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VBAC Birth Stories

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Please share your VBAC stories here. :D


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My birth story link.

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SO with my son i was induced as i was 12days over and he was measuring big- 27hours later he went into distress so a c-sec was performed


With my daughter i was due on the 20th.... OB booked me in for induction at my appt on the 10th for induction to take place on the 30th but made me aware that certain induction methods couldnt be used due to risk of tearing my scar. I had been researching this since Seth was born as we started TTC when he was only a month or so old and i was fully aware of all of this agreed on induction date but had no intention of going as i did not want to be forced into labour.


well my last shift at work was friday night the 18th- i was working till 4am, i noticed at 2am i was having very slight contractions when putting the milk delivery away and giggled to myself as i was sooo proud my body was going into labour on my own especially since at my appt BOTH ON THE 10TH AND on the 3rd the OB said my cervix was sealed shut, i wasnt effaced and baby wasnt engaged.


On saturday around 10am i called my fiance at work as contractions were 8 mins apart and slightly painful i called the hospital and they wanted to check me and make sure my scar was ok etc... went down there, got monitored and checked- told i might be in early labour and that i was 1cm and slightly effaced, so very proud of myself we left


on sunday i was stuck to the loo all day my fiance was amazed i swear i lived in there sunday and thought i must have gastro.


monday morning 2am- couple hours after DTD i woke up with a blood nose and a bloody show full of goo and mess i was grossed out but stoked. Went to the hospital at 10am after dropping DS at daycare to be told i was still 1cm and that i was just having braxton hicks as nothing was showing upon the monitor and i would be panting in pain if i was in labour- i said whatever and left


df and i walked around the shops for 2 hours with me stopping in pain every 6 mins, we would joke after the pain had subsided that "oohh just a lil braxton hicks contraction" it helped me not to be mad at the bloody midwife.


I didnt sleep monday night then tuesday 10am once again after dropping ds at daycare i went in, the same midwife saw me and rolled her eyes i was checked and told i was almost 4cms and i was going to be staying till i had my baby! :p to u midwife!! although my contractions stil werent showing up on the monitor...


i sent df home to get me a cd with john butler as it relxes me- i had some lunch and when he returned we did laps of the hospital. At 2pm i was checked and told i was 4cms and that they wanted to break my waters- i refused and said if in an hour i was still 4 they could. So 3pm they checked, i was still 4 and they broke my waters- didnt really get alot of fluid out as they werent bulging and they couldnt get a good grip. The midwife who i had Steph was amazing although she kept reminding me i was at high risk for a c-sec i told her no i will be fine! At 5pm i got some pethadine mixed with maxalon to relax me... by the time it arrived i said yep and book me in for the epi too- well at 6pm the OB and the Epi man turned up. The Ob said "well done you're 6cms" i said tell the epi man to go away i dont need him. Steph said " are u sure? you're in alot of pain" i said tell him to leave now- he will only stall my labour


AT 7pm i went and sat on the loo as i know it really helps with labour, my once again AMAZING midwife Steph sat on the floor holding the heart rate monitor to my belly for 2 hours!! contractions came every 3-4 mins


AT 9pm i was feeling alot of pressure and Steph noticed and made me hop back on the bed much to my disgust she and df got me on the bed and she said "oh wow you're fully dialated" in a little while we'll start practicing pushing. Well about 5 mins later i told her i needed to vomit so she handed me a bag, as i was dry reaching i was pushing my baby out?! she said whatre u doing? i said nothing why- she said ur baby is coming out stop i said stop what?! well at 9:19 my DD came into the world with a lil cry she was sooo slippery and smelt sooo bad! Df and i were like "oh wow look how tiny she is" the midwives were like "no shes huge" i said "no she is tiny compared to DS he was 10lbs 3 oz she looks barely 8" well about 45 mins later they weighed her she was 9lbs 2 oz!! we couldnt believe it! no tears or nothing she is a beautiful girl and i am soo lucky to have her! oh and not one contraction ever showed up on the monitor the entire time!!

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This thread has spurred me to share my VBAC story


With my first PG I just assumed I would have a natural birth, so when my OB said I needed to have an emergency C/S after being induced and in labour for 9 hours, I really turned on the tears. I was DEVASTATED and the thought of a needle in my back and being awake was freaking me out. My OB was so good and reassuring and the anaethetist was fabulous. He tried to put the needle in 3 times but due to the baby distressing I was put under general. Probably the best thing in retrospect because I was in such a panic. I woke 45 minutes later and met my beautiful Amber Storm. The fact that I had a caesar was the last thing on my mind. Recovery was very good.


Fast forward 5 years and here I was finally PG after 3 m/c's. My OB had retired so I surfed good old EB and found another OB who was open to VBAC. I must be honest and even though I chose a VBAC friendly OB, at the back of my mind I thought I would probably go C/S because of my history.

My OB said I had a good chance of VBAC because DD was little at full term (5lb12oz) and this one looked to be on the small side too (which made me laugh considering DH and I are a little boofy...) :tongue:

The closer I got to the 9 months, the more I thought about a c/s. My OB was very open and never fully committed to any particular way. In fact because we were moving I said a c/s would be better and he said a VBAC would be!!! - recovery etc.

As most of you know, with the subsequent PG after a c/s that you tend to go to 38 weeks and then if nothing has happened it's can opener time!!!

My OB just let the days click over and at 39 weeks he said he felt I could go FULL TERM to give me the best chance. I wanted to kiss him. That week I started getting what turned out to be spirreous labour pains - they were so painful. I had to go to hospital on the Thursday to be checked and then was sent home. OB said that he felt we would have a baby soon,but would caesar me at 41 weeks (that was the following Thursday)


Saturday night I was feeling a fair bit of pain and to tell you the truth I had no idea how to really time contractions. Didn't have to really worry about my lack of timing ability, because my waters broke that night at 10pm. My husband and I were that excited because we knew that labour was about to start naturally.

