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June 2WW #3

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Oh sh*t Roz, I've just read your post. I'm so sorry... I've ranted & raved and didn't even see your news. I'm just so, so sorry.



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Roz, I'm so sorry to hear your news, wish I could do something to make you feel better. It's too cruel when AF is late on these cycles.


Take care of yourself, I'm thinking of you.

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Guest ckrmum

Roz, I'm so sorry that you haven't had success this time ... it's just not fair at all. Chin up (after a good cry) and remember we're all here for you. (((hugs)))




DS 22/4/04.

TTC#2 - Day 19 of medicated FET cycle ... transfer 8/6. :gasp:

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Hi Roz -

I am so sorry to hear your news. Not fair at all. Just sucks. Look after yourself today, don't move from that couch (unless it is for retail therapy), eat lots of chocolate and have a nice BIG drink tonight.



PS: I am on my work ID I forgot my password for 6749! Whoops!


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Hi Everyone


Well, I had my transfer yesterday. The news isn't great as my embies did not defrost well. One had only 50% cells survive, so they defrosted the other one and only 60% cells survived. They were both still alive when we arrived so they put them back but I don't think there is much hope. Even the doctor wasn't that optimistic.


But you never know - I'm not giving up hope altogether. My beta is 16th - the day AF would be due. Do you think I can POAS before then???


I'm going to read back over the thread now and catch up on all your news. Hope everyone is well.



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Oh Ali I'm so sorry :(

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Hi girls,


I had my ultrasound today and they found 38 follicles and a bunch of small ones that they didn't count. Apparently I've overstimulated and they don't want to do a fresh transfer this cycle as the risks are too high. I won't be able to do a transfer until August. I just can't believe this is happening to me. I'm still in shock as during my IUI cycles I didn't respond very well. I'm feeling quite sore and I'm terrified of what is going to happen over the next week or two.


Alichris - I'm so sorry you got a BFN. I will probably be joining you in the August group. (((hugs))


Mel - I hope that the cramps are your little embie making itself comfortable. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


Mum2brodie - I'm so sorry that you didn't get the amount of eggs you needed for PGD. ((((hugs)))) Is there still a chance that they might be able to get one?



DD (Clomid baby)

TTC#2 since August '03

Clomid 100mg for 5 months

HSG 8/04 - tubes blocked. Lap 8/04 tubes unblocked

3 IUI's - BFN

IVF#1 - Injecting since 27/5

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Hi Girls,


Roz so sorry to hear of your news. It's always hard getting a bfn after trying for so long I have been ttc #1 for four and a half years so I have an idea as to how you feel at the moment. Sending you a big (((hug))) and hope you are feeling better soon.


Ratty glad to hear all went well today.


Felicity sorry you are feeling miserable sounds like you had a rough day. I really hope that having six means that they are good quality. Hope they ring you with good news on Wednesday, will be keeping my fingers crossed.(((hugs)))


Alison good on you for staying posotive I really hope that your two embies make it.


Karen you've had a rough day too. Sorry to hear of your cysts I hope they settle and you can still go ahead with your cycle. As for the endo my aunt also had it and her naturopath told her to drink aloe vera juice it is supposed to help with scar tissue. She tried it (said it tastes revolting) and at her next doc appointment was told there was no endo. Wether it was that or just luck I'm not sure but I thought might like to know.(((hugs))) to you too.



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Guest ckrmum

Finally got my results ... I swear I must have been the last on the list to get them, lol. :)


Anyway, it is all systems go for my FET on Wednesday. The clinic was looking for a progesterone level of 30 and above and mine was 44. So I'll soon be in my first 2ww since August 2003.


Best wishes to all.



DS 22/4/04.

TTC#2 - Day 19 of medicated FET cycle - transfer 8/6.

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Oh no, so much sad news today girls. I'm so sorry.


Roz - I don't know what to say. You're such a solid rock of support. It sucks BIG TIME that you have to go through all this. Stay on that couch, they can do such a world of good in times like this. I'm so sorry.


