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Trading, Party Plan and Events

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Both Kylie, the Site Owner and Admin have discussed the advertising of a party Plan Evening on the forums and we have decided that the best option is to place these events into the Events Calender.


To be able to place this in the Events Calender, the member must:


1. Have more than 50 posts

2. Not be the Demonstrator

3. Email all details to myself

4. Must have Pms enabled to allow mebers to PM them for details

5. Must not themselves post in State threads or elsewhere about this, as I will make a short post in the "What is on thread" in the appropraite State Thread



I will be making a post in all State Threads in regards to the above decision.


My email is:




I hope these will work for everyone concerned.

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Hi all.


With the new Trading Rooms now open for business, it has become necessary to revisit the rules for linking to items from the State forums.


As before, direct trading is not permitted under any circumstances in the ACT and other State Forums, this includes any tickets for concerts etc as well.


You may post a link to an item posted in the Trading Rooms from the ACT forum if the item is PICK-UP ONLY and is not practical to post. When linking to an item in the trading room, please remember:

  • When posting in State thread the title must contain only the the words Pick Up and the forum title, such as Baby Items, Nappies, Household Items/Toys, Wanted, Clothing etc .

  • The body of the post must only contain the link.

  • Bumping in State threads is NOT permitted.

  • Pick-up is ONLY for large items that are not practical to post, any other thread will be removed

  • All questions must be asked in the Trading Room thread not the State forum thread.

  • Once the thread is started and a link placed, the forum moderator will lock the thread. It will remain open for view, but not replies.
Of course, links will not work unless you have access to the Trading Rooms.



For information about how the Trading Rooms operate, including how to apply for access to trade, please see this forum.


Freebies should be posted in the Freebies forum. As with items for sale, if the item is too big to post, you may also add a link in the ACT forum.


Posts about Pets may be posted in the ACT forum only if the pet is free.


You may also offer your pets free in the Your Pets forum. Pets may not be bought or sold on the Essential Baby forums.


If you have any further questions please feel free to PM me.

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