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May 06 Parents #100

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GOLD FOR OUR No 100!!!



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Guest **Slappy**



Ok now I have claimed bronze will go back and actually write something lol.


Last night DH called. He was supposed to be out at sea until this afternoon. So I was surprised and asked if his ship had docked early... and he said no, he was in hospital. :o I asked why, he something lame about 'lack of sleep'.


So now I am worried that he has tried to kill himself. He has done so before, many years ago as a teenager, and he has quite self destructive characteristics. It just doesnt make sense. The ship is not going to come all the way back to land, to put him into hospital for 'lack of sleep'.


So. Either he went in on sunday or monday and just hasnt called Brenna for a few days. Or he has tried to do something stupid and has been in hospital sick for a few days. Or he has tried to do something stupid on the ship and they have come back early to take him to hospital.


I dont want to jump to conclusions, but I dont believe the lack of sleep tale. So now I dread telling him about the child support. Plus I need his help to fill out the stupid paperwork to get all our stuff over here. Bah.


Wish me luck because I need to call him soon.

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Kick up the butt :cry:


I just tried to post in the other thread because I had been attempting a post since about 7.30am this morning!! Luckily it saved it for me :tongue:




It's a rather strange morning here, cold and miserable. We are having some wierd weather here at the moment. One day its hot and humid and the next day it's actually quite cold and rainy :wacko:


Yesterday after Mothers Group I went and helped my younger brother buy his girlfriend a Valetines present, it was so much fun. He ended up getting her a really nice ring and bracelet set. It was gorgeous. Plus he got her a long stemmed red rose. I was helping him choose a card also. There was so many funny cards. There was this card that had an old couple sitting on a couch and then when you open it up it said "Fancy A Bonk" god we cracked up. But I cracked up even more when I found out last night that was the card Mum got Dad, ohhh gross :sick: Anyway his GF was organising their night and I'm pretty sure from what she told me they were going on a picnic somewhere so it will be interesting to see how the night went. I am tempted to ring him now but I think it's still a little too early LOL :tongue:


I'm going over there after lunch anyway to have my training session. We haven't been able to do it for a couple of weeks so I am hoping I don't pass out :laugh: Hopefully he will spill the beans :tongue:


Dani Good luck with getting Oliver into another FDC. Your poor DH would have been shocked seeing those pics :( I wish we lived closer because I would have loved to have minded Oliver for you on Wednesdays!


Lyn Love the new sig, just gorgeous. Cooper has developed the seperation anxiety as well. Some days are worse than others. This morning for example I went to put him down with some toys so that I could get breakfast organised and he grabbed onto my singlet and starting crying Mumma, the poor thing didn't want me to put him down, he has never done that before :( So of course I just gave him loads of cuddles and distracted him and then he was fine LOL :)


Well I started this post over an hour ago and now Cooper is due for a nap, so I better go BBL :smile:

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May 2006 Parents Group



Welcome to the May 2006 Parents Group.



15_2_129.gifOur Babies

15_5_1v.gif Boys: 18 15_5_2v.gif Girls: 24

25th March

comjulia123 (Jules) It's a girl! - Ella Grace @ 33w 6d - 5lb 12oz - HC 31cm, L 48.5cm - Perth, WA


9th April

jodi22 (Jodi) DD Jade Elly (4) It's a girl! - Emily Sarah @ 36w 0d - 6lb 2oz - HC 36cm, L 48.5cm - Geelong, VIC


12th April

4lildarlins (Chris) DD Emma (5), DD Sarah (4), DS Callum (2) It's a boy! - Joshua William @ 38w 2d - 6lb 13oz - HC 36cm, L 50cm


16th April

ribenaberrie (Jackie) DH Jimmy It's a girl! - Jocelyn Ariel @ 38w 0d - 6lb 6oz - HC 34.5cm, L 49cm - Sydney, NSW


1st May

Wickazoid (Angela) DS Xander (3) It's a boy! - Zayden @ 40w 3d - 8lb 10oz - HC 35cm, L 52cm - Wavell Heights, QLD


adum (Amber) DS Kobe (2) It's a boy! - Zane @ 39w 0d - 9lb 6oz - HC 37cm, L cm - Sydney, NSW


