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May 06 Parents #110

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GOLD-woo hoo, having no life has paid off............i got a gold, finally, its been ages.........boy my life must be sad if im getting this excited over a gold. :blink: Edited by rachandbub

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Kristie- I would try dropping the 9.30am bottle. I give Miky a bottle at 4am, 2pm and then bedtime. SOMETIMES she will have an extra half a bottle if she fiddle farted around with her food and is hungry. Perhaps offer a few more little snacks during the day rather than the extra bottle?


Anni- No worries. The way you were *speaking* sounded so much like me before I started TW. For now I seem to be stimulated enough! LOL!! Oh I would take Tayla swimming too. Snotty noses will happen and as long as you get Tayla out of the pool and dressed as quickly as possible so she doesn't catch a chill, I'm sure she'll be fine. LIke Jeannie said, she'll be KNACKERED after it!


Britt- Oh I'm getting my hair cut today too! YAY!!! I can't wait to get it all hacked off!! It's driving me insane!! It's been sooo hot here, I just want it off my neck. Not quite sure of the style I'll end up with, but hey. The hairdresser can have some fun experimenting. I dont' mind.


Us- Well, yes I'm off for a haircut!! Then to a TW party. My TW party for tonight was cancelled so now we're going to a mates 30th bday party! WOOHOO!! Prolly won't be out too late though if miss muffet doesn't want to...


Oops. Gotta go do some work on DHs computer. He forgot to load word, excel etc on to my computer..> Silly ditz!


Edited by *MikyMonster*

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(o) (o) boobies

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HI girls,


Well I had a lovely time at the hairdressers, I got some foils, had my eyebrows and lip waxed and nearly fell asleep while she was massaging my head. That was nearly the longest time I've had to myself since Hunter was born. How sad is that!!


Then I got home, and dh has gone to do a sewer connection job. Gee I wonder if we will have more than 5 minutes to talk all weekend. I hate when our lives get so busy that we never see each other.


Oh well I'm a bit depressed now, back to the grind of housework and boredom. :(


Britt xx

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Britt: post a pic of the lovely new you! I'm doing housework too (well procrastinating at the moment, lol)




Love Kristi and Vienna

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Gee there's plenty of us procrastinating!! LOL!!


I'm sitting here when I should be packing my kit for my TW party... Oh well... I think I'm prepared. I'll do a checklist in a mo and double check. There's apparently going to be 12-15 people there! OMG!!


DHs gone out to buy some bits and pieces for his still. He's done a brew and it's ready to be distilled. WE've run out of scotch and bourbon, so he's desperate to get it running today so we can stock up. Last time he did a still run was AGES ago!! I was sooo skeptical at first with him making a still, but it has saved us a TONNE of money on buying grog. Tastes pretty good toO!


He's looking after Miky this afternoon. They're going to go and play in the shed together. miky in her portacot... Then we've got a 30th Bday bash to go to tonight! WOhoo!! He's organised a band. I rang to check if it was ok to take Miky along and he said there's no probs except about the band being loud. I told him we have ear plugs we can put in her ears.


It'll be good to catch up with him. He's our old neighbour and he's been travelling for a few months. He's a good mate too. we missed him.


Anyway, this aint gonna get my bits and pieces done!!


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Hi girls,


just want to share this joke with you all



Dear Tech Support,

Last year I upgraded from Boyfriend 5.0 to Husband 1.0

and noticed a distinct slow down in overall system performance


particularly in the flower and jewelry applications, which

operated flawlessly under Boyfriend 5.0. In addition, Husband 1.0

uninstalled many other valuable programs, such as Romance 9.5

and Personal Attention 6.5, and then installed undesirable programs

such as NFL 5.0, NBA 3.0. and Golf Clubs 4.1. Conversation 8.0

no longer runs, and Housecleaning 2.6 simply crashes the system. I've

tried running Nagging 5.3 to fix these problems, but to no avail.

