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Removing face-fuzz, how does one go about this?

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I just went and got a phillips electric mens shaver. That works.  They dont get blacker , just blunter like PP said - no idea why my legs did change to black. Maybe thats just normal.

I tried plucking and all it did was delay the regrowth by a day or two.  same as waxing and then I had a sore red face and pimples when they grew back a day or two later.  Cream takes too long also.


so shaving it is for me

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8 hours ago, Lesley225 said:

What do you mean by a men's shaver?  An electric one?

No just a disposable razor blade I forget the name it’s the one with 3 blades.

I need to use it maybe once a week in the shower no shaving cream or anything.

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