3rd May

**BuTTerFly** (Kylie) DH David, DD Kloe Taylor (3) It's a boy! - Zack Reily @ 39w 3d - 7lb 8oz - HC 35.5cm, L 54cm - Southern Highlands, NSW


5th May

**Slappy** AKA BrennaBoo (Rhiannon) DH Ray, DD Brenna Rose (2) It's a girl! - Bridget Lillian D'Brass @ 39w 0d - 7lb 2oz - HC 35cm, L 50cm - Sydney, NSW


smiliek (Kylie) DH Tom It's a boy! - Thomas Roger Warren Ross @ 36w 6d - 6lb 12oz - HC 33cm, L 48cm - Morley, WA


Nessy72 (Nessy) DH Nick It's a boy! - Xavier Ryan Petti @ 38w 3d - 7lb 2oz - HC 33.9cm, L 50cm - Oakleigh, VIC


8th May

geniebottle (Jeannie) It's a girl! - Lola Jorja @ 40w 6d - 8lb 6oz - HC 35.5cm, L 52cm - Sydney, NSW


9th May

Babyhugs () DS Austin (8), DS Ethan (6) It's a girl! - Amelia Raquel @ 41w 4d - 7lb 14oz - HC 36cm, L cm - Wagga Wagga, NSW


10th May

jeaniebean (Jean) DS Shaquille (4) It's a girl! - Isabelle Scarlett @ 39w 0d - 7lb 13oz - HC 33.5cm, L 49.5cm - Blacktown, NSW


rachandbub (Rach) DS Jake (2) It's a girl! - Holly Rebecca @ 41w 0d - 8lb 5oz - HC 36cm, L 51cm - Hawkesbury, NSW


Shellw () DD Gemma (3) It's a girl! - Alyssa Rachael @ 40w 6d - 7lb 12oz - HC 37.5cm, L cm - Brisbane, QLD


11th May

*MikyMonster* AKA Captain Cremin (Steph) It's a girl! - Mikayla Jane @ 41w 2d - 8lb 8oz - HC 36cm, L 53cm - Geraldton, WA


leamacka (Leanne) DS Will (3), DD Lauren (18m) It's a girl! - Amelia Rose Mackenzie @ 38w 0d - 6lb 1oz - HC 33cm, L 51cm - Narrandera, NSW


**LYN** (Lyn) DH Dave, DD Molly (2) It's a boy! - Max Devron Walkerden @ 38w 4d - 8lb 12oz - HC 36.7cm, L 49cm - Sydney, NSW


12th May

TazzieD (Shari) It's a girl! - Emily Grace @ 38w 2d - 7lb 13oz - HC 35.8cm, L 51cm - Brisbane, QLD


15th May

brittlestar (Britt) DH Simon It's a boy! - Hunter Jesse @ 41w 5d - 9lb 0oz - HC 36cm, L 52cm - North Coast, NSW


mumoftwoboys (Renee) DS Jacob (2) It's a boy! - Mason James @ 39w 0d - 8lb 3oz - HC 38cm, L cm - Waroona, WA


champersgal (Shannon) DS Thomas (3) It's TWIN girls! - Lily @ 33w 4d - 5lb 7oz - HC 34cm, L 47cm & Ava @ 33w 4d - 5lb 8oz - HC 34cm, L 47cm - Brisbane, QLD


carrothead73 (Natalie) DD Emily (3) It's a girl! - Gracie @ 40w 0d - 7lb 10oz - HC 35cm, L 49cm - Sydney, NSW


chloes-ma (Lauren) It's a girl! - Chloe Arabelle @ 38w 4d - 6lb 6oz - HC cm, L cm -


17th May

Kath14 (Kath) It's a boy! - Joshua David @ 38w 6d - 6lb 8oz - HC 33.5cm, L 55cm - Mackay QLD


22nd May

mamashan () It's a boy! - Charlie Lewis @ 41w 2d - 9lb 4oz - HC 34cm, L 54.5cm - Adelaide, SA


23rd May

zachsmummy (Sarah) DP Rodney It's a boy! - Zacharius Rodney Muiser @ 41w 0d - 8lb 3oz - HC 35cm, L 54cm - Sydney, NSW


kristies80 (Kristie) It's a girl! - Ella Louise @ 40w 2d - 7lb 8oz - HC 33.5cm, L 49.5cm - Melbourne, VIC


