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April 06 Parents #78

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GOLD!! :dance:


I'll be back for personals. :)

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Guest ~Karla~

Oh, oh, SILVER for me!!! :D


I feel much better today, after my day of tears and my big vent yesterday. :blush: Fingers crossed my doc can tell me what's wrong.... I'll be back later for an update and to do some personals....

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Karla - Good luck at the drs today. We will be thinking of you. xx Come in here any time and vent away, get it off your chest. :bighug: Edited by ~~Kaz~~

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I am claiming Bronze since Kaz took gold and bronze hehe

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Bah, wooden spoon for me again :rant:


Will go over the rest of the last thread then may be back.

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NB: If you would like to be added to the list or have any changes please send me a PM as I will most likely miss your post in the general threads. Thanks!


Come join us for a chat on messenger, PM me your address and I will add.




22nd March

YOLANDA ~ Nat (blueynat)


23rd March

LAURA CAITLIN ~ Sandra (peachkoala)

EDEN SIENNA ~ Susan (Cookies)

MALAKAI HUGHIE ~ Kerri (5*little*ducks)


28th March 2006

CAITLIN JANE ~ Karen (~~Kaz~~)


29th March 2006

AMELIE MAYA ~ Sue (2forSuz)


30th March 2006

MAVERICK JETT ~ Deb (Mavericks Mummy)


3rd April 2006

CARTER SHEN ~ Tina (thinkerbell)


MIA GRACE ~ Michelle (~chelle~)

CAITLIN ELISE ~ Rebecca (wheelie2)


7th April 2006

WILLIAM GEORGE ~ Terrena (reenie 78)

8th April 2006

RILEY KENNETH ~ Michelle (Shelldar)

LILY MADELINE ~ Kirsten (lily-lolly)


9th April 2006

ALEXANDER LUKE ~ Karla (KarlaMay)


10th April 2006

ANGUS LUKE ~ Kelly (Kelly)

EYLEE RHODE ~ Deanna (Polaris)


11th April 2006

KALISHA ROSE ~ Mel (Mum2Kali)

CONNOR JAMES ~ Sulee (mummy2bailey)


12th April 2006

REUBEN CONNOR ~ Mel (Stumbles)


14th April 2006

AUSTIN MICHAEL ~ Kate (scuttlebutt)

ELII JOHN ~ Linda (LittleAnnie)

15th April 2006

TAYA JOY ~ Mel (princesstaya)


19th April 2006

HAYDEN CRAIG ~ Shell (~shell~)


20th April 2006

GEORGIA PEACHES ~ Ange (mummagoobs)

ELLISE ~ Carolyn (acmte)


21st April 2006

BRODIE THOMAS ~ Marns (Marsbar)


22nd April 2006

ROSE LOUISE ~ Kristy (Freyja)


25th April 2006

RYAN THORNTON ~ Janet (gibby)


28th April 2006

WILLOW PAIGE ~ Tracy (***My2Girls***)


30th April 2006

JOEL SEBASTIAN ~ Natalie (Natw)


3rd May 2006

KATELYN MARY ~ Sharyn (tomkatsmum)


9th May 2006

AMELIA WALKER ~ Tara (Babyhugs)





19th January ~ SHARYN (tomkatsmum)

7th February ~ TERRENA (reenie 78)

12th February ~ NATALIE (natw), CAROLYN (acmte)

24th February ~ TRACY (***My2Girls***)

10th March ~ DEANNA (Polaris)

26th March ~ DEB (Mavericks Mummy)

31st March ~ TINA (thinkerbell)

3rd April ~ MICHELLE (Shelldar)

6th April ~ KRISTY (Freyja)

21st April ~ LINDA (LittleAnnie)

26th April ~ KAREN (~~Kaz~~)

23rd May ~ SHELL (~shell~)

8th June ~ SULEE (mummy2bailey)

12th June ~ SANDRA - (peachkoala)

30th June ~ KARLA (KarlaMay)

10th July ~ KATE (scuttlebutt)

29th July ~ MICHELLE (~chelle~)

26th August ~ ANGE (mummagoobs)

8th September ~ SARAH (loveyababy)

8th October ~ MELISSA (Stumbles)

17th October ~ MEL (Mum2Kali)

19th October ~ SUE (2forSuz)

21st October ~ MEL (princesstaya)

7th November ~ KELLY (Kelly)

22nd December ~ REBECCA (wheelie2)





Nat ~ (blueynat)



Melissa ~ (Stumbles)



Tracy ~ (***My2Girls***)


END OF 2007

Kate ~ (scuttlebutt)

Good luck girls!