What can I do? Signed,


> >

> > =========================

Dear Desperate:

First keep in mind, Boyfriend 5.0 is an Entertainment

Package, while Husband 1.0 is an Operating System. Please enter

the command: http: I Thought You Loved Me.htm" and try to

download Tears 6.2 and don't forget to install the Guilt

3.0 update. If that application works as designed, Husband 1.0 should then

automatically run the applications Jewelry 2.0 and Flowers 3.5.

But remember, over use of the above application can cause Husband

1.0 to default to Grumpy Silence 2.5. Whatever you do, DO NOT

uninstall Mother-in-law 1.0 (it runs a virus in the background that

will eventually seize control of all your system resources).

Also, do not attempt to reinstall the Boyfriend 5.0 program.

These are unsupported applications and will crash

Husband 1.0. In summary, Husband 1.0 is a great program, but it does

have limited memory and cannot learn new applications quickly.

You might consider buying additional software to improve memory and


We recommend Hot Food 3.0 and Lingerie 7.7.

Good Luck,

Tech Support



I think this is so funny.


Britt xx

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I still feel :sick:

All i had for brekky wast toast with vegemite. DH's sister came over and they all went out for lunch - i slept for 2 hours!!! Now its DH's turn for a nap before he goes back to work tonight. This bug has just wiped me out. I REALLY hope Lola doesn't get it.

Im trying to eat a bowl of noodles (mmmm msg flavour!) they seem to be doing the trick. I soooo dont want to go to the shops to organise some dinner for myself but the house is empty. Ok rambling, off to watch some tv


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JEANNIE> You poor thing! You must be feeling so awful :sick: Good on you for having a nap, 2 hours, thats a massive nana nap!


BRITT> How are you feeling now? I wanna see pics of your new look, bet you feel refreshed! Sorry your feeling down :( I can totally understand what your saying, the last few months have been so busy that Chad and I have hardly spent any time together. It's crap isn't :angry: Absolutley loved the joke! :laugh:


STEPH> You've made me feel so much better, thankyou :) I'd love to have a still, Chad tried it not long ago but it turned out crappy. His mum had a bottle of it stashed in her cellar and she tried it the other day and said it was awsome! We threw it all out thinking he stuffed up but it obviously needed more time to brew :rolleyes: So cute Miky hanging in the shed with her daddy, bet she'll have a ball! Hope you have a great time tonight, we're going to a 30th (BIL) tonight too! We'll be taking Tayla, so will head home when she starts cracking it.


ERIN> LMAO! if my brother and I are out together with Tayla, we get the assumtions and look too, gross! I feel like wearing a big sticker that says "he's my brother". WOW 8 teeth, holy cow! Tayla's only just gettign her third. Hahaha, yeah I was rambling a bit last night about the chickens LOL


KRISTIE> I'm in the same boat with trying to drop a bottle. So far so good and it's only been 2 days. I give her a bottle when she wakes, its usually around 7:30 -8am ish, then sh ehas breakky and a nap and she normally has another bottle around 12pm, lunch at about 12:30 and then another nap. She used to have a 3:30pm bottle but thats the one I've dropped. Instead of a bottle I'll give her a snack. Then she has dinner at about 5pm and another bottle at 6pm. So to sum it up she has a 7am, 12pm, and 6pm bottle. I've also noticed now that I've dropped that bottle she's eating a lot more of her vegies!


Well I've had a GREAT day. Went to swimming, OMG it was fun! She was a little worried at first but soon chilled out and enjoyed herself and in the end was splashing around like an old pro. I really enjoyed getting into the water and doing it too, it was good for my mental state! I also went to the gym this morning and did an extra long, extra hard work out and I feel fantastic. Chads now outside knocking things down and I've made lunch and am about to clean the house while Taylas asleep (yep the swimming totally wore her out!). We're going to a 30th tonight aswell which should be good :smile:

Hope everyones enjoying their saturday!



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Hi girls


Well, it's so nice and quiet at my place right now, DH is asleep on the lounge, Jack is asleep (hey, not sure how long this'll last hehe :smile: )


I went to the Parenting Expo after work today with my gf whose place I went to last night, she's very pregnant and I had Jack so we were pounced on by every bloody stall operator. It was pretty crappy overall, and we were there about 40mins and had seen the whole thing... oh, well...