Got to the hospital quicksmart, got on the monitor and the tempo really hotted up. The contactions were fairly well spaced but were painful. I asked to get off the monitor for a while and the midwife let me go to the bathroom. This was about midnight. Then I started to feel a lot of pain for longer.

My OB came in and said he thought the baby would arrive sometime Sunday night, so I should consider an epidural to which I screwed up my nose and said I would see how I go. I tried the gas next, but it made me feel very panicky like I had been on the green stuff and having a bad reaction....

The anaethetist on call was unable to make it to me, so by 2 pm I was starting to cry openly and asked for pethidine.

Lots of women say that it does nothing. Well, with me I felt almost instant relief and slept for 3 hours. However, as it wore off, I was not coping with the contractions. I dreaded every wave of pain. I kept crying for the epidural, but was told the anaethetist would only be in at 7. I remember thinking to myself that I was not going to make it another 2 hours. At 6.30am I was beside myself,and felt like my bum was spasming and that my bowels were about to explode.

The midwife checked and said I was only 5cm and I needed to calm down. She gave me the gas and I lost it: I pulled it out of the socket and threw it away. I jumped off the bed and both midwives and my DH had to restrain me. I was making my way to the window to jump, how delusional I was!! :cry:

My DH said to the midwife that he felt so helpless to help me, what could they do.So they lay me down and checked my cervix. This time, the nurse stuck my legs on her shoulders and said it was time to push. I was DEVASTATED. I kept asking where my epidural was, and that I just could not do it. I was dreading that pain in my BUM so I was trying to fight the contractions by not pushing: Almost impossible to do!!!


Next thing the anaethetist walked in. I heard the nurse say I was almost fully dilated. He was about to walk out, when I started to beg him to come back. Unbeknownst to me, the other nurse had called my OB to tell him how out of control I had become. Because I had waited so long and was in such pain , he gave the all clear to have the epidural. Highly unusual cirumstance. The anaethetist was VERY CALMING. He told me I would go through about 7 contractions and the pain would disappear. How right he was. My DH was crying and smiling at me to hang in there "Be Brave SPUD, you can do it" He squeezed me to his chest every time I had a contraction and looked lovingly into my eyes.


Then I lay back and felt calm for the first time since the pethidine wore off. My OB came in and had a good look. Said baby was close. The midwives asked me to show him how well I could push. It was like I was pushing in silence. A surreal feeling really.


But I was out of puff and my OB said he would need the suction cup to help out the baby. He never let on that the baby was distressing at this stage and the cord was wrapped around his neck twice. He just kept saying how close we were.

He said baby was coming out and told DH to "get a look". Never thought DH would, but he did as he was told LOL. Then suddenly he was handed the scissors to cut the cord and Ben Carter was placed on my chest at 8.35am on Sunday morning


I felt ELATED, but most of all I felt so incredibly proud of myself. I had done it: My VBAC.

My boy was a beauty 6lb5oz and perfect. He got jaundice, but to me he my little VBAC BOY


I often think about it to to this day. I know my DH thinks it's the most courageous thing I have ever done.


It can be done. Yes, I freaked out, it happened so fast. I was lucky my OB let me go OVER full term. I could have been whipped in for a caesar at 39 weeks.


I will never experience childbirth again, and thank goodness for that. But I would not swap it for the world. I recovered so well, I did not get PND (as I did with DD) and most of all I was proud of myself for doing something I was so petrified of.


Good luck to all those ladies on a quest for VBAC!!! :)


I hope my story helps you

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Hi there. Before I begin I want to just say firstly that I felt I had to write this as I was so inspired by other VBAC stories on EB. It gave me the strength to believe in my body and trusted it knew what it could do. Nothing is impossible...


I hope I can inspire someone just as much to achieve what truly is the most remarkable and wonderful life changing experience.


Both my pregnancies were a disaster. I suffered from Severe Hyperemesis and was hospitalised during both my first trimesters. My DD was born 3 days over due via gel induction which failed to work. It was annoucned that I should have a caesar due to FTP (failure to progress) after 11 hours in labour.


Skip 2 years ahead and at my 18 week scan was told my placenta was awfully close to my cervix and a repeat caesar may have to be performed. I was devastated. From even before I found out I was pregnant, I was religiously pouring into VBAC articles and reports and studies etc. I wanted to feel like most other women out there. I wanted a natural birth. The only way I can describe this feeling is like saying; if you were a man and couldn't get an erection you think that your body doesn't function properly. This is how I felt. But I knew I could do it. During my 30 week appointment my Ob said that the placenta had migrated north and I breathed a sigh of relief. But baby was still breech. I wasn't really concerned though, this was going to happen. I could do something about a breech baby. But at the next appointment to check my placenta again at 36 weeks, bubs had turned. Phew! At 37 weeks an internal and sweep was performed and it was found I was already 2-3cms dilated. I thought woohoo!! Not long now as I just wanted to hold my baby in my arms and for the pregnancy to be over. Well nothing happened. Even after the next few weeks with a sweep being performed each time. That was until the day after my due date...


The day after my EDD I had yet another appointment. It was late in the evening and I had been feeling a little unwell all afternoon. I had begun to get the familiar cramps which I had gotten after each sweep, but thought nothing of it. I also had a little bit of lower back pain. I tried to doze in the afternoon with my 2.5 yr old DD with no such luck. My DH and I attended the Ob appointment in which my Ob frankly said to me "If anything was going to happen naturally, it would've by now. You've been 2-3cms for weeks". He was truly concerned with how I was feeling as he knew how much I wanted this VBAC and that I wanted things to just happen as naturally as possible. I burst into tears while my DH was trying to support me. My Ob had wanted to try ARM to see if that would move things along. My DH wanted it to be over too and said the same thing. I knew DH was trying to make the best decision out of our situation. So I told my Ob I needed to think it over and he asked me to call him that night with our decision.


Over floods of tears and a long heart to heart with my DH I decided to go ahead with ARM. Little did I know things were already in motion...


