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Bethlehem Babe

What podcasts are you listening to?

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I am not a huge podcast listener, but they are perfect for when I'm doing the dishes or driving alone. Some of these are videos, but I listen rather than watch.


Dr John Campbell (Covid-19 stuff)

Triggernometry (hosted by two British comedians, covers sometimes controversial topics that mainstream media won't touch)

Roots and Refuges Farm (homesteading/gardening)

MI Gardener

LDS Prepper (for the Gardening tips)

Charles Dowding (no-dig/organic gardening)

Huw Richards (gardening)

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3 hours ago, Just Jack said:

I juat finished this series, and enjoyed it. Why were you disappointed by Dolly? 


Also, anyone else with podcast recommendations would bw great - so bump!

I listened months ago so the specifics escape me but I remember being disappointed about some of her political positions I guess - and perhaps her refusal to engage in some. I remember the Dixie Stampede episode and I seem to recall it was about the fact they changed the name but all the pageantry continued to still play on those confederate tropes?

I also specifically remember her I’m not a feminist bit. You act like one so label it a support the cause. 


if you want a short time waster Dave O’Neil and Kitty Flanagan are rating junk food - they love it and are rating their favourite. 
It’s called The Junkies. 

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Posted (edited)
7 hours ago, doubledelight said:

Have you listened to Cold?  Dark Poutine and Canadian True Crime (hosted by an expat Aussie) and RedHanded are also good.

I couldn’t get into Cold. Canadian True Crime and RedHanded are both  on my subscription list, but I have a bunch of titles that I haven’t even listened to. I have fairly limited listening opportunities and now that I’m not even commuting, it’s even less.

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"Ladies we need to talk" with Yumi Stynes is good. It broaches a wide range of topics about things that you would only talk about with a very close female friend.

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This is a great thread. Just getting into podcasts - 

So far likeing 


Roots and Refuge gardening 


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