I got fluffy mail today woo hoo!!! Four of my new pugglebunz with leapard and giraffe prints - so cool. They're now outside drying on my clothes horse - can't wait to try em on :wub:


Steph - babies can be so so rough can't they, I get headbutted by Jack all the time. Funny story about you headbutting a druggie, no wonder he didn't come back hehe :tongue: Sure you'll both enjoy your Marriage Encounter weekend, it sounds like a great idea and lots of fun :)


Anni - yeah, Saturday nights are more of a party night I think, can't wait... Glad you had fun at swimming, and she was fine - enjoy your night out tonight - yummo pizza last night :tongue:


Kristie - how is everything going with your new pergola? I would say maybe cutting out the 5.30am bottle if possible, and giving her one at around 7ish instead... HTH's :smile:


Rach - how sweet of DH to make the kids some furniture. Lot's of fun too :tongue:


Britt - sorry to hear you're feeling down :( - hope your weekend gets better - might you be able to spend time with DH at night maybe? or is he on call all weekend... BTW - love that explanation about boyfs/hubbies - so true hehe - can't wait to see a pic of your new hairdo :smile:


Jeannie - Hope you feel better soon!



BBL tonight after BBQ no doubt hehe :tongue:

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Just went back and read all of your posts from last, so... funny! Sounds like a few of us got on the plonk last night :tongue:


Oh I love this new smilie :evilgrin: Very me :tongue:


I had such a great night last night with the girls. Indian was so good, mmmm naan bread :wub: We all then went next door to this new tavern/bar and danced the night away. We had so much fun! There was a live band playing covers and they were excellent. We started everyone off dancing and I'm sure the band appreciated it because know one was dancing when we first got there!! I didn't get home until after midnight, oops! DH and Cooper were snuggled in bed together when I got home and apparently he was fine for him, typical :smile:


I then had my neighbours baby shower this morning which was great. Had a little too much pecan slice but OMG it was so yummy :tongue: I am getting the recipe and then I will post it because it really was the yummiest slice I have ever eaten. Unfortunately not so good for the WLC :(


Britt Come on, we want to see pics :tongue: I bet that was nice having some ME time, good on you. Reality is always a b**ch isn't it!!


Steph Have fun tonight, sounds like you will! There is nothing better than a live band is there. My brother is a lead singer in a band and we took Cooper when he was only a few months old and he slept through the whole thing. Pretty amazing considering it's heavy punk music!


Jeannie Oh I hope you are feeling better soon you poor love. Bummer about being sick on a sickie LOL :tongue:


Kristie I started giving Cooper a morning and afternoon tea to cut that mid morning feed. So he now has a 6am, 11.30am and 6pm and if he wakes at night I usually just BF him back to sleep. Maybe try introduce snacks and more water during the day to sustain her apetite, it worked for us anyway. Thanks so much for that info/PM I really appreciate it :smile:


Gotta go put Cooper down for a nap BBL :D

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Guest **Slappy**



Im still here, although I am rapidly falling behind since I have no internet at home. Im so lost at home without the internet! Cant wait to get hooked up again.


Guess what?? I got approved for JET childcare! (if anybody remembers me whinging about it) it means I will only pay around $2 a day for each of the girls for childcare, its such a weight off my shoulders, and will save me about $400 per month, so I am very happy :laugh:


Anni - sorry you have been a bit down. I hope you have a better week this week. I know you are down south but if you ever want to meet up it would be great to meet you :)


Beck - Im glad you got out last night! Indian is yummo, I love butter chicken. So not good for my weight though :unsure:


Jeannie - I hope you are feeling better soon! Its not good being sick :(


Britt - post a piccy of your new haircut! I posted one of mine!


Kristi - how do you make your sushi?? I LOVE LOVE LOVE sushi its my favourite food!


Well I got to go out last night with my best friend :D I asked Ray to babysit and we went into North Adelaide to a sushi train restaurant and pigged out on sushi, then we went to the movies and saw 'the illusionist' which was actually really really good. And now I have a thing for Edward Norton again :ph34r: It was so nice to go out, even though we were home by midnight! I really want to go out on the town again with all my friends here and get really drunk :ph34r:


Its kinda scary but since I have been back its like I want to slip back into what I was doing 5 years ago when I left, which was basically drinking lots and going out lots and flirting. But I cant do it now because I have to be responsible waaaaah.