I showered with my DD and said to my DH that the cramping had been getting worse since the sweep. I entertained the thought I was in labour. Hah I was right! I rang my Ob and told him we would go ahead with the ARM. He wanted me to go to the hospital tonight. I described my symptoms to him (and with what I had felt during that afternoon) and he said he thought I was in early labour. Woohoo!! I negotiated staying at home for a few hours in case this wasn't the real deal. He was fine with that and called labour ward to tell them I was heading on up at some stage. DH and I watched some TV and he painted my toes for me. I had been pestering him for the last few days as I couldn't reach them!! I then announced if I was in labour he also had to shave my legs. Hilarious!!


It was around 10pm that DH turned off all the lights and had a nap on the lounge while I dozed in my belly bag listening to a relaxtion CD. I could feel the contractions getting worse and they were now waking me. At 11:55pm I decided to get up and walk around. My DH woke and he asked me how far apart the contractions were. I told him I didn't know as I had been dozing and so he timed the next one. They were 2 mins apart!! They were still not regular and not consistant in strength either so I thought I had plenty of time to stay home. DH had other ideas and he said that we were going to the hospital. I reluctantly agreed and we bundled our DD into the car for my In-Law's house.


I arrived at the hospital with the midwife informing me that I was already 6-7cm dilated!! I thought this must be a dream!! She then said if I wanted an epidural I had to have one then as it would be too late otherwise. I refused it and said I wanted a shower. I had a couple of contractions in the shower and she came back to tell me she had phoned my Ob and he wanted continuous EFM (electronic foetal monitoring). ARM was performed by the midwife back on the bed as she said that my waters were buldging right there and it would be sooner than later they would break anyway. So she did that and they weren't stained with meconium (phew!). What felt like an eternity, was only acutally a few minutes, but it took forever to get the EFM on DS's head. I just wanted off the bed as I could not cope with the contractions lying down. My body simply just couldn't do it. I was beginning to panic. I did get off the bed eventually and sat on the birth ball and rolled around on that whilst focusing on a star on the baby's blanket. That got boring so I switched my focus to DH's eyes. I knew when I was having another contraction as he would glance over to watch the monitor.


It wasn't long after she broke my waters (maybe an hour if that - 2:30amish) that the MW instructed me on what I would feel if I was ready to push. She told me I would feel pressure on my bottom. I didn't recognise this pain though. I did however want to be checked to see how far dilated and she told me that there would be no point unless I felt that pressure in my bottom. I then remember thinking "just tell her you can feel it and she'll check you". So I did tell her and to my total absolute surprise, I was 10cm!! Gees that was quick. So back on the bed I got to start to push. I pushed for an hour and felt my DS round my tail bone. I pushed him almost the whole way out when the MW said she was going to call my Ob and I said "No! He'll give me a caesar!". She said he couldn't as bub was almost the whole way out and that I paid him all this money so she should call. I then agreed! I was so physically spent though and I just could not do it any longer. The third push during the contraction was the hardest to hold. My Ob arrived very quickly and vacuumed DS the last 2 pushes. I felt this wonderful slithering sensation as the rest of him just flew right out of me. My Ob told me to hold him as he came out. I couldn't believe what I had done. I felt amazing!! I couldn't stop crying or shaking. DH announced we had a son and he cut the cord. I had had no pain relief (well they tried the gas but that just didn't work on me at all). I felt that with the deep breathing exercises I was doing I was getting the same affect from the gas so didn't bother with it. Plus it just plain annoyed me having the thing in my hand. I said to my Ob whilst he was stitching that I told him I could do it and he was wrong. He agreed and didn't mind being wrong. He was due to go on holidays the next day and said that it was a load off his mind that I had delivered before he went. I must've been playing on his mind over the last few weeks.


So at 4:42am my DS was born. It was over and he was perfect. It was the single most satisfying experience of my life and one I will NEVER forget. I had done it.


The best part was when they offered me the wheelchair to take me back to my room. I refused it and told them that I was walking out of that room. It was the best feeling.

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Oh I do love reading these - fantastic! :wub:

Thanks so much for sharing...


Link to my story below.

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Quick Birth Story..............


Woke up @ 330 on 16/7 needing to go to the toilet so off i waddled, as soon as i sat down there was a bit of a gush but nothing abnormal just thought i really needed to pee (haha) went back to bed and got some huge pains and just brushed them off as BH, then they were coming irregular so tried to go back to sleep.................. blah blah blah etc Woke Justin up around 400 and told him (he thought they were BH aswell)................ lalala He rang the birthing suite and told the MW i was booked in for a c/s etc so then i spoke to her and she said ohh i think u better come in, so on the way trying to get dressed etc i had contractions every minute, arrived at the birthing suite (my ob/gyn was at a conference this week and some of next) so was assessed etc as they do, trying to arrange my c/s................. Then the need to push started happening and the MW said ohhh to late to go upstairs your having the baby - so was a bit of a shock there............ After a few pushes 5.25am Jemma was born. Quick 2 hour VBAC labour. So no time for pain relief or anything. A few stitches etc.....


Gee hope all that makes sense.

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Hi all :wub:

Thought I would tell you about my very fast VBAC :wub:


I had been feeling like death warmed up for a few days leading up to Mitchell's birth, sweating heaps pleanty of BH, plug coming away bits at a time and generally not wanting to leave the sofa :o Mitchell's due date was the 17th June but as I had had a prior emergency c-sect with my last baby, the hospital had arranged a planned c-sect for the 12th June. I had told them at the hospital, that if I went into labour naturally, I would prefer to try for a VBAC :)


I woke up on Thursday 5th June, feeling ok, no pains, no niggles, not thinking that 'today was the day' (which in light of the prior days was unusual) and went about my normal mummy activities :)

I took my DS to school and had a lovely day at home with DH, luckily he had a few ante natal paid days off work. At 2.30pm I went up to get my DS from school, chin wagged with the other mums there (where the normal 'haven't you had that baby yet' comments ensured :lol:

I got home from the school and started to chat to the neighbour next door over the side fence (as you do :blush: ) when my DD came home from high school, I said to anne, 'better go, the kids are all home now' I turned to walk inside and heard a "POP" and a huge gush of water saturated me :o



I waddled to the front door and said 'hun, my waters just broke!!!' DH went as pale as a sheet and started gibbering 'who do i call? who do i call?' lol

That was at 3.35pm We had to wait for his sister to arrive to take us to hospital and she was 15 mins away. When she finally got here, we loaded up the car for the journey to Ipswich. But being peak hour and road works on the motorway we were greeted with a car park!!!! traffic was bumper to bumper. My poor SIL was having kittens, but the contractions had not settled into any sort of pattern so I was not overly concerned.