Mum2Kali (Mel) ~ Due 9th May 2007 - It's a boy!

Marsbar (Marns) ~ Due 30th Sept 2007 - It's a surprise!

Mavericks Mummy (Deb) ~ Due 13th Dec 2007

Edited by ~~Kaz~~

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Morning all, Hope everyone is well.


Congrats on those who got a place! Will read end of previous thread and be back with personals if Noah allows.

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Morning girls


Happy birthday Sophie!! I hope you have a great day and lots of fun sharing your bithday cupcakes.


Nat - Forgot to say that the photos of Joel were so cute.


Karla - I hope that you are feeling better today and that you can get some answers from your visit to the Dr. We are all here to support you in the good and the bad times. Come in here at any time to scream, rant and cry. Sometimes it just helps to bash at the keyboard and get it all out. It's also easier to vent to us than your friends and family IRL. Just because you don't post in here everyday doesn't mean that you are not a valued or loved April mummy. Keep smiling mate!!


Okay gotta hang washing out...BBL.... Tina

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I'v just came back from Skyes daycare, they had a easter morning tea. Chris dressed up as a bunny, the kids luved it until one of the pre-school kids said "Thats Chris" :lol: Then they did a easter hunt. I got a few pics will post them later.

Karla:- Glad ur are feeling better today, when I went on the pill I noticed too I was feeling depressed a bit. Since I stopped taking them I went back to my old self. Hope that is what is causing it as there are so many different options now for birth control. :bighug:


I have also just picked up Chris from work, he had a temp of 38.5 last nite. :o . I could even feel it just laying next to him. I think he has the flu. His boss said he had to go home today as he was too sick to be there. And he's not allowed to come back until he is all better. LOL. She is so nice. :grin:


I gotta go to the shops now, I forgot formula yesterday, :annoyed: And also Best and Less are having a 40% of bond socks,undies and singlets. So I mite go and see if I can get some socks for Willow. Her feet are freezing when I got her up this morning.


I will do more replies when I get back.

I better go and see how my patient (Chris) is doing. :tongue:


Tracy :)

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Happy birthday Sophie! :wub:

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Ooohh, just a quick post as I'm sneaking in whilst at work :laugh:


Will be able to do a "proper" post over the long weekend - can't wait!


A big hello to everyone!



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Hi girls,


We've had a lovely morning at playgroup, and now Hannah and Joel are asleep :happy: They both got lots of easter eggs off their friends. I've been good and haven't eaten any, hehe. I'm looking forward to my chocolate on Sunday :happy:


We had a lady come in to do a 'try before you buy' presentation of a few products, and afterwards she gave us bags of freebies! I got a bottle of kids multivitamins, a wiggles growth chart (to hang on the wall), and a Crayola Mess Free colouring book and markers (the markers only work on the book, which is great because Hannah has already tried to redecorate her newly painted bedroom by drawing all over her walls :rolleyes:) I also got heaps of Caramel coffee satchets and those straws with the flavouring. Not bad for a morning at playgroup :happy: Essential Baby was the sponser on the bag too. I spotted that logo from the other side of the room :lol: Ahhh love my EB.


Linda A big hello to you at work :D


Tracy Ohhh poor Chris :( He sounds like such a big kid, dressing up as the easter bunny, hehe. All the kids must love him :happy: I know what you mean about the freezing feet in the mornings - Joel has been the same. I love his early morning feed, because we snuggle under my doona, just to warm up his little arms and legs.


Tina Awwwww thanks :)


Karla More big hugs :bighug: I hope your Drs visit goes well. I'm glad you're feeling a bit better today. We're all here to listen any time you need :)


Kaz Well done on your well deserved GOLD :D


Blueynat I bet the girls at tennis will love seeing Yolanda again!


