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2 Embies tx/Twin Stats Please

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IVF#1 - 9 eggs collected, 7 fertilised, 3 survived to 5 days

1 fresh embryo transferred - unsuccessful


FET#1 - 2 remaining embryos transferred - unsuccessful


IVF#2 - 9 eggs collected, 6 fertilised, 2 survived to 5 days

2 fresh embryos transferred - twins (boy and girl) due 6/3/08


Nerissa xx

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IVF # 1 no tx due to OHSS risks

4 embies frozen


FET # 1 - 2 x 4 day embies (both compacting, one at morula stage)


BPF 19/11/07 18DPO hCG 1127


Twins due 24/7/2008 - two sacs and two heartbeats seen 30/11/02

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2 FET transfers = Twins on the way!!

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I have had 7 stim cycles, all BFN.

3 FET, and fell pg with twins on the 3rd FET.

HCG 787 17 DPO

I believe Prednisone to be my miracle drug.

Due on the 9th June 2008, cannot wait!

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35yrs old, Tubal & MF IF


ICSI#1 2005, 2 x 3 day embies - BFP fraternal boy twins

FET#1 March '07, 2 x 3 day embies - Singleton M/C 8wks.

FET#2 May '07, 1 x 3 day embryo - BFN.

ICSI#2 June '07, 2 x 3 day embies - BFN.

FET#3 August '07, 2 x 3 day embies - BFN.

FET#4 September '07 Cancelled - P4.

ICSI#3 October '07 - No Follicles.

ICSI#4 November '07 - No Follicles. Changed to FET 2 x 3 day embies - BFP fraternal twins, EDD 11th August 2008.

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I had two embies transferred at day 3 on our first IVF attempt (after 4 failed IUI's) and we now have 2yo boy/girl twins.


Last June FET, had one Embie transferred at 5 day blasty, BFN.


Fell preg naturally following cycle!

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We had:





2 fresh embryos transferred=1 boy (now 9 months old)


Good luck with your research.


P.S. Grub - we were in the same BG - IUI and beyond. So glad to see you on this side of things!

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June 2007 IVF 3/ICSI 1, 2 fresh embryos tx, one beautiful baby girl born 7 March 2008.


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IVF #3 2 x Blasties transfered = 1 beutiful Healthy baby GIRL

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I have always transferred 2 or 3 :wacko: , due to age.


Had 3 IVFs, transferred 2 each time BFNs


5 FETs transferred 2 three times and 3 the other times all BFN


At age 40--4 th IVF (using ICSI due to poor fertilization in 3rd IVF)transferred 3, 2 really great one not so good. BFP at last and gave us DS and DD1 (9 days before my 41st bday)


FET 2.5 yrs later, thawed 3 to get 2 for transfer Yippee another BFP and surprise we got DDs 2 and 3


ETA a few more details :)


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Hi, Ivf for 16 years, at first always had 3 embryos good quality but first three pregnancies early miscarriage.Then 2005 2 blastocysts lost my little girl Storm at 20 weeks, 2006 2 blastocysts my little girl Skye decided to come at 19 weeks and again we had to say goodbye... 2007 2 BLASTOCYSTS AND 2 BEAUTIFUL LITTLE BOYS KANE LIAM & JARRAH KAI now 7months SO NEVER GIVE UP IT WILL HAPPEN MY BABES HAVE PROVED THAT

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2 embies transferred first attempt = twins!

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On our first attempt at IVF, we transferred 2 x 2 day embryos and had our boy/girl twins in June '07.

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My DH and I transferred 2 embryos on our 2nd IVF/ICSI attempt. We were blessed with a Son and a Daughter born in April 08. How wonderful our life is. Couldn't imagine it without them.

Shell. :):wub:

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I think the stats for 1 embie is 45% and for two its 55%. Of those that get pregnant its 25% get twins.

I have done 9 transfers

1-7 nothing.

no 8 - transfered 2 embies and pregnant with one girl (SB)

No 9 - transfered 1 embie and pregnant with one girls (now 2.5) - would have gone two embies but only got one.


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Normal IVF cycle (5years worth) nothing (single transfers)
11/07- icsi, hatching,embryo glue, Blast, 2 embys transfered= M/C @ 6w5d twins
7/8-icsi,embyro glue, Blast, 2 embys transfered = twins

Lets hope these little ones are stickers

Ali :wub:
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On our 8th FET we had 2 blasts transferred one stuck but split and we are having identical twin girls.

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On our 5th attempt we transfered 2 x 5 day blasts (we had always used 2 embies but this was the first time we went to blasts) at 6 weeks we found out we were expecting twins...


At our 8 week scan we found out we were having triplets :o (they had split before that however one was hiding behind the other so wasn't able to be seen at the 6 week scan)



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IVF 1 - transferred 2 day 3 embies - BFN

(blighted ovum)


FET 1 - thawed 3, transferred 2 blasts - BFP :D (now DD)

(refroze 3rd embie)


FET 2 - transferred two blasts - BFN


FET 3 - transferred one (last one left) - BFN

thawed 2 but only one survived


I feel my lining is our issue, as we have good quality embryos but don't get the BFPs. The time I did conceive was the FET straight after an early loss, so my hormone levels were higher and my lining was better.

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We transferred 2 embryos with our donor cycle (only were able to transfer 1 embryo in all 3 previous cycles using my eggs) and I'm pg with twins!

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Drop Dead Fred

We tx 2 x day 2 embryos and i'm pregnant with 1 bub :D

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Guest domestically~challenged

I did 3 single transfer resulting in x1 chemical pregnancy and x2 BFN's.


I then did x5 double transfers resulting in x4 BFN's and then x1 BFP twin pregnancy.


I did grow to Blast for the first time for my successful cycle though.

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After years of TTC, 4 failed IUI's we transferred 2 embies on our first go and we got twins. That was back in June 2005, so they are now 3yo.

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Hi, I have tried two real IVF attempts (IVF with EPU and transfer) and the first attempt - 1 fresh embryo - BFN.


In April, transferred 2 frozen embryos - and having twins!


I feel like I've won the lottery after 4 years ot TTC!

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After 2 years of TTC, endo, PCOS, Clomid, IUI's, we did first round IVF in June.


We transferred two Day 3 Grade 1 eight cell embies and got BFP.


6w2d scan showed 2 good size sacs and 2 heartbeats. Am now 7w and everything is crossed they both stick.


Like previous poster said, feels like we've won lottery.

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