some TV and went on the computer whilst timing the contractions. By 6pm they were 5 minutes apart so we contacted the delivery suite and they told us they’ll see us soon.


We grabbed our bags and said goodbye to DD1, who was being looked after by mum and headed off to the delivery suite at 6.30pm.

When we arrived we were put into a procedure room and hooked up to the monitors. The contractions were registering and the midwife said I was in labour.

My urine was tested and I was told I was a little dehydrated and that I needed to drink more water. The midwife then came and told us that her shift was ending and another midwife would come and do an internal soon. Whilst we were waiting I mention to DH that I hadn’t had a big contraction in 10 minutes and maybe they were starting to go away. He laughed and said “Wouldn’t it be funny if you had a contraction that was like 90”. Then I started to get another contraction that hit 94 out of 100.


7.45pm and in walked the midwife to do the internal. I was 7cm and she could feel the head. So she took the monitors off and showed us into a birthing suite. Once there I put on the gown and the midwife explained to us that she would have to put the monitors back on soon, due to me having a VBAC and that she would have to put a cannula in just in case. DH was cracking a few jokes about me being in pain. So I said to him “I hope you pass your kidney stone”. The midwife then came in with the stuff to put my cannula in. Whilst setting up my DH went off to the toilet. Minutes later he came out and asked the midwife if she had gloves and a specimen jar as he just passed his kidney stone.


Once she finished putting the cannula in, the midwife then had to take some blood.

I was then allowed to roam the room and she set the gas up for me. She explained how to use the gas, but I felt like I was going to pass out if I did it the way she said. MIL then arrived. I ended up getting back onto the bed as I found it most comfortable. About 30 minutes later she came back into the room with the monitors to hook me up. SIL then arrived. I then spent the next few hours just breathing through the pain with my eyes closed. The pain was more intense and closer together.


At 11pm the midwife came in for another internal and to break my waters. She put the bed down and I had to put my legs up. I started to cry as the pain was getting worse and it hurt to keep my legs in place. DH was holding my hand saying she doesn’t like this part. The midwife did the internal and said I was 9cm, she said she would break my waters and then got the hook and broke them. The gush of warm fluid soaked the bed then in an instant this horrible and unbearable pain hit me and I quickly flip onto my right side.


I was in so much pain I was sweating and hot all over and felt like I would pass out.

With each contraction I had a mighty urge to put through my bum. For the next 30 minutes with DH holding one hand, gas in the other, MILK rubbing my back, SIL telling me to breathe through it and the midwife pressing the heart rate monitor into my pelvis, I tried to relax and go with each contraction.


The midwife then told me to turn onto my back and we can start pushing. Holding onto MIL and DHl's arms I pushed with each contraction. With each push the head was nearly about to crown. The head crowned and I was told to breathe and not push as she quietly got the cord unwrapped from around the neck. She then asked if I wanted a mirror to see the head to which I screamed NO.


After another big push the head came out. Then the shoulders. The midwife then told me to grab my baby and lift her out. So I grabbed her and pulled her out and placed her onto my stomach and felt great relieve. She then let out a big cry. Isabella was born at 12.03am Saturday 20th November.


Once the cord stopped pulsing they clamped it and then because DH didn’t want to cut the cord they gave me the scissors and I cut the cord. She was then taken to be looked over while I birthed the placenta. The midwife pushed onto my stomach and got me to give a push and out came the placenta. As she looked over it she told us what was going on and said it looked all good.

She then checked me over and said I only had 3 grazes and they don’t need stitches.


Baby Isabella was then brought back over to me to establish breastfeeding. I was covered up with a warm blanket to keep warm. 15 mins later the midwifes came back in to measure and weigh Isabella.


She weighed 6lb 13 ½oz �" 3.1kg, her length was 51.5cm and her head circumference was 34.5cm. Isabella was born at 37 weeks 3 days.



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Wanted to share my VBAC story with you also because I was told by the nursing staff at the hospital that it is so rare for people to go through this and I was congratulated by everyone!!!


My first DS, Korbyn Anthony, was born by emergency c-section 3 months early due to me having severe pre-eclampsia!! He was only 904 grams but is now a healthy 28 month old (12 kilos) with no disabilities at all and is like any other child his age!


I knew that I wanted to have another baby but was scared at the same time. During my second pregnancy, I saw a private OB (I'm not covered by Health Insurance) whom was fantastic. I have a blood deficiency also which I had to inject myself daily during my 2nd pregnancy with Clexane and also take Cardiprin (blood thinner) as my blood clots more than the average pregnant woman. Anyway, I ceased all my medications at 36 weeks and from that point on was closely monitored as my blood pressure (BP) was slowly starting to increase. I was checked sometimes upto 3 times per week to see what was happening.


My due date for DS #2 was the 9th April 2011. On the 2nd April at 2am (Saturday) I woke to go to the toilet and discovered that my waters had broke. I couldn't believe how calm I was considering I'd never been through a natural birth before. I wasn't experiencing any pain or contractions at this stage. My DH and I went upto the hospital and they advised me that if contractions didn't start within 24 hours that they would induce me. Nothing happened all day so I sent my DH home to get some rest. At 11pm I starting getting contractions (not overly painful) 2 in every 10 minutes. The midwife monitored me and told me once I was having 4 contractions in 10 minutes then I would be in full blown labour. A couple of hours later, everything stopped. No pain, no contractions and no movement :unsure: I was beside myself coz I had prepared myself that I was going into labour and then nothing. I was so upset!! Nothing was happening and I wasn't even being monitored. My waters had broke nearly 24 hours ago and I thought that I would be monitored a little more closely. The midwife came in to find me a blubbering mess and told me not to stress out coz then I would stress my baby out.


Anyway, after the midwife checked for bubs heartbeat and I heard it, I calmed down. Doctors rounds were supposed to be at 9am so I would find out what was happening then. Time ticked by - at 1pm a doctor came and saw me and said that I was going to be induced in the next hour. My waters had been broken for 36 hours by this stage so I was starting to worry about my baby's welfare. As promised, I was induced at 2pm on Sunday 3rd April. Contractions pretty much started straight away. They checked me at 4pm and I was 2cm dilated. They checked me again at 8pm and I was only 3cm dilated. By about 10pm the pain was so intense. I kept telling the midwife that my caesar scar felt like it was bursting!!! I tried the gas which only made me spew my guts out 3 times. I didn't want to try pethadine coz it can slow things down including my babys heart rate so I opted to have an epidural. The anaethasist arrived and by 11:30pm I was able to have a bit of a rest. I had another internal at 12am and was told I was 5cm dilated and that it would probably be another 5 hours or so before I could push. At about 1:30am on the 4th April I started to feel contractions again (I thought epidurals took all the pain away). Apparently there are areas that can't be blocked by an epidural especially when the pushing stage is nearing. The midwife checked me at 2am and told me I was 10cm dilated and ready to start pushing.


Having to guess when to push was the strangest part but I managed and my DS Macauley James was born at 2:40am weighing 6pd 7oz. I did tear due to bub having his hand up near his head. While I was getting stitched up, the doctor advised that I had internal bleeding which they couldn't decifer where it was coming from but apparently it was possibly from my caesar scar but within a couple of hours all the bleeding had stopped.


Although I felt I had failed because I opted for an epidural, I am so proud of myself at the same time. My baby had been without my waters for 48 hours - I needed to make sure he was safe and if that's what needed to happen to bring him into this world then I am one proud mumma!!!

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