Felicity - I replied in our PGD thread, but again... I'm just so sorry the numbers weren't there for you this time. You must be at a loss as to what to do from here? Are they going to go ahead and ICSI the eggs anyway?


Alichris - I'm so sorry to see your news too! And when you said "August" I thought that was so far away, but really it's only two months. They will hopefully be super quick months for you to get through. Good luck with the weight loss.


Mum2Lara - where did that come from?? Gosh, you poor girl. Do take care, and please be very gentle with your body. Do they say that drinking loads (still) is good to keep it at bay? What level of FSH were you on, was it much different this time?


Alison - I really really hope you have success. Remember, weird and wonderful things happen all the time.


Karen - bloody doctors!!! Have you heard anything further about whether this cycle will go ahead? You must feel so angry and deflated about all this. Thanks, will def keep your situation in mind if back-to-back cycles are ever suggested to me.


Firni - well, phew! See we can plan and predict all we like... and it's normally not even necessary in the end (though we never know that at the time). I'm so glad it looks like you're heading for a double transfer!!!


Mel - please don't tell me you're having af-like feelings. La la la la *covering ears* I'm not listening.



Ok, now for my update: I've spoken to our lab this arvo. All three embies are still with us. A 5, a 6 and an 8 cell emby. The 5-cell popped a 6th right at the last minute so they have been able to biopsy two cells from each. I only hope this doesn't cause any of them to arrest. The good news about this is that we have a control cell for each emby, which hopefully will rule out the need for a CVS which I'm dead against doing (she says optimistically given that she might not even get as far as transfer day!).


Now the final nauseous wait... we get results by lunchtime tomorrow. Btw, been told to start taking Metamucil - it seems the Crinone is giving me alternating "runs" and constipation and my stomach churns all day.... I asked if it could just be major stress. Nurse didn't think so. What do you girls think? Anyone ever had this on Crinone?


Hi and sorry to anyone I've missed, I don't know if I'll be posting much over the next few days. I can hardly think straight! Soooooooo anxious.

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Ali sorry to hear of your bfn.


Helen good to hear everything is going well. Goodluck for Wednesday.


Mum2Lara Its not fair sometimes is it. I hope August comes along quickly for you. Hopefully a little rest will result in a bfp for you.



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HI Girls


Just popped on quickly to try and catch up, Roz and Ali I am so sorry to hear of your BFNs. Look after yourselves and we're right here for you.


Kirril - great news on your embies so far. it will be an anxious wait I suppose until tomorrow, I so hope that there is one perfect one there for you.


Firni - great news!

Karen - I'm so sorry that this has happened!! what a flaming nuiscance that it wasn't properly discussed with you by your doctor. I don't know what to say I'm afraid but I will bear it in mind if its suggetsed to me. I'm sure I have heard of other girls doing back to back though?

mum2lara - take care of yourself, what a bummer. I'm worried about this happening too but I suppose there's not much you can do. August will certainly be here in a jiffy.

felicity - I'll have to ditto what the others have said and hope that quality is the answer for you. Thinking of you and hoping...so sorry you are so down.

mel - again, cramps can be a good sign, my fingers and legs are crossed!

alison - hopefully the two on-board will jump into action now they are with you.

ratty - fantastic about your blastie!!

flick - hope epu went well, can't see any othe rposts from you yet about further news but I'm hoping its all ok.

Tracy - we're on the same track now, can't see a post from you today , how did your test go?


Not much news from me, my first test was today (day 3 of stimms) and my est is 206 which is good apparantly. scan and test on friday with EPU sometime end of next week. Don't really feel well today, just down and grumpy so I'm off home now.


sorry if i missed anyone, love and hugs to you all.

sarah xxxx

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Wow, I lot has happened since yesterday, I'm sorry

though to be reading so much unhappy news.


