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April 06 Parents #75

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OMG :o



Have a great week-end. :D


ps. Kate- I am so sorry to hear what your friend is going through, mum lost my brother when i was about 10 and i can remember that, no idea what a parent goes through. My thoughts are with them.

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Silver :D


Thanks for your kind words everyone. Its just so crap, I still can't quite believe it. So sad...

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Damm I was just coming back to take Bronze LOL. That'll teach not grabbing it as soon as I saw it LOL. So I will take the Wooden Spoon ;)


Just mainly saying hi and I got a bit of news on Willow.


Yesterday Willow took 6 Steps in a Row :wub::wub::wub:


Everyone has bets of her to see if she will walk bfore her first birthday LOL.


We had a busy morning, we went to bunnings and was there for ages like we usually are. Then we did a bit of grocery shoppn, and I got some nice cards to print Willow's party invites on. I will post a pic of it when I finish them :D


Ok I better go, I got a bit of cleaning up to do while the girls are playing nicely.



Tracy :)

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Sorry Tracy, you have to be quick!!


I'm busy trying to find a Wentworth Miller calendar for my SILs birthday. She is obsessed with him and it's all she wants. Only ones I can find are in the UK and will cost $50!!!

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Hi!! First page for me - will have to do lol!


Having a break from painting for the day (thank goodness - forgot how exhausting painting can be!) We finished painting the laundry last night and will start the bathroom tomorrow (I think ...).


Just grabbing the PC whilst DH has a nap (we were up painting till midnight :rolleyes: ).


I can't remember any personals from the last thread! :o Will do some once some more posts are on.


Us - Elii has lots more red lumps the poor thing. I have been putting betadine & tape on the big ones as this is supposed to help. He looks a little like Norman Gunston at the moment, with all the little bits of tape on his face :tongue: Will have to take a photo to share with you when he gets up!

Okay, have stacks of washing to catch up on as have been without the washing machine for days now!


Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!



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hiya everyone!


Congratulations to all the place getters!!! well done

Hope you are all having a relaxing weekend and all is well in your house! Everything here is great, well better than earlier in the week.


natw - thank goodness, i need a holiday...lol :laugh:


Take care all speak soon

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HIYa all.

Kate: sorry about your/ your friends families loss.


I too am one that has a cry over the things that i am not personally related to. So i will no doubt cry over his one too. :cry::cry:


Well Ellise is cutting 4 teeth all at once! My boys got their first teeth at 4 months so they spread them out... whereas Ellise is cutting all at once so she will rpob have the same amount at 12 months.


LOL, we use cloth nappies (as you would know from my sig) but we didnt from birth (as we had a recycling service) and a friend has lent me some nappies for the info session that i am running. The newborn ones are so cute... and i am very clucky and jelous of you mummies that are planning your next addition... Please help me convince DH of the one child that will complete our family (and the cloth nappies that we need to put on their tiny toosh).


Gotta get back to knitting- im at my sisters house and we are about to try out that "Kenny movie", she has a 4.5 month old too.


Catch you all on the flip side



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Evening everyone,


I think I've had the crapiest day today, but after reading about your friends baby Kate :(:( it has really put things into perspective for me :blush: I don't know how anyone gets through the pain of losing a child :( I hope you're doing okay too, Kate. ((((BIG hugs))))


Here's my w/e so far..


My brother and his family left this afternoon (probably vowing NEVER to spend the night at our house again :o ) Hannah woke at about 10.30pm and proceeded to scream the house down (waking Joel in the process - who joined her :wacko: ), and I tell you no lie, the house was not peaceful again until 2am!!! DH even put her in the car and took her for a drive, only to return with her eyes wide open :blink: At least while he had taken her, I could finally get Joel settled (who also had a high temp), because everytime she started screaming again, he would start again too. DH and I were just soooooo exhausted in the end, and my brother and sil, who have 3 school aged boys, decided they are NEVER having another baby, hehe.


Anyway, I think she just got so overtired, and she didn't know how to go back to sleep. We tried her bed, our bed, Joel's old cot in our room, she just would not sleep. She wasn't quiet either, she screamed, thrashed and pretty much threw tantrums while our guests were laying in their beds wondering what the bloody hell was going on :o They have NEVER been like that ever before. To top it off, they were both awake at 6am <_< I've felt like a zombie all day.


