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help with garden lighting.

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I'm doing heaps of work in our very very neglected garden. We have ripped out a pond and bridge. What is left is a path that doesn't connect (connected to bridge). What I have decided to do is make a garden bed with a flowering plum tree (I think it is) to match one already in the garden (I'll get it matched at a nursery).

My biggest question is that we have a power point sticking out the ground (weather proof). At the moment it is covered in big rocks because if the dog found it she will pull it out (ouch). What I want to do is plug in a garden light to uplight the tree. Only problem is that I can't work out if I can do this, I've done a google and it seems that I need to put in a transformer????  I will also need a cage over the light (hello dog lol).

Can I just buy a light plug in and light up the tree? or do I need an electrician? Due to DH not working I need to do this on the cheap -  but safely.

So far I'm happy how our neglected garden is going, we may need to sell if DH work keeps going the way it's going :(

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