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Menstrual cups

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I am using the Tom organic right now actually. I have a very low cervix and am using size 1 as the cup length minus stem is the same as the low cervix Juju model. 

It is nice and soft and I only feel it sometimes. I did chop the stem off as it sits low.

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25 minutes ago, Tinkle Splashes said:

I tried one a couple of times but both times I couldn’t get it out! My fingers are slightly on the short side, and I literally could not reach the rim to break the seal to pull it out. Am I the only one who has had this happen?

Agree with this...

14 minutes ago, Serapod said:

Bear down a bit and it should move lower enough to grab the stem/bottom to squeeze and break the seal

but also I don't reach the rim when removing I just grasp the base together and that bends it enough to break the seal at the rim.

That said I have now got Thinx, Bonds and Tom period underwear and I think I am giving up the cup anyway!

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