Our (tired) guests left at 7am to take my nephew to compete at the state athletics titles, only to have their car break down around the corner. DH then spent the day fixing their car, while my sil took ours. I've just been so grumpy and sh*tty and tired, and stuck at home with my kids and 2 nephews, while DH and my brother spent the day working on cars <_< Seems to be every w/e. I just wish he had as much enthusiasum for mowing the lawns.


They're both asleep now though, and tomorrow is a new day, and hopefully a better one ;)


Sorry to ramble, I just had to get it all out. I'm definitely having an early one tonight :closedeyes:


Tracy Go Willow!! I'm sure she'll be well and truly walking by her birthday!


acmte Good luck convincing DH, hehe.


Linda (((BIG hugs))) to Elii, poor little man, with all his spots. Well done on the painting. It used to be my full time job, and I loved it, but I just can't be bothered at home now :rolleyes: It's great excercise though!


Sue Sounds like you've been spending up big with your first pay packet :happy: All worthy purchases of course :tongue:


Hi Reenie, Tina, Mel and everyone else. I'm going to bed.

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DF has taken Eden to the local farmer's markets, he is meeting his sister there as she was feeling up to going out for a stroll. So I decided to stay home and do a bit of study before I have to go and play hockey at 10.45am. So I'm about to make a cup of tea and do some reading for uni but just thought I'd pop in and say hi first.


Eden is doing much better now - after 3 weeks of diarrhea and being just a miserable baby, she is starting to be her old smiley self again. Her poos are better, she is eating really well and is being her cheeky self, so I'm so happy and relieved. DF and I were really worried for a while there. I have an appointment with the peaditrician next week but am wondering whether to still take her now that she is improving. Oh well, will decide next week I guess.


Eden also just cut her 4th tooth. She's had one top tooth for nearly a month now and it looks so funny just poking out all by itself, so I'm glad the second one is finally through. Hopefully it will catch up soon!



Natw - sounds like a crappy weekend and definite reason to have a b**ch and moan. Hope you got a good nights sleep last night and the kids are doing okay too.


Kate - that is just so devastating about your friends baby. I hope you are coping okay. Give Austin lots of cuddles and kisses.


Carolyn - wow - 4 teeth all at once, how is Ellise coping with that? Eden would be an absolute nightmare - she is not a very "good" teether! Hope you enjoyed your movie.


Linda - the painting sounds like it's going well. I wish we could get motivated to do some around here, our bathroom roof has started to chip and fall off :rant:


Tracy - so exciting about Willow taking steps! Eden was getting really close a few weeks back, but I think cause she's been sick it's been easier for her to go back to crawling. So I doubt she'll be walking by her first birthday considering it's 5 days away!!! :o :o :o :o


Ok, well I better actually get some study done while DF and Eden are out and not spend the entire time on EB. :blush:


Just thought I'd show you how DF dressed Eden this morning for the markets - so cute! He loves their matching Volleys :blush:



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:wub: Such a cute pic Susan! She looks so grown up! :happy:


Nat, your day does sound like it was a challenge, but yes, hearing such devistating news makes you treasure your little ones so much more, even when they are acting like they've been possessed!

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Cookies - That photo is so cute. Is Eden's party next week? We have a 1st birthday party next Saturday for a girl called Eden as well. I hope she has a great day. Looking forward to hearing all about it. How is she settling into childcare now? How are you finding balancing uni, having a 1yo and planning a wedding? You must be very organised.


Hi to everyone else. Deakin is at the ILs for the day. My BIL has prescribed me an inhaler for my cough so I'll try it out tonight when DH gets home from work.


Chat soon....Tina

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Hi all, I'm baaaacccckkkk!!! :D


Got back from Sydney yesterday. Had a great time doing the Calmbirth course. The people running the course were really lovely, and there were lots of interesting people there who had some great stories and insights into the birhting world! I have learned so much I feel like I am ready to take on the world. So much so that I had a meeting with one of my doula mums this morning and even tried out some of my new found techniques on her. She had a very relaxing morning, and I even fixed her SPD for her. (Thats a real gem I have learned ;) )


So now its more study and drawing up lesson plans, and straight into teaching my couples all about the wonerful world of Calmbirthing! I also need to get some business cards and flyers made up, and change my web site to include all the new info about me being a Calmbirth practitioner.


Bowral in NSW (where the course was) is just so beautiful and green, coming from dry ole Melbourne town, it really hit me how many shades of green there are. Was lovely to see :)


The boys both missed me and gave me big kisses and hugs at the airport. Boy did I miss them too. Good to be home again, and DH did a wonderful job looking after them all week. Came home to a spotless house, with floors mopped, all washing done, and also a brand new truck!!

