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Guest Shauna+Molly+Annie

Best ever Breastfeeding tips?

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Guest shauna'smum

Hi all.


Well I am just past the half way mark in this pregnancy and I decided that its time to get SERIOUS about being prepared to breast feed.


My last experience with breastfeeding DD was a complete and utter failure :( .


I could point my finger and state all my excuses for 'why' it was a failure.

BUT at the end of the day it was because I was simply unprepared, uninformed, sh*t scared and not supported.


Well I whatever happens this time the unprepared and uninformed will not be a factor! This is something I CAN control.


I have started this thread in this section other than Breastfeeding section because I am worried that people who have stopped breastfeeding and could give valuable tips might never venture there.


This section is always busy :)


Anyway this long winded post is asking a rather simple question.

What have you found in your experiences the best tips for successfully establishing breastfeeding?

Also what is the best ways to overcome common problems?.


Thanks all :)

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Bumping this thread, good tips!

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Guest **KM**

I think this thread should be pinned (thanks for bumping it Ally) - I think many mums would find it really helpful!!


I might PM the mod :)

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Bottle feeding is a choice and if you have tried everything and decided to feed with a bottle after a few hard yards, dont worry as it is you who needs to be happy to bring up a happy baby. And on your baby's wedding day no one will go... "you're an awful future mother in law, cos you bottle fed your baby". Nor will it affect your child's resume.


Thank you bronzzeAngel for your 'blessing'.


After supply probs with DD#1, I joined the ABA when I was 20 weeks pregnant with DD#2 and I attended meetings religiously. I took notes off forums like this and kept a journal of 'hints and tips' on how to breastfeed. I took DH to the ABA's 2 hour breastfeeding workshop.


When DD#2 was born I followed all the rules; skin to skin contact, demand feeding, no dummy, my nipples killed but I kept reattaching because it had been drummed into me that if it hurt position was incorrect. In the end I think DD#2 thought I was a tease!


When my second precious baby lost more than 10% of it's weight in 4 days, I pumped to increase supply with every feed. I cried and fought with the special care nurses when they put my jaundiced baby under phototherapy lights and told me I had to give her a 'little bit of formula' because my milk still hadn't come in. On day 9, when I was home I visited the dr for a prescription for mastitis but received conflicting advice about whether this was actually just my milk finally coming in.


I pumped and pumped but my breasts never got hard. My baby cried and cried.


The ABA told me I was doing everything right?*&% but my baby kept losing lots of weight. I hired a private lactation consultant and she tried really hard to get my supply up. At week 3 I was exhausted. My husband had had two days off work after bub was born (he has own business), my mum was interstate, my toddler was out of control. I knew I could take metilum but after 2 years of IVF drugs I wanted to be drug free.


I will probably feel guilty until my dying day but i stuck a bottle in that baby's mouth and she sucked and sucked and I cried and cried with guilt and relief.


I am now unexpectedly pregnant with #3 and I thought I'd read up on how to breastfeed again. But truely, I followed most of the advice given here and it hasn't worked twice now. With no extended family support and two little ones at home plus a new bub - I really don't think I can 'spend 24 hours in bed feeding' or 6 months without any routine. This is fine if you have 'help' but what do you do with your other kids while you are lying in bed feeding and sleeping? Are they in childcare fulltime?

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Amen to that! Breast milk is best but if it really isn't working and you have tried everything bottle feeding is okay. It really is!

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