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? about Monofeme pill.

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I am just wondering if anyone uses Monofeme contraceptive pill. And if you do, have you ever skipped your period while on it? I ask this because (obviously :wacko: ) I am up to day 4 of the sugar pills and so far no period this month. I haven't been sick, I have taken all my pills at the right time, and we only actually bd once all month on day 6 of the cycle. I don't really think I would be pregnant, but I have always had my period when on the pill before. I have been taking monofeme for 6 months now and this is the first time I haven't got my period. Any idea's? Anyone take this pill and NOT get their periods at all? The instructions say that you may not have a period but I find this weird as I always have before! Oh well, I am open to all suggestions! LOL.


Thanks in advance.

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