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How would you react to this?

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I'd be p*ssed to start off with but later no doubt be rolling around in hysterics.   I'm pretty tough on my kids behaviours but things happen & it's really not worth dwelling on. (I dont say that to be mean or rude or anything tho)  As parents we beat ourselves up way too much. 

I remember when I was around 11 and we where taken to the park that had a pond, we where told explicitly not to fall in! Guess who did! 😛

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Not a big deal in my family either. 

I'd really only be annoyed if I didn't have a change of clothes for said wet child lol. 

I don't think it's reasonable to think that a 9 year old would make those connections either. 9 year olds are not in control of all of their impulses yet. 

To be honest, it sounds like you're having a hard time and this was a 'straw that broke the camels back' type situation. 

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