We finally got to hospital at 4.30pm and made our way up to the labour and delivery ward. I was put into an examination room where I was hooked up to the fetal monitor, by now the contraction had settled into 5 mins apart, but the MW refused to believe I was contracting as they were not showing up on the machine :wacko:

At 6.45pm it was decided (after me trying to chew my DH arm off) that i needed to go to the delivery suite, the MW asked me if I wanted to be checked to see how far dilated I was, I told her yes as DH was hungry and i thought as long as I knew how far along I was, I could gauge how much longer it would be, and then DH could get something to eat.

The MW told me I was 4-5cm but very stretchy, she then proceeded to stretch my cervix :cry: It was that painful, I swear I could have read the time on her watch via my throat! :wacko: As soon as she finished, the contraction came one on top of the other, I gripped DH's hand and said "you aint going anywhere hun"

It only took 4 or 5 good pushes and Mitchell Raymond Anthony burst into the world at 7.34pm :wub: weighing in at 3580g (7lb 14oz) 52cms long and head circ 34cms :wub: I had dilated the 5 cms in 30 odd minutes, no wonder it hurt!!!

I was given an injection to help deliver the placenta and was checked for damage to my nether regions. I had only sustained 2 first degree tears. After 30 mins, i got off the delivery table and hopped into the shower.

So all up, I achieved my VBAC in 4 hours from start to finish, all drug free :grin:

I was discharged from hospital on the Saturday the 7th June and have been enjoying my new DS ever since. My Dr looked at me the other day and remarked " you'd never think you had just had a baby" :8


In a week my uterus has shrunk back down to 16 weeks and all my vitals are perfect.

I have had just a brilliant experience this time around and cannot thank my DH, my kids, my GP and the Ipswich Hospital (BRIS) enough :wub:


:) ETA Copied and posted from my original post :grin:

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I hope that my VBAC story is okay to post here..


I just wanted to share my experience of my VBAC2. I have been reading your stories and questions about VBACS and I just need to share my story...even with my sad ending...because after reading your stories, I realised that a vaginal birth was something that I was really missing and that my mind and body ached for....



I never thought that I had missed out on having a vaginal delivery. I never actually cared that much....until about the last 18 months


I have had two c/sections. Up until now, how my babies got here was of no consequence. It wasn’t the journey that I cared about so much, rather that they were here and healthy…blah, blah etc. Don’t get me wrong.I dont have a problem with them or those who have them... I recovered amazingly well and had no complications from them,for me it was perfectly fine at the time, it was only in hindsight that I began to feel that I had in fact missed out on the most beautiful of experiences.


The first one was a combination of factors-including my intense fear and "prudeness" about giving birth, with added complications of diabetes,the fear of god put into me by the ob about the baby being huge and the added intervention that would have been required because of this. Turns out bub was only 6.5pounds and now in hindsight completely unnecessary. :(


My second C/sect was for my twins-the ob basically booked me in for a c/sect at 8 weeks when I saw him because I was having twins...no discussion. I ended up going to another hospital and new OB at 29 weeks due to complications....anyway the girls decided to visit the world at just 29.4weeks. One was presenting breech and therefore the decision was not really mine to make... and after two years of IVF, at this point a c/section was safest way.


However with the girls, I had some labour experience. My waters broke and I experienced contractions for about 6 hours... I think this was the beginning of it all. Not long after having the girls I started thinking about my experience and how I began to ache for that experience of giving birth vaginally to a baby.


I really wanted that experience and began to regret the first c/section :cry: regret not being stronger, demanding more tests to find out exact size and really listening to an OB who wanted to fit me into his schedule.

Now with infertility factors and thinking we would have no more children, I was never going to be able to experience it and I felt that I had missed out on the best experience ever.


Roll on a year after the girls and I have a surprise, unplanned pregnancy-a pure miracle and delight considering our path of infertility.


I immediately began to talk to my NEW OB (same one as the girls at the second hospital) about VBAC and she was open VBAC....but we never really got to fully discuss it.


Sadly my pregnancy got to just after 21 weeks, where due to serious complications with my darling son, I had to deliver my baby. Ironically a VBAC, something I wanted so very badly…now it was going to happen, just not in the way I had ever imagined.


I had a short labour about 5.5-6hours (what a kind little boy) and I was totally overwhelmed by the experience.


It was so sad in the sense that I knew with each contraction it was a step closer to having to say hello and goodbye at the same time but it was the most beautiful, positive and intimate experience.


I experienced labour. No drugs, as I really wanted to feel and experience everything about his birth. I am so glad I did this.


I was shocked by the intensity of labour, the pain, the physical response your body goes through. At one stage I remember thinking...I just can’t do it. I can’t do anymore. I started to vomit and couldn’t imagine that I would make it...but I did.


His actual birth and delivery part was easy-I mean he was little, but I still felt him come out. I felt everything about it.


I was just so overwhelmed by our little boy's birth. My little boy gave me the vbac I has so wanted. While it was one under truly very heartbreaking and devastating circumstance, I found it a truly beautiful experience. The birth of my son was really between me and him. It was a very calm, quiet and peaceful experience. I was totally focused on his birth, on him and me and delivering him into my arms of love.


Out of my tragedy of losing my son, I was given the gift of giving birth to him. For that I will be truly grateful to him forever.