He got his truck and put it on the road yesterday for the first time. He was so excited.


Anyway, sorry to ramble on with a me post. Just wanted to say hi. Looks like I have missed a bit, but don't have time to go back on old threads. Hope you are all good. :smile:

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Guess What!!!!


Me and Chris are finally going to get married :wub::wub::wub: . We were talkn about it last nite and decided its about time we did it LOL. We have decided on Saturday September 29th to get married. :D . We are going to get married in the park and have a small get together at our house afterwards since money is a bit tight this yr. :( Not that I mind it will be nice to be nice and relaxed :laugh:


We went to the beach this morning, the girls had so much fun. Willow went head first on the sand once but it didn't seem to faze her.


I can smell a pooy nappy so I better go and investigate LOL.



Tracy :)

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Shell - Welcome back. It's great to hear that you enjoyed your course so much. I bet the boys are so glad to have you home but it sounds as if your DH did a fantastic job looking after them and also keeping the house clean and tidy. Your ladies are so lucky to have you supporting them.


Tracy - CONGRATULATIONS!! That is awesome news. That makes 3 April mummies getting married this year. I bet your girls are so exciting as well. Enjoy planning for your special day. I wonder if you'll be a pregnant bride?


Enjoy the rest of your lazy Sunday afternoon everyone.



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Hi everyone!


I had such a great day today :happy: Certainly made up for yesterday :wacko:


We didn't really do that much, but it was fun. We visited my brother and sil (a different brother ;) ), after watching them play in their touch football grandfinal, and then got some 15 cent prints done at Harvey Norman. Then off to Toys R Us to get $30 huggies and then home to mow the lawns!


I also took Joel to the Dr this morning, because he was so unsettled through the night (I think he might of had an ear ache :( ), but the Dr said so far his ears are okay. I got Hannah checked while I was there and she's good too (just a cold and cough).


Tracy Awwwww that's wonderful news :wub: You sound sooo happy! A small wedding sounds lovely :happy: Have fun with all the planning!


Shelldar Sounds like you had a fantastic time away, learning so much! I can't wait to share the excitment of your first birth :happy: Bowral is beautiful, isn't it? Yay to your DH's truck too! So much happening in your lives atm!


Tina I hope you can shake your nasty cough. It's awful when it hangs around :( I bet Deakin has a great time being spoiled by his grandparents - and I bet you enjoy the rest ;)


Cookies Awwwwww that is such a gorgeous pic of Eden :happy: I love the volleys, they're so cute! I'm sure you're getting a bit teary about your baby girl turning 1 :cry: In a good way, that is ;)


Well I'm going to watch the Joanne Lees thingy on TV. Have a good night everyone. Our babies start turning ONE this week :o:wub::D

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Just wanted to say a big CONGRATULATIONS to Tracy and Chris!!! What wonderful news :D you guys will be getting married 4 weeks before DF and I are!


I am exhausted, we did the bridge walk to celebrate the 75th anniversary today, and it just took a really long time, and I am sooooo tired. Will try and post some pics tomorrow.



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morning everyone,


hope everyone had a great weekend. OUrs was quite nice actually, Tom had swimming lessons on saturday and yesterday we went up to my bext friends parents farm at Labertouche (near Drouin) the kids had such a great day. Katie is cutting more teeth i think so has been a little clingy and not sleeping well during the day, and Tom has given new meaning to the term "terrible twos".


sounds like there are some exciting things happening in here soon. Will do some personals.


Mel Great to hear rom you again and that Kali is doing so well. I would be happy to be your birth buddy. PM me if youlike. Not long to go now.


Kate Hope the weather was nice for the bridge walk. So sorry to hear of your friends loss. I will be keeping them in my prayers! definately makes you hugs your bubs that little bit tighter doesn't it.


Nat Glad you had a great day and that the kids Drs reports were all clear.


Tracey and Chris :wub: Congratulations to you both. That is fantastic news. hugs to you both.


Shell Welcome back. Glad to hear you had such a great time. Sounds like you learned a lot.


Tina HOpe that cough clears up for you soon. HOw was DEakins day at the IL's?


CookiesWhat a gorgeous girl Eden is !! thanks for sharing the pic. Glad to hear she is back to her happy self again. HOw did you go at Hockey?


