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Your pettiest Covid-19 whinges

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On 02/08/2020 at 6:06 PM, *bucket* said:

There isn't a Boost within 5km of home, and I want to try the new Strawberry Cheesecake one  😢

I sent my teens off on the weekend for a long walk with the dog and to get a Boost. They were so disappointed to find it has shut for this lockdown. So they then went to the bakery to buy something for lunch with the $50 note I'd given them, plus a loaf of bread. Silly me for giving them cash, as they no longer are accepting it, only card. It's the first time I'd used cash in months and gave it to them without thinking. They weren't too happy upon returning home. I felt sorry for them so drove back to buy them lunch with my card. 


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Baroness Bubbles

My petty covid whinge is that I have gotten used to there being just 2 of us in the office.

When someone else comes in, like they did today, it puts me all out of sorts and confuses me lol

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