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Employment Opportunities rules

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Hello all.


Welcome to the Employment Opportunities Forum.


This forum is for members wishing to seek people for employment purposes, either in home based businesses, domestic duties or otherwise. The jobs posted in here must be of a legitimate and legal nature.


The rules of this forum


* - Employment Opportunities Only. This is NOT a forum for you to promote your business. Any attempts to solicit members will result in your post being removed from view. This includes sole traders coming in promoting their services such as day care centres, baby sitting, photographers, party plan consultants,recruitment agencies etc. The forum is for people wanting employees, not clients.


Signatures are not to include links to businesses and competition sites.Business names are not to be used for usernames.These will be deleted if seen.


Please note in view of an increase in the no of new members coming into promote their businesses it has been decided that members need to have a minumum of 50 posts before they submit a post to this forum.


* - Members that are interested in your listing/job are to contact you personally, either through email or using the PM system. Do not post your personal details on the forums. This is for your own security and safety.


* - Keep details brief and encourage members to contact you for more information.


* - If you are seeking work, please visit the Seeking Employment forum. Remember that this forum is for those looking for employees, not employers.


If you have any queries on whether something you are going to post is within guidelines, please contact a moderator or ask in the Messages to Mods and Admin forum here: http://www.essentialbaby.com.au/forums/ind...hp?showforum=29


Good luck!

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