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jenkp - I came in here to read your story and thank you for sharing such a beautifully written birth story and experience.


I to believe your son although not intended to stay was meant to bring to you the VBAC you desired all along.


Thank you again for sharing your experience. May your son fly free ...

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Chocolate Mousse

Here is the link to my birth story, my VBA2C


warning, it's very very long, go grab a cuppa, or skip to the nitty gritty.


My Birth Story - VBA2C

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Thank you to all of you who have shared your VBAC stories. It really inspires me!

So thank you again!

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Here's mine. :D




Woke at 12.30am with lower front pains. Went to loo then back to bed. Pains stayed so up at 1.30am & took some panadol. Back to bed again where I thought I should time them, just in case. They were 10mins apart lasting 30secs, could this be labour???

Rang hospital about 2.30am & m/w said they’re 10mins apart I could stay at home or quite welcome to come to hospital. Told her I was heading in. Girls birth was over in 4ish hrs so didn’t want to give birth on the side of the road.

Dad & his g/f arrived about 3.10am. Left at 3.15am & had contractions at 3.17am, 3.20am, 3.23am, 3.26am. They came about every 3mins & lasted about 30secs still. Got to hospital/maternity about 3.50am & into labour room. Was a bit scared. Was I ready again?? NO.

Gave them my Birth Guide & then hooked up to the CTG machine. Didn’t mind at this stage as I wanted to see that Munchkins h/r wasn’t dropping like girls did when I was in labour. The only thing I wanted to do was get in the shower for the heat on my belly & back. Munchkins h/r varied from 125bpm to 160bpm when I had a contraction or if you moved. Internal done about 4.10am & cervix still closed. NOOOOOOOOO, might be a long day. Loo trip where waters broke with a trickle at 4.20am. Swab to check & it’s definitely my waters. Told contractions would intensify (they were pretty full on as is) & bubs could be born at 7am or midday!!! Didn’t think I could cope with the pain if this was how it was going to be till midday! Asked her about drugs & she said there is the gas which I declined. Funny how the thought of throwing up was worse than the contractions at that stage. M/w was also going to hook me up to a drip & I asked why & she said cause of the retained placenta & I said it was retained products so no drip needed.


Moved to other birthing room & straight into shower. BLISS. Had lower front pain & back pain but could only have the shower head on one so my front usually won. Dh rubbed my back which helped. Tried sitting on the chair but was better if I lent my head on the shower bar while moving the hose from front to back. M/w popped her head in at one stage & asked if & when I need anything for the pain, to ask & we could discuss the pros & cons.

Got to the point where I didn’t seem to be getting a break. Contractions just seemed consistent & I wasn’t coping. Breathed through them & started moaning which helped. Definitely wanted an epi at this stage. Felt very out of control & started to panic that my scar was going to rupture they were that intense. Was very tired at this stage & just wanted to sleep. M/w got DH to time the contractions at 6am & they were 1min on & 1min break. Time to go back to the labour room.


Stood at the side of the bed for the next contraction then onto the bed where DH sat behind me to try to help. Hooked up to the CTG machine again & m/w was a little worried about your h/r dipping. Internal done at 6.15am & was 8cm dilated. YIPPEE. I’d thought I’d be lucky to be 4cm. Contractions now on top of one another & I wanted to leave, go home, cry, I don’t want to do this again. Asked if I knew if bubs head was engaged & I said NO after the next contraction was over. M/w told me not to push unless she said so. Like hell. Got the urge & started pushing. OW, OW, OW. Thought my bum was going to explode or go to the loo, which didn’t happen. Munchkins head was almost out when the contraction eased off so back in bubs went. Got a break in between contractions now. My legs were pushed right up & I gripped Dh hand while pushing. M/w informed me that your head was crowning (funny how I knew that) & it was out in the next push. M/w wanted my hand & I said No. Needed to concentrate. The cord was wrapped around your neck twice so m/w put 2 fingers between your neck & cord for the next contraction which seemed to take awhile. Didn’t like the feeling of your head between my legs. After a few more pushes your were out & placed on my chest. You’re a BOY.

You had a lot of vernix on you & you were purple for a lot longer than they liked. So a mask was put in front of your mouth/nose to help with your oxygen levels.


Can’t stop staring at you & was such a special time to bond with you & have you staring at me instead of you being whisked away to the NICU. DH cut the cord then they took bubs to the resus table where you were checked & pinked up a bit more. Gave you back to me to bond more & then the placenta was delivered. Looked nice & healthy. M/w’s said you were in shock as you were born so quick.


Had a b/f from 7.15am till 7.45am. Bubs was very alert & looking around for about 1hr ½. Have a graze & didn’t need a drip nor drugs so very proud of myself.


Kane Justin born at 6.35am weighing 3.3kg (7lb 4ozs), 49cm long & 34cm HC.


Hope this gives you some hope that you can do it & to believe in yourself :wub:

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Guest lizzylou82

Beautiful story Fuzjuz :wub:


Better add my story :grin: AT the bottom of my sig! :)

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B1 and B2 VBAC Story


The Birth of Ethan


I get quite a bit of pre labour with my pregnancies (3 days with DS1) but it certainly makes up for it with a quick labour!! This time around I went into false labour on Tuesday 2nd Dec in the evening for 4 hrs then stopped.

But it all began on Sunday 7th Dec night at 8.30pm I started getting contractions 10 mins apart-painful backache and tightening- ALL NIGHT EVERY 10 MIN. I rang delivery suite at midnight and they weren't concerned and told me to stay at home if I felt comfortable!! By 3.30am I'd had enough and really wanted to know how far dilated I was. Quick call to mum to come over and look after boys. Once I got to Delivery and they hooked me up the machine the contractions slowed down and the midwife even questioned if I was having contractions at all I told her if I wasn't strapped to the bed I might have a chance!!! She gave me an examination and told me my cervix was closed!!! I was gutted, all that pre-labour and NOTHING!!! She also went on about VBAC's and risks so much that I told her quite bluntly that I'd goggled and had support from some of you girls and I wasn't bothered by her stats etc. REALLY glad I didn't have this midwife for my actual labour-even the room looked sterile- and I didn't really like her attitude!!