Anyway I should go! I will BBL :)

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Rhiannon Yes I love Butter Chicken too. I just had a Chicken Korma because I was worried about having anything too hot with still feeding Cooper! So glad to hear you went out last night, good on you. Sounds like you had a nice time too!! Good on Ray for taking care of the girls for you!! You should definitely make it a regular thing with your GF!!

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hi girls :D


busy day, went out on my usual shopping trip with my sister, wanted to get some clothes for winter, esp a nice jacket, but the clothes around r sooo crap! didnt like anything. o well...


rhiannon: great about the child care! bet u r so relieved!


beck: sounds like u had a great night out, good on u!


britt: glad u enjoyed being pampered, i got my waxing done today too, my mum is a beautician she just works from home. got a brazilian! :blush: hahah, i dont think id go anywhere else to get it done, but coz its my mum i dont care :tongue: ooohhh i love the head massage part the best!! its so relaxing, nothing better :D


anni: glad swimming went well! its heaps of fun and so cute to see what they do in the water...have fun at the party tonight!!


jeannie: hope ur feeling better soon :(


chels: bummer the parenting expo wasnt that crash hot..have fun at the bbq!


going out tonight to DH's friends bday, so i better get off here and get the kids bathed and organised...taking the portacot for mason to sleep in, which i hope he does coz he hasnt had a great deal today thanks to me shopping for most of it!


will bbl to catch up, masons screaming his head off!


renee xo

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Seems like everyone is going out tonight for birthday parties! Have fun Renee :smile:


I am having a quiet night in. DH has gone to watch Kangaroos vs Carlton at Carrara Stadium so went down the road and got 3 DVD's. I got World Trade Centre with Nicolas Cage, Lakehouse & Devil Wears Prada. Should be fun!! Fingers crossed Cooper stays asleep and I can enjoy some ME time!!


Now! What to have for dinner?? For some reason I am craving Pizza, might order one in! Then again after last nights Indian I probably shouldn't :blush:


Have a great night everyone :smile:

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May 2006 Parents Group



Welcome to the May 2006 Parents Group.



15_2_129.gifOur Babies

15_5_1v.gif Boys: 14 15_5_2v.gif Girls: 21

25th March

comjulia123 (Jules) It's a girl! - Ella Grace @ 33w 6d - 5lb 12oz - HC 31cm, L 48.5cm - Perth, WA


9th April

jodi22 (Jodi) DD Jade Elly (4) It's a girl! - Emily Sarah @ 36w 0d - 6lb 2oz - HC 36cm, L 48.5cm - Geelong, VIC


12th April

4lildarlins (Chris) DD Emma (5), DD Sarah (4), DS Callum (2) It's a boy! - Joshua William @ 38w 2d - 6lb 13oz - HC 36cm, L 50cm


16th April

ribenaberrie (Jackie) DH Jimmy It's a girl! - Jocelyn Ariel @ 38w 0d - 6lb 6oz - HC 34.5cm, L 49cm - Sydney, NSW


1st May

Wickazoid (Angela) DS Xander (3) It's a boy! - Zayden @ 40w 3d - 8lb 10oz - HC 35cm, L 52cm - Wavell Heights, QLD


3rd May

**BuTTerFly** (Kylie) DH David, DD Kloe Taylor (3) It's a boy! - Zack Reily @ 39w 3d - 7lb 8oz - HC 35.5cm, L 54cm - Southern Highlands, NSW


5th May

**Slappy** (Rhiannon) DD Brenna Rose (2) It's a girl! - Bridget Lillian D'Brass @ 39w 0d - 7lb 2oz - HC 35cm, L 50cm - Sydney, NSW


smiliek (Kylie) DH Tom It's a boy! - Thomas Roger Warren Ross @ 36w 6d - 6lb 12oz - HC 33cm, L 48cm - Morley, WA