24th May

~coopersmum~ (Beck) It's a boy! - Cooper @ 40w 2d - 8lb 4oz - HC 35.5cm, L 52cm - Gold Coast, QLD


Wowie (Kath) It's a girl! - Luella Elizabeth @ 41w 0d - 7lb 13oz - HC 34.8cm, L 49.3cm - Yarra Valley, VIC


DBear (Dani) It's a boy! - Oliver Alexander @ 39w 2d - 8lb 8oz - HC 35cm, L 52cm - Brisbane, QLD


25th May

mers (Meredith) It's a girl! - Chelsea Ann @ 40w 1d - 7lb 15oz - HC 34cm, L 50cm - Sydney, NSW


26th May

corri (Corrie) DH Justin It's a girl! - Keira Emilie Sebire @ 41w 0d - 9lb 10oz - HC 37cm, L 54cm - Dee Why, NSW


jellybelly1 (Kylie) It's a boy! - Keegan @ 35w 0d - 6lb 3oz - HC 34.5cm, L 48cm - Brisbane, QLD


cheeky-lil-monsta (Erin) It's a boy! - Dylan Robert @ 43w 5d - 6lb 9oz - HC 35cm, L cm - Darwin, NT


28th May

Chels13 AKA Chelsey-May (Chelsey) DH Luke It's a boy! - Jack Leonard @ 39w 5d - 7lb 3oz - HC 35cm, L 49cm - Newcastle, NSW


29th May

coopersmummy (Erin) It's a girl! - Cooper Mikyla McKenna Law @ 40w 3d - 7lb 9oz - HC 35.5cm, L 52cm - Caloundra, QLD


31st May

stirkykitty (Kirsty) DS Clayton (2) It's a boy! - Preston Thomas Charles @ 40w 4d - 9lb 4oz - HC 35cm, L 55.5cm - Beaudesert, QLD


1st June

^Mandy^ (Mandy) DD Nadine (12), DD Brianna (8) It's a girl! - Lily @ 41w 6d - 7lb 4oz - HC 35cm, L cm - Brisbane, QLD


7th June

Binna (Belinda) DS Twins Caelan & Liam (2.5) It's a girl! - Evelyn Lola @ 40w 6d - 8lb 9oz - HC 36cm, L 52cm - North-West Sydney, NSW


12th June

hollybeagle1981 (Kristi) DH Matt It's a girl! - Vienna Rose Lyons @ 41w 6d - 9lb 5oz - HC 37cm, L 57cm - Logan, QLD




11_2_101.gif Mummies Currently TTCing


*MikyMonster* (Steph) ~ TTC #2


hollybeagle1981 (Kristi) ~ TTC #2


corri (Corrie) ~ TTC #2


TazzieD (Shari) ~ TTC #2


Wowie (Kath) ~ TTC #2


brittlestar (Britt) ~ Unofficially TTC #2




15_2_126.gifMummies Currently Pregnant


ribenaberrie (Jackie) ~ EDD 23/07/2007


jellybelly1 (Kylie) ~ EDD 30/08/2007


**BuTTerFly** (Kylie) ~ EDD 17/10/2007


leamacka (Leanne) ~ EDD 24/10/2007




*** Don't forget those Pelvic Floor Exercises girls! :)***




Instructions for joining this thread


Please either post or PM me the following details.

  • Baby's Name
  • Date Born
  • Gestation
  • Weight at birth
  • Head circumference at birth
  • Where you live
  • Details of other children
Instructions for getting MSN Messenger Contact List


You will be sent our group MSN Messenger contact list after you have:

Joined this thread in EB

Provided jellybelly1 via PM your MSN Messenger contact details


Instructions for joining our MSN Group (EB - May 06 Parents)


The MSN group is available for you to post photos, also for chat sessions, polls, etc.

You will be accepted into the MSN group after you have:

Joined this thread in EB

Provided your EB username in your request to join.

The link is EB - May 06 Parents - (use your MSN passport login or sign up for one) and provide your EB Username in your request to join the group.

Feel free to upload pictures to the MSN Group, but please put your EB login name as the first word in the name of the image for easy identification.




