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Rescue Chihuahua

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Don't lose heart OP.  My friend has a rescue chihuahua and she is a very chilled out cruisy dog , a good watch dog but friendly to all. She actually changed my mind about the breed, because I had memories of my great aunt's 3 chihuahuas being aggressive and bossy, but in retrospect it was everything to do with their treatment (e.g. left in the car when she visited my Granny. This was in Ireland, so no issue with overheating btw).

I have a different dog breed, it took her months to toilet train but we got there in the end.  Agree with the poster above to reset and treat it like puppy training again.  Some things that helped me were:

• Being mindful of the likelihood of a need to pee after a change in activity. So, upon waking up, after a vigorous play session, about 20 minutes after a meal. And being ready to take her outside after those changes.

• Taking her outside, maybe on the lead, and standing there, being boring, until she pees spontaneously. Then fly her back into the house lavishing praise on her and give her her absolute favourite food, lots of hugs and "Good Girl!!!" feedback. The first couple of times I did this it was a big wait. But I took her to the same spot in the garden to lock in the association. And said "Go pee" every time. And always had bacon or something similar to reward her.. And one day hallelujah it just clicked! Now at night time I can open the door and say "go pee" and off she goes. And throw in "Good GIRL!" to hurry her up once she's finished (she rushes back for her treat).

•Clean up messes quickly and with no drama (just a calm "No, Fido" if you catch her in the act, and remove her outside to finish). And use an enzyme cleaner for pets, to remove the 'invisible ' smells.

 I borrowed just about every book on dog training from the library when we got our dog.  I highly recommend Lucky Dog Training by Brandon McMillan. He specialises in training and rehoming rescue dogs in fact his own dog is a chihuahua rescue. Lots of very gentle positive reinforcement (I think he used to be a zookeeper). He said that chihuahuas are in the top 3 breeds in shelters because they can be a challenge for novices, but he has nothing but praise for the rewards they bring if handled sensitivity.

Good luck!


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