Anyway we got sent home at around 6am. Sent mum home and planned to catch up on my lost sleep!!HA.. My contractions started up again as before, every 10 mins again, so I lay in bed till 8am, went to toilet where my waters started to break but I still wasn't too sure. After I got up I knew, contractions were a little breathtaking and I was leaking steadily. For the record I delivered my DS1 40 mins after my waters broke so I knew I didn't have much time!!

Called Delivery to tell them I was coming in and called mum AGAIN...She arrived at about 8.20am and by then I was leaning over the basin having a contraction with my 2 boys holding my legs..ha..so I tried to moan quietly so as not to scare them. I finally made it to the car after 2 more contractions, gripping onto the side of the house and trying to get into the car. My DH had the aircon full on my face which was wonderful and helped me to focus on breathing. Might I just add that I could've started pushing before I left the house but resisted the urge by concentrating on breathing.

We hit the school traffic so the trip took a little longer and I REALLY focused on my breathing. We arrived at the hospital at 8.40am and jumped straight out of the car at the door and as soon as I walked into the foyer I lent over the front desk where the lovely pink ladies work and had another contraction and the rest of my waters broke!! What a sight- the poor pink lady got a fright and didn't know what to do!! They were trying to get me a wheelchair but I said I couldn't sit down as the baby was coming. Somehow I shuffled over to the lift made it to delivery and was met by a lovely group of midwives. Went straight into the nearest delivery suite stripped off my pants, leant over the bed and told her I needed to push. She really wanted to do an examination so I managed to get onto bed, she found the head right there and said I could start pushing...YAY!!

There was a small lip of the cervix keeping Ethan from being pushed out so the midwife quickly explained and after she pushed it away a little with her fingers I gave an almighty push and he got past it. I remember reading a couple of birth stories where a simliar thing happened so I knew what was going on!

Anyway the other lovely midwive put a canula in my left arm just in case and I was introduced to my best friend-GAS...

I've never used it before but I can tell you now, it was my saviour! I sucked in the gas before each push. It was amazing as I could feel him moving down a little with each push but had absolutely no fear of tearing or scar rupture AT ALL. I just kept thinking "WOW I'm gonna have this baby VERY SOON!!" I was certainly on a high!!

After about 5 good pushes his head popped out and I didn't even know I was that far!! The amazing relief I felt at that stage combined with shock at the speedy birth was unbelievable. One more good push and out slid Ethan Caleb, purple and warm and slimy. She lifted him straight to my chest where he fed instantly. I was in heaven!! And he smelt so good- I love that fresh baby smell!!

Birth stats- 1st stage 8.00am, 2nd stage 8.50am, Birth 9.04am, so most of my labour was at home and in the car!!!PERFECT!

No stitches, no pain and he was perfect!! I fed him for about 40 mins then he was weighed, measured etc and my DH finally got a hold!! I had a shower then got back onto a nice fresh bed and held my beautiful boy and slept for over an hour together. I remember thinking it doesn't get any better than this!! I was in heaven!! By 1pm I was in the ward and at 3pm Ethan met his brothers for the first time. DS1 thought he was so tiny and was amazed by him and DS2 thought a good poke in the nose was a good welcome. He was more interested in the xmas decorations in the hallway!! He was also greeted by his nanny and pa and aunties and cousins!!

We stayed a glorious 2 days and was home by Wednesday. It has been perfect ever since and he is as easy as my other 2 were-eat and sleep!! This was going to be my last but I think there's a good chance I'll go again!!

Rated as one of the best days of my life!!!

Thankyou Ethan for a perfect birth!!

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thank you to all the mum's who have posted their stories on here :thumbs:

i have only had one child so far and that was via an emergency ceasar. my husband and i are in the process of talks of having another after i return from my holiday in april. one thing that immediately popped into my head when we started to discuss having another is the fact of my c/s. Something i am so desperate for is to try and have a natural birth and the fear of another c/s, having to go through the c/s caused all sorts of problems for me one of which was post natal depression. i don't know how some peole feel but me not being able to give birth to my daughter made me feel like the biggest failure in the world, it was something i had a lot of difficulty coping with, i am a female, i should be able to conceive a baby AND give birth to it, when that didn't happen it was difficult to cope with and to this day, more then 2 years later is something that still eats away at me. i am so so so happy and relieved to read many stories that are ending in a vbac, although we will not be trying for another baby for a couple of months i have begun to do research. i have rung hospitals in qld around my area trying to get an idea on what each hospitals policies and beliefs are in relation to vbac. it's even more reasurring reading the stories you have all left with majority resulting in great results. i will continue to read your stories on here for the months to come and hope i come across a midwife who will be open minded and supportive. i will also continue to update you all on what is happening with me (incase anyone is interested)

thank you once again for all the positive stories and i look forward to continued good news . :waves:

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I love hearing these stories, so thought I would share mine.


I had twins in Feb 2006. Delivered my son naturally only to end up with a C-section to birth my stubborn daughter.


I fell pregnant again when they were 16mth old. I had heard of some hospitals refusing to let you have a VBAC but knew my rights from having been on forums. So from the start I knew that a vaginal birth was the way I wanted to go and intended on going.


I voiced myb wishes to the doctors and they said they were quite happy to let me TRY.