Anyways changes or updates, let me know. :)


As we've recently had a rollcall, if you are no longer on the list but wish to be, please PM me. :)



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I should be getting ready to go to a meeting but I just read Dani's post and saw the pics and I just had to reply.


Dani - I nearly :cry: when I saw Oliver's arm! Poor boy! I haven't gone on to read any other posts yet but I hope he is OK and not in too much pain. Those bruises look nasty! I can't imagine how hard that boy bit him.... and twice! :o I think you definitely shouldn't take him back to that FDC again. I know kids bite and things like this happen, but where was the adult? I can understand if he got bitten on one arm, but both? :unsure:


Also Kylie - Congratulations!! Wishing you an uneventful 9 months! Will add you to the list when I get back! :)



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Good morning,


I have mothers group this morning and am so totally unorganised, still in my pjs and havent done anything. Next week will be even funner cause its at my house :wacko:

Work this week was good, went really fast although I am totally exhausted by the end of it. I know its only 2 days but its hard.. Then the other lady I work with wont be back in till monday and my boss asked if i could work today and tomorrow, which i told him i cant cause i have no-one to mind ella. Hes like just bring her in with you which of course i declined. ggrrr men.. do they understand that babies need naps, feeding, attention and i cant just sit her in a corner for the day :wacko::wacko:


Dani - I was thinking about how of course some kids just bite and theres nothing you can do about it. But for Oliver to have 2 bites... he obviously would have cried after the first bite so how was there time for a second bite. Why didnt the lady come running when she heard him scream (cause it would of hurt like hell...) sorry not to keep going on about it.. Also how does Oliver go having his naps at childcare. Thats my biggest worry for when Ella starts, whether she'll actually sleep there.


Beck - Your Dh is such a sweety! Sounds like a lovely night, food & alcohol what more do you want..lol


Erin - Have you done a test? Maybe it is just stress... Good luck finding an apartment too.


Lyn - Max sounds just like Ella. My mum said that Ella will give me a "run for my money" cause she's started being so cheeky too!


Rhiannon - Is there anyone you can call to confirm your ex's story? Why not just ring the hospital as his wife and they should give you some answers. Good luck calling him too.


So sorry to everyone else. I know ive missed heaps the past two days but have made the realisation that my EB is from Thurs - Mon and that will have to do..

Have a great day mummies!!!!


ETA: Beck - PMSL at your new sig.. hilarious!!

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Kristie - Your boss cracks me up :wacko: Yeah sure Ella will just look after herself, no problems. :tongue: I can nearly imagine my old boss from the Eye Clinic saying something like that, anything to get staff.

Have fun with your playgroup today.


Lyn - Your new sig is beautiful, Molly and Max have gorgeous eyes.


Dani - My MSN keeps playing up on me...just wanted to let you know I'm not ignoring you.


Rhiannon - Lack of sleep, hmmm never heard of that one before. I hope he hasn't done anything silly, esp for the girls sake. He really needs to think about the consequences and how it will affect them for the rest of their lives. He's made his bed and has to lie in it. Good luck ringing him.


Beck - your little brother sounds so sweet. I love your new sig. Awww Luke was nice to set the table for you and give you a rose.





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Guest **Slappy**

Kristie - He is probably in a military hospital so I cant just ring up and demand answers. Especially since they know we are separated!


Britt - in all fairness they *might* admit him to a military hospital if he is extremely run down and cant function at work. Its just the whole circumstances that sound dodgy...


Well I rang him and he was in an 'important meeting' and is going to call back later. Sigh. I just want my furniture so I can move out of my mums house and get on with life!

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Hi girls


I am soooo nervous about today I feel sick! I can hardly type cos I am shakey. Silly I know. I am also thirsty but was not allowed to have anything to eat or drink from 7am. I had a drink of water at 7.10am - naughty me!


Jellybelly - you lucky thing - how sweet!!!


Slappy - hope your DH is ok and you can speak to him soon.


Kristie - that is so funny your boss said bring Ella with you. You wouldn't have been able to do any work. A lady I work with who has been at my work for 15 years said she used to bring her newborn baby in to work with her and she would sit in her rocker or sleep in the pram or go for walks in the park with her boss while he was havng a ciggie break. Gosh how times have changed!!!


Beck - love the new sig! How cute!