HI to everyone else.


OKay, i am off to aerobics. Will be back later on today. Havea great day everyone.


Love Sharyn

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Hi Everyone, hope all is going well with mums and bubs. Still some sick bub's around. It's just terrible when they are sick isn't it.


I've been trying to be good and not spend so much time on the computer during the past few days. I've been spending way too much time in here! Also, I seem to be eating through my MB on my internet plan. My aim for this week is to limit myself to 15 minutes per day. Ha! Wonder if I'll make it through the first morning.


Had a quiet week last week. One day at work. I would really like 2 days but I can't be fussy I guess, just have to take the work when it is available. I'm looking for a few more schools to work at. The agency I work through have increased their fee so I'm going to look for a few schools who organise their emergency teachers privately; it basically means $40 more in my pocket each day.


Kids are going well. Noah has been really well behaved, we been doing heaps of gardening, painting, colouring, playdo etc. I've finally worked out that I just can't do anything for myself during the day while he is up. When I'm trying to do something, eg. Computer time, scrapbooking etc it's when he starts playing up and I start getting uptight. He really needs my undivided attention most of the day. As in, he wants me to play and be with him constantly. I remind myself that he will only be two once, thank god! And before I know it he'll be eight and won't want to know me! I am trying to get him to spend a bit of time playing on his own. He will do this but mostly wants me there. It is getting easier now that Lily is getting a bit bigger as she just tags along with us all day. I'm almost wishing for her to walk now as it would make life a bit easier. Also, all her pants are getting trashed from crawling around outside!


Lily has cut her 8 th tooth - 4 top and 4 bottom now. She makes me laugh so much. Last night DH and I got to spent some time with her when Noah was asleep and she just cracked us up. She is so wild and crazy! Rolling all over the floor with DH, laughing with her scrunched up face. So cute!


Seems like most of our TTC talk has gone quiet in here. DH and I haven't discussed it for a while. Finances are probably our biggest factor at the moment. But, as I try and say to DH I know it is hard financially now but it will get easier. I really hate the thought of having to limit our family because of money. But I know sometimes it just has to be done. Who's to say we aren't going to be rolling in it in ten years time (yeah right) and we'll be wishing we had of had more children.


Kate - so sorry to hear that your friend's precious child has passed away. How absolutely terrible for them. I cannot even begin to imagine how parents cope with losing a child. Can't wait to see your pics of the bridge walk.


Mel - I hope you guys have a great time away. Sounds like just what you need. I know what you mean by waking up one morning when the kids are older and wondering what on earth you have in common. I'm sure it happens so very often. Sometimes by the time DH gets home then we race around getting the kids bathed and in bed we hardly get a chance to speak. I'm usually so exhausted by the day that I can barely string a sentence together anyway.


Shelldar - Sounds like your course was great. Are one of your preggo mum's due soon. Can't wait to hear about your first doula birthing experience. I'm sure the SPD cure would be most welcomed - it was a killer when I was preggo with Noah.


Mel - 31 weeks, how exciting. Glad to hear everything is going well.


Tracy - Congrats on setting a wedding date.


Cookies - Great pic of Eden. Love the volleys! I looked at a pair for Lily last week - they are just sooo cute!


Natw - Glad to hear the kids are well and healthy. Hope that Joel has been a bit more settled for you.


OK, better go get organised for brekky. Noah still sleeping. <ust be the dark morning, he's sleeping a bit longer.


Still no new baby. Sis-in-law is now 5 days over. She goes in for the lovely stretch and sweep this morning. Hopefully that will get things going for her.


How's this though, last Thursday bub was a bit too quiet so she went into hospital for some monitoring, all was fine but...they blabbed the sex of the baby to them. How annoying after not knowing for 40 weeks. The midwife walked in and said, "Ok, let's check how this little (boy/girl) is going." Then she saw the looks on their faces and started trying to cover up. They haven't told us what she said though!! I'd love it to be a girl so Lily would have a girl cousin so close but I really think it is a boy which will be a great surprise as my bro is so sure it is a girl.


Have a great day everyone.

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morning all,


just thought i would pop in while i have a spare few mins before i start doing a big house clean for this Thursday.


Have decided on making Yolanda a ice-cream cake as she reacts to chocloate and don't like cake.


Hope everyone is well.


