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Emma Elizabeth Chong

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Well this is a month or so after but i thought i would just put my story up on the board.


I was at home and in the shower and i wasnt feeling to good and i had quite a bit of swelling and thought my BP was high and was very stressed so i decided to go into the hospital for a check and it was a day before my due date. My bp was 170/110 so it was very high so they decided to get me in and induce me the next day. So a night of check ups they decided it was time to break my waters and get things moved along. The contractions were very painful. It lasted for about 7 hours and i was getting very tired but then something wonderful had happened i was 10 cm and it was time to push after awhile i just didnt want to push anymore and i was fighting with the doctor and hit my partner in the face..lol i kept on asking for the doctor to use the forceps but then i gave in and in about five minutes Emma was born i was in tears and my partner well he couldnt move for a few mins we were just so happy to see our little girl she weighed in at 8 pound 10 ounces and her APGAR scores were 9 and now she is a wonder and the best thing i have ever done in my life. Text


Merissa <BR>EDD:14/08/02<BR>

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