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James Anthony

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I thought I would share my positive birth experince.


My waters broke early at 1am Tuesday 3rd of September which made me so excited as it meant my baby was coming early. However by 8am the Wednesday we were still waiting for something to happen so the doctor decided to induce me.


At 3.30pm that day they started the drip. I didn' feel my first contraction until 6pm that evening. They started off being about 5 minutes apart and coming down to 1 minute apart in 3 hours. By the 4th hour I decided I needed something for the contractions, tried gas and threw up so I went for the ped. and fell asleep for the next 3 hours, when I finally woke up it was time to push already after 7 hours. They told me because I was so relaxed I dilated quicker.


Once the pushing stage began the pain from the contractions left and it wasnt as bad as I had imaged. After an hour and half James was born. It only felt like 30 minutes.


James was 8 pound and 4 oz and born at 2.13am 5th September.


I found the whole experince very positive and sometimes wonder what I was scared of. I'll do it again one day.







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