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Guest Talk-To-The-Booty

Chemo support

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Guest FancyPants

Just found out Dh's bestie of 30 years has had his cancer return. He's got to have chemo. :( I can tell he's scared.


How can we best help him through the chemo? He has a girlfriend but no kids.


What sort of help do people having chemo need? I assume getting to & from the hospital, having meals made what else?


TIA :(

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Sally ®

Hi there,


I'm so sorry about your friend. :( Wishing him all the best with his chemo, I hope it doesn't make him too sickly but I hope it does its job! :pray:


You could just "be" there for him, keep his spirits buoyed, and making him meals is a good idea, as long as they are light meals. He may not feel like eating, but chemo affects different people in different ways. I know that it made me hungry! I would have treatment then come home and raid the pantry.


Tell him to tell himself that he won't be sick - this worked for me.


Wishing him all the best. :pray:

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