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First IVF cycle advice please

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Hi all looking for advice & support as a newbie

Hubby and I have TTC since his vasectomy reversal in Jan 2019. Just started my period after our first IVF cycle. 17 eggs collected at EPU, 12 fertilised but only one made it to freeze stage. Dr was worried about OHSS so I’ve had a freeze all cycle.
Such a roller coaster ride already

How soon can I do a FET? 
Any do’s or do nots? 
I’d love any advice or stories anyone would like to share about their journey. 

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Pregnancy mentioned....







I'm pregnant with my second IVF baby. Both were FETs from embryos frozen from my stim cycle in 2016. 

We had freeze all as we did PGD on our embryos. 

Bub no.1 was from my second FET. I had a FET the cycle after my stimulated cycle but that one didn't take. 

Bub no.2 is my second FET this time around too (seems to be the way my body works). I had one in Jan and one in Feb. 

They will probably allow a FET when your next cycle starts but may want to do bloods etc to ensure all is settled. The protocol depends on your body. Some do natural FETs where they jusy do bloods and scans to time the transfer for 5 days post ovulation. 

I do medicated FETs. So I take a smaller amount of drugs like a simulated cycle, have the bloods and scans and they do the transfer 7 days after they trigger me/5 days after o. 

I then have a pregnancy test 11 days after the transfer. 

Happy to answer any questions you like :)

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I believe you can do your FET your next cycle. Ie the current one your are in. 

their are Medicare rebate issues if you EPU was less than a 26 day cycle but I believe that’s not an issue if you don’t have a fresh transfer. 

but it really does depend on your clinics protocols. 

call you nurse and ask. You should be recording your day 1 anyone. And they will let you know if you have to wait a cycle or not. 

I sorry for the roller coaster already. 

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Welcome Nic. I’m in the same boat (TTC post vasectomy) and after our second round (13 eggs) we only ended up with one day 5 embryo.

I’ve not had a FET, but I was on the cusp for OHSS and the nurse told me I just needed to have one period if they didn’t do a fresh transfer.

There is a buddy group in this forum where everyone discusses where they’re at and what they’re trying and you’re more than welcome to join.

I wish I had advice or tips! It’s a crazy ride. I’ve just booked some time off for when we have our third EPU so I can take it easier!

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