So due date came and went as it does with me, and they decided to induce 11days over (april 1st 2008). The hospital I went to won't use the gel to induce for a VBAC so I had to have the Foley Catheter. I asked what happened if it didn't work and they said that unfortunately it was the only option and failing that it would most likely be another C-section. This really upset me as I knew my body after two previous inductions (first with 3 lots of gel & second with two lots)and I just had a gut feeling that a damn balloon was not going to work. So I was then shown to a room for the night. When I was taken back to the birthing suites the next morning the Foley had failed to do it's job as I suspected. Luckily I got a great doctor who saw how upset I was, cause I had 3 kids at home already to look after (bubs would make 4) and I had to drive my daughter to school everyday cause I had no one else that could do it and no bus service. Another C-section was going to make life very difficult. So it was decided to start me on a low dose of Sintocin (9am that went up) to give me a good chance at achieving my Vbac. Would you believe that this VERY understanding doctor was a MAN?? LOL


The Sintocin did the trick an within an hour I was contracting well, sitting on a birthing ball. By about lunch time I resorted to the gas. I had an internal at about 11.30am but was not quite diated enough for them to break my waters. Checked again at 1pm and they were able to break them then but only just. I thought I must have had a truck load up there cause I felt it gush/spray out, so bad that the doctor had to jump out of the way but it stil got his trousers HAHA


By 3pm I couldn't bare the pain anymore, the gas was just drying my mouth out terribly so I BEGGED my husband to go get someone cause I wanted my Epi.


Epi was up and running by 4pm, and to start with the bock was perfect but only an hour later it was only working down my right side and only slightly down my left side. There was pain but it was bearable.


Had a check at about 6pm and I was about 6cm dilated. We thought we were in for a long night, which didn't surprise us with my history. However they did another check at about 8.30pm and I was pretty much fully dilated but the bubs head was still a little high. Midwife said that I could start pushing if I wanted to or I could wait about 15-30mins and let bubs head come down a little more. We opted to wait. A friend came in to visit me and brought me a McFlurry HAHA I was just about finsihed that and my friend left and the midwife decided it was time. It was 8.50pm. I was glad that the Epi hadn't worked fully cause I was able to feel when I needed to push which made things a lot easier than my last two births. 4 contractions (pushes) and 15minutes later my gorgeous baby boy was born weighing 9lb 3 1/2oz. I was so proud of myself and so was mu mum and DH. I am so glad that I got the doctor I did that morning or I may have been recovering from a C-Section at the time I actually gave birth. Oh and we got the whole birth on film so I can watch it whenever I want. :)

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After having an elective caesarian with my daughter when I found out I was pregnant again I knew I wanted to try to have a vaginal birth this time. Went to my first appt at the hospital and was told provided things went smoothly I could attempt VBAC. My pregnancy was excellent no problems whatsoever, My EDD was 16th Feb, and I couldn’t wait. Had an appointment on my due date and had a S&S done and was told if nothing had happened by Tues next week they would book me in for induction. I was told to go for a big walk so I dragged my sister with me to the shops just incase anything happened…. Started to have a few pains in my lower back and down my legs… as I had a caesarian with my first I never had or felt any signs of labor, I didn’t know if this was it or not, went to the loo and had a bloody show and that night I lost my plug whilst in the shower, I really thought tonight was going to be the night!!! Well NO I was wrong, the pains went away and I was left waiting for my appointment the following Tuesday. Woke up bright and early on the Tuesday got my daughter ready for daycare, dropped her off and came home, my appointment was at 3.45 so I had a all day to wait… went and got my eyebrows waxed and a haircut as I thought this was probably the last chance of doing it childfree for a while. The day dragged on and on and on… finally got to the appointment and told the midwife that they were planning to look me in for an induction , she looked at me and said “ ooh I don’t like ur chances of that they are really busy upstairs” I was shattered. She said she would ring and check…. Next thing I was being told to go home and pack my bags and be back at 7pm to have the balloons catheter inserted… I was soooo excited!!!! Got to hospital and had the balloons inserted…. Very odd feeling and very uncomfortable having it put in, I was told that if it fell out, that was a good thing as it had worked. Woke up in the morning got up and went to the toilet and yep u guessed it, out came the balloons, I was stoked! Told the nurse and she said that they would be moving me to the birth suite to have my waters broken!! At 8am I had waters broken was told I was 5cm dilated and to walk the stairs, so off my partner and I went, walking up and down the stairs… and hour later NOTHING no pains no tightening nothing. I was told I would be put on the syntocin drip at 10 am. 10am came and I was hooked up, by 11 still nothing so they upped the syntocin, 11.30 they upped it again as still nothing had happened, I had a doctor come in and tell me that if nothing happened soon I was going to be prepped for surgery, I got a lil peeved as it was like she wasn’t even letting me try… WELL just after 12 I had what I had been waiting nine months to feel, my first contraction, and omg it freaking hurt, they were coming like 2 mins apart and lasting what seemed to be forever, I was offered the gas and told that I would be checked at 2pm to see how far dilated I was. At about 1.30pm I had the urge to push… never really understood people when they say ‘oh you’ll know when u need to push’ now I did... I told the midwife and she said to wait till 2 for the doctor. As the pain was getting unbearable I finally gave in and had the gas, at first I thought it wasn’t doing anything but I quickly realized it was! The doc came in at about 1.45 and told me I was 10cm and to prepare to push, I had the gas taken off me, because in-between contractions I was off in fairy land and they wanted me to concentrate, I started to push, trying to get 3 big pushes out of 1 contraction, it hurt so much but it was amazing I could feel him coming further and further down with each push. Finally with one massive push his head came out and he let out a lil cry, with that I cried and knew that I had to do the biggest push to get the rest of him out, and I did and at 2.44 pm on the 25th Feb Hayden arrived into the world!! It was the most pain I have ever felt in my whole life but the most rewarding and amazing, words can’t really describe how I felt! He weighed 3624g and was 51cm long and perfect!! I am so glad I got to have my VBAC !!

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Wow there are some very exciting stories here.. I can't believe what some of you mothers have had to go through!


Well done though, it all worked out fine in the end :)

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Thank you ladies for your amazing stories! It gives me much more confidence now in attempting a VBAC.

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Hi all, I'd like to share my VBAC.


Both of my babes didn't show any signs of wanting to come out - my first pregnancy ended in emergency c/section after failed induction at 42 weeks. My second pregancy was a spontaneous labour at 41 weeks which resulted in a successful trial of scar.