8th May

geniebottle (Jeannie) It's a girl! - Lola Jorja @ 40w 6d - 8lb 6oz - HC 35.5cm, L 52cm - Sydney, NSW


10th May

jeaniebean (Jean) DS Shaquille (4) It's a girl! - Isabelle Scarlett @ 39w 0d - 7lb 13oz - HC 33.5cm, L 49.5cm - Blacktown, NSW


rachandbub (Rach) DS Jake (2) It's a girl! - Holly Rebecca @ 41w 0d - 8lb 5oz - HC 36cm, L 51cm - Hawkesbury, NSW


11th May

*MikyMonster* It's a girl! - Mikayla Jane @ 41w 2d - 8lb 8oz - HC 36cm, L 53cm - Geraldton, WA


leamacka (Leanne) DS Will (3), DD Lauren (18m) It's a girl! - Amelia Rose Mackenzie @ 38w 0d - 6lb 1oz - HC 33cm, L 51cm - Narrandera, NSW


**LYN** (Lyn) DH Dave, DD Molly (2) It's a boy! - Max Devron Walkerden @ 38w 4d - 8lb 12oz - HC 36.7cm, L 49cm - Sydney, NSW


12th May

TazzieD (Shari) It's a girl! - Emily Grace @ 38w 2d - 7lb 13oz - HC 35.8cm, L 51cm - Brisbane, QLD


15th May

brittlestar (Britt) DH Simon It's a boy! - Hunter Jesse @ 41w 5d - 9lb 0oz - HC 36cm, L 52cm - North Coast, NSW


mumoftwoboys (Renee) DS Jacob (2) It's a boy! - Mason James @ 39w 0d - 8lb 3oz - HC 38cm, L cm - Waroona, WA


carrothead73 (Natalie) DD Emily (3) It's a girl! - Gracie @ 40w 0d - 7lb 10oz - HC 35cm, L 49cm - Sydney, NSW


chloes-ma (Lauren) It's a girl! - Chloe Arabelle @ 38w 4d - 6lb 6oz - HC cm, L cm -


17th May

Kath14 (Kath) It's a boy! - Joshua David @ 38w 6d - 6lb 8oz - HC 33.5cm, L 55cm - Mackay QLD


23rd May

zachsmummy (Sarah) DP Rodney It's a boy! - Zacharius Rodney Muiser @ 41w 0d - 8lb 3oz - HC 35cm, L 54cm - Sydney, NSW


kristies80 (Kristie) It's a girl! - Ella Louise @ 40w 2d - 7lb 8oz - HC 33.5cm, L 49.5cm - Melbourne, VIC


24th May

~coopersmum~ (Beck) It's a boy! - Cooper @ 40w 2d - 8lb 4oz - HC 35.5cm, L 52cm - Gold Coast, QLD


Wowie (Kath) It's a girl! - Luella Elizabeth @ 41w 0d - 7lb 13oz - HC 34.8cm, L 49.3cm - Yarra Valley, VIC


DBear (Dani) It's a boy! - Oliver Alexander @ 39w 2d - 8lb 8oz - HC 35cm, L 52cm - Brisbane, QLD


25th May

mers (Meredith) It's a girl! - Chelsea Ann @ 40w 1d - 7lb 15oz - HC 34cm, L 50cm - Sydney, NSW


26th May

corri (Corrie) DH Justin It's a girl! - Keira Emilie Sebire @ 41w 0d - 9lb 10oz - HC 37cm, L 54cm - Dee Why, NSW


jellybelly1 (Kylie) It's a boy! - Keegan @ 35w 0d - 6lb 3oz - HC 34.5cm, L 48cm - Brisbane, QLD


28th May

Chels13 (Chelsey) DH Luke It's a boy! - Jack Leonard @ 39w 5d - 7lb 3oz - HC 35cm, L 49cm - Newcastle, NSW


MeMimi (Mimi) DH Michael It's a girl! - Alice Eve Cook @ 40w 1d - 8lb 5oz - HC 34.5cm, L 50cm - Adelaide, SA


29th May

*Princess-Coopers-Mummy* (Erin) It's a girl! - Cooper Mikyla McKenna Law @ 40w 3d - 7lb 9oz - HC 35.5cm, L 52cm - Caloundra, QLD