We had another screaming match when Ella went to bed last night. I think she just gets really upset when DH works late and she only gets to spend 10 minutes with him b4 she goes to bed. I was going in and trying to calm her down but she was too busy looking out the door to see if DH was coming too that me trying to settle her didn't help much at all. DH ended up doing it and she was ok for the rest of the night.


Have a good day girls - might BBL

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Guest **Slappy**

Ok so I spoke to him and he said its for 'sleep problems' and laughed at me when I asked if he had done anything stupid :unsure:


Then he starts going on about the CS when I told him and arguing that I will get the same amount whether he pays it or Centrelink :huh: Ok whatever makes you feel good!

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Beck I LOVE your new signature. It is just too funny!

Rhiannon How exactly does he think he will get out of paying the CS at the amount they have said? He might be in for a rude shock. Big hugs to you! I know this must be so hard for you.

Max is sooooooo needy today. I have to go to a funeral this afternoon for my Great, Great Aunt who passed away last week at the grand age of 94. DH worked until 7am today so I will need to take the kids with me and I REALLY hope that Max is quiet while we are there! It is only a short service with a celebrant so it should be OK.


Kristie Yeah right you wiuld get a lot of work done if Ella was there LOL


Gotta go and get organised.



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Back again :laugh:


Well Cooper has definitely taken well to the new routine - TOUCH WOOD :tongue:


This week I have been trying to cut out a daytime feed so I have started putting him down for a nap earlier than his usual 10am and I put him down at 8-8.30am and he has his 2 hours. Then when he wakes up I give him a morning tea and lots of water and that ties him over until lunch and then I give him a BF about 12pm and lunch about 12.30-pm!! It has been working really well because he then has another nap in the afternoon around 2pm when he would normally be having a BF. Fingers crossed it stays this way, I hope I haven't jinxed myself again LOL :tongue:


Rhiannon Oh gosh I sure hope your DH hasn't done anything silly. Especially for the girls sake! Good luck having the CS conversation :)


Lauren Sounds like Chloe will be walking any day then. Such a clever little girl. If you want me to do you a sig I can, just PM me some pics :)


Jules Good luck today hun, will be thinking of you :)


Kristie I had to take Cooper into DH's work when he was younger when I was helping them out. He was great actually but there would be know way in hell I could do that now. He would drive me bonkers and I wouldn't get any work done. I hope your boss understands!


Lyn Sorry to hear about your Aunt :( , I hope everything goes smoothly this afternoon :)

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HI girls,


Lyn - Sorry to hear about your Great, Great Aunt's passing. She really did live a long life, 94 is how old my Nan was when she passed away. Hope the kids are quiet for you.


Lauren - I sort of can't wait for Hunter to start walking, but I guess then I'll be running after him trying to keep him out of mischief more than I am now. I just can't wait to give my back a break from carrying him.


Rhiannon - Sorry, I know that people get admitted for insomnia and other sleep problems but it just sounded sus the way he said it. Like if us Mummies were admitted to hospital for lack of sleep, we'd be permanently in hospital. :p


I'm going to get my hair cut and coloured today, and not by my MIL who usually cuts my hair. Yay, Yay, I can't wait. If I am turning 29 tomorrow, I have to get rid of the grey's and actually look like I deserve to still be in my 20's. I did a happy dance when I made the appointment this morning, I love to be pampered, I'm so sick of trying to colour my hair at home, I always miss parts. Hunter cracked up laughing at me dancing.


Jellybelly - Your Dh is super sweet, those pancakes sound so yum.


Jules - You'll be fine, I am always nervous and crying and silly when i go to Theatre. I can't help it, I always say, "knock me out quick" otherwise I cry, it is embarrassing because the Theatre staff are my Colleagues :blush: .Good luck darl'


Dani - How is Oliver today, are the bite marks still as bad?? Poor darling bubba. Give him a big hug from me and Hunter.


britt xx

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Britt Good for you!! LOL at the greys. Don't worry you are not alone. I have loads of greys and I'm only 26. I think it's the dark hair. What are you doing for your birthday tomorrow ??? Have fun at the hairdressers :smile:

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Guest **Slappy**

Well he rang back again and the conversation was not pretty. He was crying and saying I have ruined his life and any future prospects he has as he wont have enough money for anything.