Here's what happened:


The internal at the OB appointment on Thursday morning (at 41 weeks) showed no signs that anything would happen. So we signed the forms for a c/s and got booked in for Saturday morning. Then my mum and I took Riley to the Botanical gardens to feed the ducks and turtles (which he loved) and we had passionfruit tart and pink grapefruit Tiro at the cafe.


Then went home for Riley's sleep. He only slept for 1 hour so I went and lay down with him and he slept until 2pm. But I couldn't sleep so I did some acupressure on the point on the hand interpersed with some nipple stimulation while lying there visualising labour pains.


Well by 1.50 I did feel some mild period cramp feeling but thought to myself - wishful thinking. Riley woke at 2pm and I went about getting him some food. The mild crampy feeling started to become a surging cramping so I started to time it. Didn't quite believe it when the stop watch said the surges were every 3 minutes lasting 30 seconds. The books say call the hospital when contractions got to 5 minutes apart - what do you do if they start at 3 minutes apart? And you're not sure if they were contractions?


After 20 minutes the surging cramping include mild backacke so I called my mum to come over just in case and I e-mailed DH to tell him. He called at 3pm to say he couldn't concentrate at work and he was coming home. Just as well he did. By the time he got home I was having trouble sitting through them, had to get up and walk around. So started to finalise the packing of hospital bags and organising of stuff etc. Called the hospital at 4pm to ask whether this could be it. They said the contractions needed to last about 50 seconds to be established labour and to call back in half an hour. Well the pain got worse, they started to be between 1.5 and 2.5 minutes apart and to last between 40 seconds and 1 minute. So at 4.30 I called the hospital to say I was coming in. I couldn't stand the thought of staying at home any longer.


What should have been a 10 minute trip to the hospital took us 25 minutes due to peak hour traffic and an accident on the captain cook bridge - it took us 15 minutes to get over the bridge. I now know what its like to be trapped in a car with frequent painful contractions !!!


Got to the hospital at 5.07pm and was strapped to monitors straight away. As it was a "trial of scar" I had to be monitored 100% of the time. Also had to have antibiotics so would be attached to a drip. So I asked for an epidural as the thought of lying on the bed through contractions did not appeal. The midwife said that she'd arrange for an epidural if the initial monitoring showed I was in established labour. Well it did - regular contractions the right distance apart and right duration and 2 cm dilated already. Luckily the labour wards were very quiet and the epi man was just finishing in surgery so I was able to get the epidural very quickly. By 6.30pm I had no pain.


With the first pregnancy I found the epidural quiet strange, surreal and distancing. This time I concentrated on the fact that I could pay attention to what was going on more closely and enjoy the process I had dreamt so long about happening.


As soon as the epi was in place, the OB (not my usual one, the one that job shares with my OB) broke my waters. There was meconium in them but bub did not seem distressed. Bub's heartrate was 148 and only dipped to 136 with contractions, recovering immediately. So different to the situation with Riley where the rate just kept decreasing without recovery.


With a "trial of scar", I'd have to progress at least 1 cm an hour otherwise I'd be taken into have a c/s. The OB was going to check back on me in 4 hours (at 10.30pm) - giving me the best chance of proving my progression.


The midwife wasn't happy with bub's steady heartrate though - she wanted bub to be more active, not to sleep through it all. So here I was eating snakes (Natural Confectionary Co of course ! - to give bub a sugar kick) and talking and laughing with the midwife and DH while watching the monitoring.


Had some strange reaction which gave me a temperature, shaking and strange rash. Thought it was the antibiotics so they changed the type.


At 8.30 the initial epi dose was wearing off and I could start to feel contractions on my right side. The midwife could give me top ups, but only at 1/2 hour intervals. Well all three top ups didn't work and the pain on the right side increased to pretty unbearable. The midwife said that increased pain on the right side often meant a fast dilation/labour and that it was a good thing. At 10.00pm she did an internal to find that I was 9 cm dilated with just a lip on the right side of the cervix. So she got permission from the epi man to give me another big dose. This got rid of the pain on the right side but it also completely deadened my left side.


At 10.30 the OB came back to check to find that I was fully dilated and ready to push (couldn't feel it due to the large epi dose). She started to prep for delivery and said we'd have a bub by 11pm. Pushing started at 10.40 and finished with the birth of Brienna at 10.53pm. Only had to push through about 4 contractions as the head was sitting so low, only about an inch inside.


I cried when they put her on me. I couldn't believe we had finally done it, that it had finally happened and I wouldn't need to have the c/s. The rest is a bit of blur as I delivered the placenta, was stitched up (had some vaginal wall tears and tears of other fleshy bits, but no tears of the perineum), showered and taken upstairs.


Had them a bit worried as both me and Brienna had a temperature. Hers came down really quickly. They sent her stomach contents off for testing but didn't find anything - her temp must have just been because of mine. Mine had to be monitored over night but panadol brought it down.


Got to the room at about 2am. It was a tiny crappy room with shared bathroom facilities and DH was not allowed to stay but the midwife didn't boot him out. We spent the rest of the night (well morning) grinning at each other as we took it in turns dozing (DH in a chair, me holding bub sitting in bed - another hospital no-no).


Couldn't believe the next morning that all the tubes were removed and I could get up and move around. Felt so different to my recovery from the c/s where I wasn't out of bed until day 3 !!!


Didn't have to stay in the crappy room for long - the next day they moved us to the best room in the hospital - it looked like a 5 star hotel room with its comfy recliner chairs, couches, sofa bed for DH, ensuite, views over the city etc etc.


Her stats were:


Gestation: 40 + 5 days

Born: 5/10/06 at 10.53pm

Weight: 3.630 kg (8 pounds)

Length: 52

Head circ: 35

Apgars: 9 / 9


Best news is that my OB has said that "obviously my babies are late" and all we have to do this time around is wait and provided both bubs and I are still healthy come 41 weeks, we can do another VBAC.

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