31st May

stirkykitty (Kirsty) DS Clayton (2) It's a boy! - Preston Thomas Charles @ 40w 4d - 9lb 4oz - HC 35cm, L 55.5cm - Beaudesert, QLD


1st June

^Mandy^ (Mandy) DD Nadine (12), DD Brianna (8) It's a girl! - Lily @ 41w 6d - 7lb 4oz - HC 35cm, L cm - Brisbane, QLD


7th June

Binna (Belinda) DS Twins Caelan & Liam (2.5) It's a girl! - Evelyn Lola @ 40w 6d - 8lb 9oz - HC 36cm, L 52cm - North-West Sydney, NSW


12th June

hollybeagle1981 (Kristi) DH Matt It's a girl! - Vienna Rose Lyons @ 41w 6d - 9lb 5oz - HC 37cm, L 57cm - Logan, QLD




11_2_101.gif Mummies Currently TTCing


*MikyMonster* (Steph) ~ TTC #2


hollybeagle1981 (Kristi) ~ TTC #2


corri (Corrie) ~ TTC #2


TazzieD (Shari) ~ TTC #2


Wowie (Kath) ~ TTC #2


brittlestar (Britt) ~ TTC #2




15_2_126.gifMummies Currently Pregnant


ribenaberrie (Jackie) ~ EDD 23/07/2007


jellybelly1 (Kylie) ~ EDD 30/08/2007


leamacka (Leanne) ~ EDD 20/10/2007


**BuTTerFly** (Kylie) ~ EDD 31/10/2007


stirkykitty (Kirsty) ~ EDD 31/10/2007


carrothead73 (Natalie) ~ EDD




*** Don't forget those Pelvic Floor Exercises girls! :)***




Instructions for joining this thread


Please post the following details.

  • Baby's Name
  • Date Born
  • Gestation
  • Weight at birth
  • Head circumference at birth
  • Where you live
  • Details of other children
Instructions for getting MSN Messenger Contact List


You will be sent our group MSN Messenger contact list after you have:

Joined this thread in EB

Provided jellybelly1 via PM your MSN Messenger contact details


Instructions for joining our MSN Group (EB - May 06 Parents)


The MSN group is available for you to post photos, also for chat sessions, polls, etc.

You will be accepted into the MSN group after you have:

Joined this thread in EB

Provided your EB username in your request to join.

The link is EB - May 06 Parents - (use your MSN passport login or sign up for one) and provide your EB Username in your request to join the group.

Feel free to upload pictures to the MSN Group, but please put your EB login name as the first word in the name of the image for easy identification.




Anyways changes or updates, let me know. :)


As we've recently had a rollcall, if you are no longer on the list but wish to be, please PM me. :)



Edited by ribenaberrie

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Yes it did go well thanks Kylie. $700 for starters and 1 party. I hope it turns into 2 though.


Well, DH is busy bathing Miky and having a ball. She's such a giggle pot while waiting to be bathed. The little wench went and put her knee in her pooey nappy though! :rant: NOT HAPPY!! Ended up wasting a heap of water trying to get the poo off, the bath was still running. Sheesh...


Am off to mates 30th in a minute. Should be good with the band and all. We'll take the ear plugs for Miky, but I have a feeling she will flake it pretty much when we get there coz she's soooooo tired. She usually sleeps through really loud music too.


I have a feeling DH wants to come home and Snuggle so it might not be a late one for us... LOL!!



Best head off and get dressed. Oh, not too impressed with my hair cut, but give it a week and it'll be fine.


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HI girls,


Well Dh, Hunter and I had a lovely nap together this arvo, and then we went to Tennis and came home and cooked Surf and Turf. It was so nice. We got Hunter to sleep and got to have a snuggle (as Steph so nicely put it :tongue: ).


So I'm feeling better now, I have been chatting to dh non-stop all night, because we havn't seen each other much this week, so I've missed him. I have friends, but they arn't super close friends, and I think cause DH is my best friend, when he is busy doing extra work etc, I just feel a bit down. But thanks for your concern girls, I am all good now.