Take care

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Hi all,


Thought i'd grab a moment to post, since I have a free day finally. :D


blueynat - Hey! :) An ice cream cake sounds great, yum! I have to be doing the big house clean for Caitie's party for this Sunday also. Hope you have a great day on Thurs!

Kirsten - It gets to be that way sometimes, spending too much time on the computer. So easy to do. Good luck with finding schools who get ET's privately, $40 is better in your pocket. Makes it hard when you have a 2 yr old attached to you most of the day. William used to be like that, but is much better now that he is 4. :) There is a light at the end of the tunnel. ;) I really hope you get to have a third child, I hear you about the money part of it. Wow, how annoying for your SIL to find out the sex of bubs now, so close to the birth. GRR! I hope to hear the good news of birth soon.


Sharyn - Hi! We had a fairly busy weekend. Swimming lessons on Sat morning, then helping out Melissa (Stumbles) to get tidied up ready to move, then going back yesterday to make a trailer load to the tip. Was a good weekend though catching up with friends.


Mel - So great to hear from you again. Wow, where has the time gone. I can't believe you are 31 weeks already! :o I'd be happy to be your birth buddy, if you still have my mobile number. If not, PM me it. :) Wow, Kalisha is saying so much, must be so cute to hear.

Kate - So sorry to hear about your friend's little girl. :( Big hugs! Must be such a horrible thing to have to go through. Well done on walking across the bridge.

nat - Glad to hear you had a good weekend. Amazing how our little April bubbies are starting to turn one this week! :o


Tracy - Congratulations to you and Chris! :wub: That's wonderful news!

Tina - Hope you get better soon!


Cookies - Gorgeous pic of Eden with matching shoes to Daddy. Very cute!


Hi to everyone else!


Us - Trying to organise Caitie's birthday party for this Sunday. We are having some family and friends over for a BBQ lunch. I am making her a princess castle cake. I feel like I have so much to organise still. Caitie is walking around everywhere now, has learnt now how to stand herself up when she falls. She still seems way too small to be walking though. I bit the bullet and got her first haircut done last Thursday. I got her fringe trimmed. Looks so different and took a bit to get used to. But now that i'm used to it, it looks much better and cute. :happy: She still only has the 4 teeth, another one looks like it's trying to pop through, but hasn't as yet.


Have to get going and organised to get William to kinder soon. Then i'm going to be sending off my secret 1st birthday pressie this afternoon. :D


Have a great day everyone!! :8


NB: If you would like to be added to the list or have any changes please send me a PM as I will most likely miss your post in the general threads. Thanks!


Come join us for a chat on messenger, PM me your address and I will add.





22nd March

YOLANDA ~ Nat (blueynat)


23rd March

LAURA CAITLIN ~ Sandra (peachkoala)

EDEN SIENNA ~ Susan (Cookies)

MALAKAI HUGHIE ~ Kerri (5*little*ducks)


28th March 2006

CAITLIN JANE ~ Karen (~~Kaz~~)


29th March 2006

AMELIE MAYA ~ Sue (2forSuz)


30th March 2006

MAVERICK JETT ~ Deb (Mavericks Mummy)


3rd April 2006

CARTER SHEN ~ Tina (thinkerbell)


MIA GRACE ~ Michelle (~chelle~)

CAITLIN ELISE ~ Rebecca (wheelie2)


7th April 2006

WILLIAM GEORGE ~ Terrena (reenie 78)

8th April 2006

RILEY KENNETH ~ Michelle (Shelldar)

LILY MADELINE ~ Kirsten (lily-lolly)


9th April 2006

ALEXANDER LUKE ~ Karla (KarlaMay)


10th April 2006

ANGUS LUKE ~ Kelly (Kelly)

EYLEE RHODE ~ Deanna (Polaris)


11th April 2006

KALISHA ROSE ~ Mel (Mum2Kali)

CONNOR JAMES ~ Sulee (mummy2bailey)


12th April 2006

REUBEN CONNOR ~ Mel (Stumbles)


14th April 2006

AUSTIN MICHAEL ~ Kate (scuttlebutt)

ELII JOHN ~ Linda (LittleAnnie)

15th April 2006

TAYA JOY ~ Mel (princesstaya)


19th April 2006

HAYDEN CRAIG ~ Shell (~shell~)


20th April 2006

GEORGIA PEACHES ~ Ange (mummagoobs)

ELLISE ~ Carolyn (acmte)


21st April 2006

BRODIE THOMAS ~ Marns (Marsbar)