Roz and Ali, SO sorry for your BFNs, was so hoping to

come in to find some big fat BFPs from you this

afternoon. Look after yourselves and we are also here

for you on the virtual couch for plenty of hugs


Mumtolara, hope you are OK, so sorry about your

devastating news too. Look after yourself, I hope the

time flies by for you.


Felcity I hope its quality vs quanity, and as I've

said before, 6 is my lucky number so dont give up!


Kirril that sounds REALLY promising, very happy for

you. Good Luck!


Ratty, some good news at last !! HURRAY! so happy the

blastie is aboard. He or she is bound to be a trooper

just like mum!


Firni hope you've got a little winner there, exciting!

good luck to you too.


Sarah, I am lagging behind this time, my E2 levels are

only 173 at day 5 (today), going up to 250 dose of

puregon as of tomorrow so hopefully will catch up

again! I hope it doesnt mean I wont have a good



Karen, bloody doctors, sorry his advice backfired for

you. Hope it goes ahead after all and thanks for your



flick , hope the epu was a success and you're resting

up now.


alison, hope those littlies are growing big and



mel, the cramps are a good sign! Fingers crossed.


Thats all for me, hope my ovaries stop lazing around

and spring into action. My e2 of 176 sounds pathetic

for a day 5 result from what i can gather. I hope I

get a decent batch... upping the dose of puregon as of

tomorrow so hope that helps.


tracy x

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Roz & Ali, Im really sorry to hear your news today, and sorry to say that I'm joining you - the stupid witch visited today - BFN for me as well. Been holding it together whilst at work but now can let it out - it sucks hey - feeling really gutted right now...


Well to the rest of you guys I wish you all the very best of luck in the world for your cycles, I'll be following this thread with interest - bring on the BFP's.


Hope you are ok Roz and Ali


All the best




Me: 36

DH: 46

Endo, High FSH, Vasectomy

ICSI #1 Cancelled-Poor Response

ICSI #2 Transfer 25/5/05

Blood Test 8/6

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Smiles, Roz & Ali - so sorry to hear of your BFNs. Take care of yourselves at this awful time.


Tracy - sending your ovaries "get up & go" vibes. Hopefully the increased dose will get things going.


Sarah - good luck with the stimming and EPU.


Kirril - I hope you get good news tomorrow. I personally think the upset stomach can definitely be stress related! It usually is in me.


Helen - all the best for Wednesday.


Mum2Lara - sorry to hear about the OHSS. I hope you feel better soon and that the time passes quickly for you.


Mel - sending you "af stay away" vibes. When are you planning to hpt? I am only 1dp5dt and I went and bought a bunch of hpt's today. My beta is next Thursday (the day AF is due) - I thought I'd be naughty and start testing from Monday. A bad idea????


Felicity - so sorry to hear you only got 6 eggs. I am hoping for the best for you and that you get at least 1 to transfer.


I hope everyone else is doing OK.



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Smiles, Ali and Roz - So sorry to hear your horrible news. I feel gutted for you. Look after yourselves.


Sarah - glad stimming is going well


Tracy - hope those ovaries spring into overdrive soon!


Mum2Lara - wow! I am sorry that you aren't going to get your transfer this month but just think, with all of those eggs you could have years of FETS!!!Hang in there!


Mel - how is the 2ww going? One week today for me - I am cooking up a storm to keep my mind off it. Hope you're well!


Suzi - hope the time is flying and headaches aren't too bad.


Flick - good luck with EPU tomorrow


Ratty - congrats - divide and implant little one!


Firni - How'd ya go? Hope you have a couple of great embies nestling in.


Alison - my Dr wasn't positive with me either but I have heard of cases like yours where the embies took so try to stay upbeat.


Felicity - sorry you are so upset, hoping you get the results you need for a transfer.


Helen - good luck with FET Wed - very exciting!


Kir - will be thinking about you tomorrow lunchtime with everything crossed.


I'm doing pretty well - no symptoms either way yet, I think the loooong weekend will be the worst!


Sorry to anyone I missed.




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***Edited by Roz***

Edited by StillRoz

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smiles I hope today you're feeling alittle better.