Beck - Did you like The Devil wears Prada? I thought it was good.


Renee - Lol about you getting a Brazilian, I would be the same, I couldn't get one. you are lucky your Mum is a Beauty Therapist. Bummer you didn't get any nice clothes. The fashion has turned to sh*t at the moment.


I'll see if Dh can get a pic of my hair tomorrow, we'll be all dressed for the wedding so it will be a good time.


Kylie Jellybelly - I love the movie Italian Job!!


Chels - Oh cool more fluffymail for you. I have been talking more with dh about MCN, he seems to think it is a great idea, let me know how your new pugglebunz go!!


Anni - Tayla sounds like she had a ball at swimming, I agree it is good for the mental state. I was talking to a friend of mine tonight and she tells me that there is baby gymnastics near where I live, so I'm going to try to take Hunter. I need to get out of the house more through the week. I'm so bored of being at home. Hunter adores swimming, and he always crashes out after it too. It is so good for them.


Steph - Well done with your TW party. Hope you had fun out watching the band.


goodnight mummas and bubbas.


Britt xx

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Meredith-did you end up going to the Fiddler?

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sprung...... :blush:


Yeah it was a great night. The girls were all really nice. We had a yummy dinner and then went into the Woolshed to dance to the live band. They were pretty good too. I got home just before 11pm but some of the girls were still partying on.


Climbing into bed now.


Night All

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Hi girls!! Well it took me about 3 hours to make these.. (but some of it was design process :tongue: ).



Blue paw Pocket


Inner of pocket (this bit lies flat i just opened it up so you could see)



Blue Paw PUL cover



I am definately still designing! The PUL cover ended up with a small waist, i need to make longer side tabs.. am going to try it on vienna tomorrow :).


But i lurve the pocket! If I had a boy I'd keep it. Fingers crossed it works well.


Lucky spotlight has a 20% off everything sale this weekend!! Off to the shops!! :D


But I've run out of PUL.. so no more nappy making for me this weekend :( .


(Steph: did you see I topstitched? hehe.. I topstitched the other love heart pocket as well. I agree it looks better.)


Ok, going back to read the thread.


Love Kristi and Vienna

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Good morning!


I must be the only unlucky one to be sitting home by myself this early on a Sunday morning - well Dh is only out the back but he might as well not be here. Hopefully they will finish our pergola frame today and then I can have him all to myself tomorrow (long weekend in Vic).

Ella had a terrible night last night woke almost every hour from 1am - 7am. I think her tooth is really bothering her, her poor gum is so swollen and red and you can see the tooth trying to push through. I just wanna break the skin for her :(


Britt - Glad you and Dh had a nice time last night. It is so hard when they work alot, sometimes i feel like Dh misses out on so much cause he's always working. I love hearing about your little family naps, i could never sleep during the day. My body just wont do it - would be nice though.


Kristi - I love the pocket! If I used cloth and if i had a boy.......lol


Steph - You are doing so well with TW - you must really have a knack for it. Good on you!


Renee - How crap is the clothing out there at the moment? When i went on my mini shopping spree it was kinda depressing cause there was not too much that i liked. All 80's and 90's stuff :sick:


Beck - Hope you enjoyed your "me" night last night? How'd you like the movies? I hope my PM helped, any more questions im happy to try and help


Rhiannon - Congrats on the childcare rebate thing. Must be such a relief for you


Jeannie - Hope you are feeling better today


Alrighty Ella should be asleep but i can hear her carrying on. Bet she is standing up. Cheeky thing :evilgrin:

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I almost finished my wool soaker crocheting last night! I was up until 2 a.m. :ph34r: Another thing to be addicted to.. hehe. And then before I went to bed I found out I had AF :( , so no bub for us this month.


Okies, gotta go get some brekkie.. bye!


Love kristi and Vienna

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Hi girls


Oh, we had a really bad night last night :sick: My dd (8) has picked up a vomiting bug from somewhere - wall to wall spew :sick: I've been reading still, but not really up to much of a reply this morning, been washing bedding, clothes and lounge suite last night and this morning :o

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