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Anyone here with Von Willibrands?

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I have been diagnosed with type 1 late in life, it has been an aahhh moment for so many issues in my life.

I had one appointment 6 months ago at the haematology clinic which was my first appointment discussing my issues. Today I had my second one, they told me at my first they suspect type one but today I was told my bloods looked like type 2 last time but more like type one today (phew). 

I'm going for a ddavp trial in a few days, has anyone had this? I'm kind of nervous. 

My bleeding has got a lot worse as my skin seems to thin with 'old age'. I have some horrid bruises that I'm thankful I can explain why.

My biggest plus is that I have a genetic iron disease that I'm a carrier but I have high iron which people with the blood disorder have problems with having low iron.

Basically I'm pretty healthy...

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