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How many hours of fortnite does your child play? How many hours a day , weekend or total hours for the week?

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No fortnight here but minecraft and Pokémon games. 

My 11 year old “gamer” “earns” his 45 minutes of screen time by doing his 10 pages of English and 10 pages of Maths daily. Yes, he happily does his work on the weekend too. He is fine with the arrangement because all other 10 and 11 year olds at school get more screen time BUT they do tutoring for selective school exams plus group coaching college so they all have A LOT more homework to complete every day compared to his Maths and English. He realised that if he wants to play hard he’ll have to work hard.

He usually uses his allowance on video games but sometimes chooses TV or an episode of his favourite animated series.

He does get a free movie once or twice a week though ( Friday night and/or Saturday) but it is in the language he’s learning, not in English.

He is allowed to watch/play with no time limits if we are travelling and flight/drive/train trip takes longer than 3 hours. Boy, does he like the idea of flying to the US or Europe! 

So all in all it is up to 9 hours of screen time + 5 hours of online lessons a week which is a lot, I think. We had to opt out of school’s online learning during March-June as it was too much. Printing out everything was more manageable...

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