And that I have screwed the girls up totally as 'its well known that kids from divorced families are emotionally damaged'


Its really hard, I was doing so well and he has undone it. Im worried he is going to muck around with getting the paperwork done for the move. Not so much out of vidictiveness but because he will put it off. Meanwhile I am paying rent on a house I cant live in and living with my mother. AND I checked and centrelink has already adjusted my payments based on the CS estimate, so now I am getting even less, but not getting any CS yet. Its not enough now to even cover all the fortnightly expenses :(

And I have always been financially independant it sucks to have to rely on centrelink and my mother.


I feel like eating a block of chocolate now :rant: I think I might just go and buy one...

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Guest **Slappy**

Very true Erin. I am from a 'broken home' and I think I turned out ok ;)


I went out and bought Brenna a happy meal for lunch and got myself a big cheeseburger. AND chocolate chip cookies. AND coke. :blush:

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hi girls


im at work, just sneaking on quickly during lunch, what an addict!! hehe


rhiannon: hope the whole suituation works out for u, very frustrating when u just wanna get on with your life! enjoy your maccas hehe yummo


Britt: happy bday for tomorrow incase im not on. im 28 on sunday, gettting close to 30 now oh nooo :(


ok sorry for no more personals, gotta eat my lunch, only get half an hr. i feel sick today, just really off-ish, plus had bad heartburn. my sister wants me to do a preg test, but its really not possible since im on the pill and just finished AF a week ago...might be a virus or something maybe....


bbl when im home from work

renee xo

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Rhiannon-sounds like you have had a cr@p day. Does sound a bit weird that he is in hospital for a sleep thing, especially being in the navy, you cant even take a day off for the flu so i think it sounds dodgy. Cant believe what he said to you, wasnt he the one who initiated the break up anyway??? Glad your maccas made you feel a bit better. I was thinking about you yesterday when i was planning my trip to my nans birthday party on saturday, its in Coogee just near where you used to live.

Beck-your new sig is great.

Britt-bet you cant wait for that hair appointment, last time i had mine cut was in August last year. Maybe i should try and make an appointment sometime soon.

Kylie-yum pancakes sounds nice. I just got an email from one of the playgroup mums saying that there will be a pancake lunch on base on Tuesday for pancake day, think i should take the kids after playgroup.

Lyn-sorry to hear about your great great aunt. Hope the kids are quiet for you at the service.


Me-took the kids to the playcentre today so they are now both passed out from exhaustion. Met my SIL, brother and their kids and my SIL mum there. We had nice chicken wraps for lunch there,im so full. I was a bit horrified though, Holly was crawling around in the baby area then she came from behind a toy and she had a dummy in her mouth.........ewwwww, i grabbed it out of her mouth and went over to this lady who was having coffee and i said does this belong to you, she goes oh yea and i said well my daughter just had it in her mouth and she said oh thats ok. I felt like saying it may be ok with you but its not ok with me, especially when the little girl who owned it had green snot streaming down her face into her mouth.. :sick::sick::sick: Personally i wouldnt let Holly have her dummy in that sort of surrounding where any other child could get it. I think i might have a little climber on my hands. Holly walked up the vinyl slide which is about my waist height. Not the side with steps but the actual slide side. She looked like a little mountain climber, she didnt have socks on so her feet just stuck to the vinyl really easily and up she went. :o I couldnt take my eyes off her for a second whilst we were there.

Edited by rachandbub

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Oh My goodness!! Have you seen the threads in the 2006 section?? what a weirdo!!! I hope she gets sorted whatever she feels she needs to say...


AND I made THE EASIEST chocolate cake I've EVER made!! I'll tell you how it tastes tomorrow. If it tastes any good, I'll post the recipe. It took 5 minutes to cook in the microwave!! Now that's my sort of cake!!


Bloody hell... Mikayla's STILL asleep... I might go try and wake her up...


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Steph-what threads, i cant seem to find anything?

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They're gone now.


There's a Mrsi causig troubles in the October group. It will be interesting ot follow!! LOL!! THe poor girl who's on the receiving end though...MY goodness!!

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I saw them too Steph, you have to be quick these days dont you.


I hope my MIL didnt read this, although if she did it might break the ice with discussing a few things hehe. She still wouldnt get it though :angry:


Love you all


Leanne xo

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