Hi Michelle, Kirsten & Kate :D


Bye for now.

Edited by natw

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Awwwww Karla I just read ur vent. Big :bighug: If only I was a bit closer to u and we could meet up for a coffee or I could help u out. :cry: Don't beat urself up, I think we all go thru the "OMG I am not coping" from time to time. I hope u find out some answers today after ur dr appoinment. :)


Nat:-Yes Chris is such a big kid, he runs after Skye around the back yard every arvo. (he mite give it a miss today thru LOL). Yayy for the freebies, I can imagine when u saw eb logo, ur eyes lit up :lol:


LittleAnnie:- You are sounding very excited about the holiday's already LOL. What will u be up too??


~~Kaz~~ :- Luv ur new easter sig, I can imagine there is going to be heaps of chocolate and hupper children at ur house this w/end LOL.

scuttlebutt:- At least u got bronze this thread, its gotta be better then Purple. :rofl:


Hello and :bighug:to everyone else.


If I don't get back for some reason tmorrow I hope u all


"Have a Great Easter and a Fantasic Easter Break"


I got a heap of nappies to fold and then I then it will be time to pick up Skye from daycare.



Tracy :)

Edited by ***My2Girls***

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Nat - Sounds like a great morning at playgroup! :D I'm also looking forward to some mini eggs for me on Sunday.


Hi Linda! How has work been going?


Tracy - Hope that Chris feels better soon. LOL at the kids recognising him at daycare. Good luck at Best and Less, I desperately need more socks for Caitie too.


Hi Tina, Michelle, Kate and Kirsten! :)

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afternoon ladies


Well everyone at tennis loved seeing Yolanda again and couldn't believe how much she has grown.She chatted to anyone that would listen (just like her mummy :blush: ).


But i'm buggered so no time for personals today plus Yolanda just started her tantrums again :rant: .


Have a good night all

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hahahaha Tracy - so glad someone noticed my PURPLE declarations!!! hehe :lol::grin:

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Hi mums & bubs


Amelie had her 12 month needles today :cry: 2 in one thigh, 1 in the other. Poor little possum, she cried but not for too long. No ill effects though, she's settled off to sleep ok. She has bandaids on each thigh:



And this is why she needs a haircut :tongue:



I'm off work now till next Wed, yay :dance: barring any major disaster in the state (I work in forensic pathology)Hopefully that won't happen. Ryan has next week off school too, I think we're all looking forward to a break. The Easter bunny visited his Prep class today so they were all on a chocolate high when I picked him up :grin:


Blueynat - sounds like Yolanda was lapping up all the attention at tennis :)


Kaz - hi, well done on 1st place! I've been meaning to say well done on the list, you've done an amazing job. Looks fantastic.


Tracy - how'd you go at Best & Less? I had a look in there today and didn't find much Bonds out :o Wish the stripey all in ones were on special, I love those for Amelie. Get well soon Chris, he did well to turn up as Easter Bunny at playgroup!


Tina - so glad you enjoyed your 'me' time on Wed. Awww, poor Deakin missing his little brother :wub:


Kirsten - hi! Is Noah getting excited about Easter? :)


Shelldar - how's your expectant mum doing??


Natw - yay for goodie bags! I'm looking forward to some choccie on Sunday too, I think DH has got me some Cadbury Creme Eggs. Mmmmmmm.


Linda - Have you got a few days off work now? Hope so!


Kate - hi! Been meaning to ask, how is the nappy business going?


Karla - it really helps to bash away at the keyboard and get everything out. Glad you're feeling a little better. I hope the doc can sort things out for you. I'm in the process of doing the same, my hormones are still all over the place. One minute I'm all emotional, the next biting DH's head off :wacko: But then he deserves it sometimes ;) Take care!


Off to bed :sleep: Night all.

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I know it's late :yawn:


Just wanted to say..