Sorry about your BFN yesterday.



MF and a tardy endometrium

TTC#1 - 4xICSI, 1xFET and 1xIUI

Happening now - IUI 27/5 and Blast FET 6/6

BT 17/6

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Whew - I have a lot to catch up on. I think this thread is busier than the May 2WW!


Ratty, as I've said in another post, I'm so happy blast is on board! Keep up with the Prog - are you sure you're getting enough! ;) (ps TGIF means thank god it's Friday)


G, glad to hear things are going well.. Hang in there.


Smiles, Ali & Roz - there are no words. It's cruel & disheartening, and my heart goes out to you all. I hope you're coping. Please remember our 'shoulders' are here for you to cry on.


Tracy, I really hope the increased dose does the trick with your ovaries.


Sarah, sorry to hear you were a bit down y/day? Are you ill? or is this all just getting to you? Totally understandable either way!! Hang in there..


Kirril, it sounds like you got some good news y/day! :) I hope it continues at lunchtime today. Try to stay sane. It's hard I know. Um, I get the runs too, but it's from the Metformin I think, not necessarily the Crinone, so I can't help you sorry.


Helen, all the best for your FET tomorrow!!! Wow, yes it's been a long time between drinks for you :)


Suzi, thanks for your words & the tip on the aloe vera! Hmmnn, I'm willing to give anything a go, so I might just try it. Thanks. Hope those headaches are calming down. Synarel's not the nicest stuff is it.


Mumtolara, I'm sorry to hear of your u/s results. August does sound like a lifetime away. Take care.


Mel, I hope you're wrong about AF being on the way. The last few days are so difficult. Fingers crossed for you.


Felicity, I'm terribly sorry. We have such high hopes & they can get dashed with a click of the fingers. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme nor reason for why we do so well on one cycle & not the next. I really hope they fertilise & things can proceed. Thinking of you.


Alison, sorry too to hear your frosties didn't thaw so well, but you sound good & optimistic which is wonderful. I'm glad you went ahead with the transfer - you just never know. I hope the 2WW is bearable & the 16th arrives AF free.


Firni, how did transfer go y/day? What happened with your 3 frosties? I hope all is ok.


Lifesgood, I had to laugh at your Italian christening lunch - hmmnn, my in-laws are Italian - I know *exactly* what you mean :) I'm a bit the same re: levels - I'm only now (after 3 ICSI's) just starting to learn a tiny bit about levels. I've always just rolled along & done what the nurses told me. You're not alone!


Tintin, hope your BT confirms all is ok today & you can start jabbing.


Flick, best of luck for your EPU today. I hope things change & you're able to proceed to transfer. I really feel for you. Take care.


Steph, I hope you're hanging in. You're nearly there.


Michelle, glad to hear the jab wasn't as bad as you'd anticipated. I actually quite enjoy mine now :p


I want to thank you all for your support y/day. My transfer is going ahead on Sat despite the cysts & the size of the ovaries. I have my doubts about this & whether it's in my/embryo's best interests, but.. I'll go along with it for now. I just hope the embryo thaws. My last 6 didn't, so... ?


Till next time,


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smiles, ali, roz.... How're you going? Hope you're getting through the worst of it. Deepest sympathies...

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Hello all, I've been missing for a few days and I can't believe how much has happened. I guess it's a very busy week this week.


My update - FET tomorrow. I can't believe it's here already. They start thawing my blasts today (I'm so nervous about that I could cry. Please, please, please let them make it.


Sorry no time for personals as I'm at work but will be back on tonight and catch up with everyone then.


Wishing everyone a good day.


Me 31

DH 29


TTC Dec 03

5 x Clomid

1 x IVF - BFN

FET - 8/6

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Smiles so sorry to hear of your bfn, take care.

M&C goodluck for tommorrow.



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Sorry to hear about all the sad news here today, Big (((hugs))) to all you girls.








Me 30 DH 35

2x DD


TTC 3yrs


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