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Friday fluffy - relationship deal breakers (lighthearted)

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What I had to accept about DH

  • That he is unlikely to shut a drawer or close a cabinet door in the kitchen without a specific verbal reminder (which used to be a gentle "Hon, can you please ..." but is now less than polite sometimes ...).
  • He will always needs a DIY project. Always. (Sometimes I have to dream up a DIY job just so he doesn't deconstruct something else that is perfectly okay.)
  • His preference for a floordrobe and/or his own personal Mt Washmore.
  • His total reluctance to submit tax returns ( I found out AFTER we go married, it just about killed me! When I met him, he hadn't submitted a tax return for nearly 7 years. I have managed to get him to do tax returns every 3 years or so, I think that's as good as I am ever going to get with him. )

Things that DH has learned to accept about me

  • I can't go away for a holiday (or even a long weekend, for that matter) without having all housework up-to-date, such as all rooms tidy and neat, floors mopped/vacuumed, bathrooms cleaned, all washing up-to-date and put away, etc)
  • That when we get back from a holiday, I need everything unpacked and put away before I flop down and relax (it honestly doesn't take that long, but half unpacked bags lying around the house for days/weeks just about does my head in)
  • I don't drink coffee. Or beer. 
  • I am a night owl. Always have been, I suspect I always will be.


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