22nd April 2006

ROSE LOUISE ~ Kristy (Freyja)


25th April 2006

RYAN THORNTON ~ Janet (gibby)


28th April 2006

WILLOW PAIGE ~ Tracy (Skyesmum06)


30th April 2006

JOEL SEBASTIAN ~ Natalie (Natw)


3rd May 2006

KATELYN MARY ~ Sharyn (tomkatsmum)


9th May 2006

AMELIA WALKER ~ Tara (Babyhugs)





19th January

SHARYN (tomkatsmum)


7th February

TERRENA (reenie 78)


12th February

NATALIE (natw)

CAROLYN (acmte)


24th February

TRACY (Skyesmum06)

10th March

DEANNA (Polaris)

26th March

DEB (Mavericks Mummy)


31st March

TINA (thinkerbell)


3rd April

MICHELLE (Shelldar)

6th April

KRISTY (Freyja)


21st April

LINDA (LittleAnnie)


26th April

KAREN (~~Kaz~~)


23rd May

SHELL (~shell~)


8th June

SULEE (mummy2bailey)

12th June

SANDRA - (peachkoala)


30th June

KARLA (KarlaMay)


10th July

KATE (scuttlebutt)


29th July

MICHELLE (~chelle~)

26th August

ANGE (mummagoobs)


8th September

SARAH (loveyababy)

8th October

MELISSA (Stumbles)


17th October

MEL (Mum2Kali)


19th October

SUE (2forSuz)


21st October

MEL (princesstaya)


7th November

KELLY (Kelly)


22nd December

REBECCA (wheelie2)

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Hi everyone


Can't believe the 1st birthdays start this week :D We should post photos of our babes on their special day and one from the day they were born WDYT?. That year has gone incredibly quickly :cry:


Kaz - how exciting about Caitie's party on Sunday! Good luck with all the organising. It's amazing how much planning goes into a 1 yr old's party :) Can't wait to see a pic of Caitie's new 'do' !


Blueynat - hope Yolanda's party is lots of fun, I bet she will love the icecream cake.


Kirsten - it's so easy to spend too much time in front of the computer..we are also eating up our monthly allowance way too quickly. GRRR to the hospital staff for blabbing the sex of the baby, talk about ruining a surprise :unsure:


Sharyn - the visit to the farm sounds great - very relaxing!


Mel - wow, not too long to go now! Sounds like Kalisha is doing great :) esp all that talking. How cute. Amelie is still at the 'dah dah dah' phase :tongue:


Kate - well done on doing the bridge walk. Did you take Austin in the pram?


Natw - so glad you had a better day. Gotta love $30 Huggies and 15c photo prints ;) How did Joel go last night?


Tina - hi! How are you feeling now?


Tracy - CONGRATULATIONS to you and Chris :D:wub: You will have the cutest little flowergirls on your big day :D


Shelldar - your course sounded great. It's good to go to something like that and come home feeling all inspired and motivated!


Us - more tears for little missie at the daycarer's today :( She was in such a good mood before we left our place too... She woke crying at 4.00am this morning (yawn) but luckily resettled fairly quickly. Not good when the alarm goes off at 6am for work! She's doing well and has started bouncing up and down while sitting, with her arms up in the air. Looks so funny.


We finally got broadband :D which is great but makes the computer even more addictive ;) . I think we will have to go to the next plan up as we are going thru the MB allowance like there's no tomorrow. Oops.

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hi guys, busy day today, and now is the time for Austin be be a PITA, so can't be too long, just wanted to tell Kirsten, that I was eating through our downloads too, till i turned the sigs off here on EB - I don't see them at all, and it has made a huge difference to our downloads. You can do it in the personal settings somewhere...


Oh, and Mel! Can't believe you only have 7 weeks to go :) Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy!!!!





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:o:o:o I just relised I need to go shoppn for my secret 1st birthday pressie. I better get that organised on Wednesday when Skye is at daycare. Chris is gettn me some more ink for the printer so I will be printing Willow party invites on Wednesday. I have 20 adults and 10 children so it will be small which will be nice. We are just going to have a bbq lunch with a few cupcakes and fairy bread etc. We are going to get Willow a toybox for her birthday pressie. We don't need anymore toys in this house atm LOL.


Gotta go just sayin hi, Chris will be home soon and I gotta start thinkn about dinner. I do dinner for about 5pm and then we get baths done and dishes done by around 6.30pm.



Tracy :)

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