HAPPY 30TH BIRTHDAY KRISTY!!!! I hope you have a wonderful day :happy:


Sue Awwwww Amelie's so cute :happy: I can see why she needs a haircut now! From the back it actually looks like a fancy style :laugh: I'm glad her needles went okay.


Nighty night :sleep:

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Happy Birthday Kristy!!!


Hope you have a fab day!






I am feeling like Austin has 2 birthdays this year, I keep thinking "this time LAST good friday" LOL

Edited by scuttlebutt

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Happy Birthday Kristy :thumbs::excite:


We have some photos to share: What Elllise looks like when her brothers share the choc that they have just raided


Pic of the threee of them

and another- Mitch is into poking faced atm as soon as he sees the camera and Tyler just loves to look grumpy!the boys actually got inot the choc, but they didnt eat it... no they shoved it down the ductred heating and the remnants Ellise ate! Luckily it melted so i managed to clean it up quite easily! But last night had to run out and get more eggs for the family :s


have a great Good Friday. We would normallg go to church but DH just got called out to work :(

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Happy Easter! Hope every one has a wonderful long weekend. :D


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO KRISTY!! :D:D Hope you have a wonderful day and get spoilt. :grin:


Carolyn - Awwww, cute pics of your little girl getting into the choccie. :lol: Cheeky boys. You have a very adorable family.


Kate - Sorry for stealing both Gold and Bronze. :lol: I hearby, give Kate sole ownership of the Bronze position. :grin:


Sue - Amelie is so adorable. It will be a sad day when you go and get her first hair cut, but I bet she'll look just as adorable. :happy: YAY for getting work next Weds, good luck. :) Thanks for your lovely comments on the list.


Karla - How did you go at the dr yesterday? :hugs:

blueynat - Great to hear that everyone loved seeing Yolanda at tennis. They change so much in a matter of months.


Nat - Hi! :) How is Joel and Hannah going in their new rooms? Hope you've been getting your sleep.


We have a very quiet day here today, just sitting down watching the Good Friday Appeal on tv and eating hot cross buns. :grin:

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Hi All,


I finally have a bit of time to post while Laura is asleep and I have just finished vacuuming.


DH left for Europe the day after Laura's b'day party leaving me to do all the cleaning!! That was last Monday week. He comes back tomorrow night. So that is 12 days being on my own looking after Laura, 2 dogs and a cat, not to mention all DH's ebay sales and posting etc.


Nothing much has been happening on Laura's part. Although she has got her appetite back and is now enjoying sandwiches (avocado and cheese and marmite and cheese). I have also been giving her stirfry which she loves. Tonight she will have some tuna with her vegies. She has started cruising around the furniture a bit more, which is a good sign.


Does anyone else have a baby who does not like playing with their toys if you are not right there with them?? Laura will not play with her toys by herself, she prefers to crawl up to me and whinge and cry until I pick her up! This happens all the time, yet at daycare she happily plays with toys all day. :rolleyes:


Here are a few pics from Laura's party which was last Sunday week.


Laura and myself



The cake. (would love to say I made it, but I paid someone else to make it!!)



DH, myself and Laura



Some Personals


Kaz - Enjoy your day watching telly and eating hot cross buns. I think I have only eaten hot cross buns once since they came on sale.


acmte - Looks like Ellise really enjoyed that chocolate!! Bummer about your DH being called into work today.


natw - Hi, how are things? Gotta love freebies!! My playgroup doesn't allow promotional stuff, it is a church based group (although it is not my religion, but all mother's group joined).


2forSuz - At least those needles are done now. I have not taken Laura for her needles yet, 'cause I wanted to wait until DH got home just in case she had any bad reactions.


Hi to scuttlebutt, blueynat and ***My2Girls***.


Hope everyone enjoys their good friday.

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Happy Good Friday! We are having such a lazy day here. I'm loving it :)


Firstly, thanks for all your lovely birthday wishes for Sophie and myself. I feel a little guilty when I say we were well and truly spoiled - especially me :blush: We had a dinner with family and friends last night and I had such a good time. It made me appreciate the fact that I have a great bunch of people in my life - you guys included! Today is great as Dh says I can do whatever I want so I get to spend time on the computer. Yay! I also had a hot bather earlier this morning and little miss 4 only gate crashed it for the last 5 minutes ;)


natw- hehe, I read That's Life too but nick my mum's. She passes them on once she's finished, I read them then take them to school for the kids to cut up. Oh, don't you hate it when one child wakes the other :blink: Sophie did that to Rose this morning.


