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Tidying up

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I wanted to share my story because it is not ideal and certainly nothing I am particularly proud of but it is reality.  Also my kids have ASD so the problem with cleaning up was about transitioning from one activity "play" to "change the room around" to "evening routine" which may be going on with other kids.

Every evening we would do try the whole clean up thing jammed in between play and evening and it was a debacle would cause tears and drama.  So we changed it over so in the morning breakfast, get dressed etc then clean up everything before we started again. After a long while (six months maybe) of doing this they actually got to know what cleaning up is and learned the technique so now they can do it after play. We still aren't great at transition overall so if it has been a particularly hard day I don't push it.

Maybe reflect on why they are having trouble. Is it because they don't know where things go, is it transitioning, is it a big grumpy stressfest?  I'd suggest reflecting on the issue and picking a response to match.

When the house has been a total tip doing a clean up time lapse video on the iPad has also worked.

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