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Does anyone think state borders will open before Christmas?

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53 minutes ago, purplekitty said:

I'd like some transparency around how SM comes to his definitions and decisions. 

Show us the working.It always seems out of left field to what most experts think.

That’s very polite 😆

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Just Another Cat
9 hours ago, livelifelovehappy said:

I say this as someone with relatives in. VIC we really wanted to see for Christmas... I am so worried that they will open borders for Christmas to NSW and cases will explode. People will be desperate to travel after all the lockdown, will drink, ignore social distancing in homes and travel around. Nobody wants to be the politician who cancelled Christmas. Look what's happened over European Summer.

At the same time, when do they open? It has to happen at some stage.

I don’t think NSW will be able to justify the border closure with VIC much longer. Regional VIC has so few cases and is essentially cut off from Metro VIC, more cut off than NSW and the ACT. 

SM made a big deal about QLD declaring all of NSW a hotspot. By his own definition of a hotspot the border with regional VIC should be open now! 


I’m not saying the border should be open now, just observing the double standards SM has. 

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