Kate - Oh, yeah - I bet Good Friday this year is a bit more relaxing for you!


Karla - Oh, hun. Hope it all gets sorted soon. I tell you the pill can really play havoc. As I've said before I had to stop taking it as it was doing all sorts of funny things to me so it could be as simple as that. XX


Tracy - hehe, your wedding story reminds me of one my mum went to a few years back. Everyone was invited to the ceremony. Then one group were invited to a proper reception later in the evening while others (everyone) were invited to a BBQ lunch in their backyard earlier in the day. My family jokes and call them 'A tickets and B tickets'. Anyway, all the A ticket holders were expected to keep it a secret from the B tickets but of course someone slipped at the ceremony, lol. I think it is quite rude to do something like that.


peachkoala - 12 days! You must be exhausted. I hope your DH does something special for you and gives you some time to relax. I'm really glad you said you paid for that cake to be made, lol. It puts my bunny cake to shame!


Kaz - enjoy your quiet day


acmte - Oh, another chocolate lover! Your three look just adorable! You're lucky to have such a beautiful family. They look like they have lots of fun together.


2forsuz - ohhh, those two bandaids on those chubby little legs. So sad but cute too, lol. Does Amelie let you do her hair nice? Rose needs hers tied back or it is always in her eyes but she pulls it out as soon as it it done. Everywhere we go lately she looks like a ragamuffin and I just want her hair to look pretty.



Some more excitement for us yeaterday - DH won a prize yesterday! :D :D :D It's nothing big but I am so excited for him. It was a 10wol caption and he won 4 tickets to the Easter Show! Yay! We're going to the Easter Show! I can't wait for Sophie to see the fireworks. She hasn't ever seen any live and I remember being completely awed as a kid and want the same for her. It's funny too as DH was saying he wanted to go and I said no because it is so expensive. He wasn't happy and said he'd win tickets then and I said if he won tickets we'd go, lol. Lo and behold a couple of days later they arrive in the post. Needless to say the win has create a monster and he's determined to win again. I say go for it!


Okay, I will post this now and come back as soon as I have uploaded my pics.

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Hi all, nope still waiting for a :baby: She saw the midwife last night who did an internal and had trouble even finding her cervix, so not really sure what that means :wacko: Will just sit here and wait for the call :pray:


HAPPY BIRTHDAY KRISTY - HOpe you have a great day and get spoilt rotten.

Sandra- The pics are lovely, Laura looked gorgeous. :wub: Glad your DH will be home soon and you may get a little rest. Sounds like Laura is doing great and loving her food. Riley can get like that with his toys sometimes, but then he has Jack to play/fight with too!!


Kaz- Hey there, enjoy your nice quiet day. We are having one of those too!! Great job with the list BTW looks fab :clap:


Carolyn- Oh what cheeky kids you have, so cute!! I can't believe they wasted all that choccy down the vents :o:lol:


Kate- Happy 'Claytons' Birthday to Austin!!! :rofl: Actually I did think about you this morning!!


Nat- Hi :grin:


Sue- Beautiful pics of Amelie, yeah looks like she might need a hair cut soon. But at least with girls you can put all the cute little bows and clips in :wub: Keeping my fingers crossed for no major state dramas!!!


Blueynat- Glad you had a good time taking Yolanda to tennis. Oh tantrums, Riley has started those too - puts his head down on the ground and cries, and even kicked the legs this morning. All I can do is laugh though :lol:


Well I hope you are all enjoying your Good Friday!! We are staying home due to lack of labour!! We were supposed to be going up to Echuca, but khe serah. Enjoying some quiet time instead. Might even get out the scrapbooking now that all my homework is finished :excite:


ETA: You posted as I was typing Kristy, glad you are having a nice day, and I bet the tickets would have just topped it off!! Have fun at the show!

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