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Year 1 homework

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Ivy Ivy

When in year 1 my daughter (started - it continues on still) refused to do homework, and after fighting yelling stressing etc, I spoke to the year 1 teacher, told her it was overwhelming, and the teacher said , not fussed at all, "don't worry about it at all, just get her to read". Your daughter's situation may be different to my daughter's.


Meta-analysis (see John Hattie on homework and what works in teaching) suggests homework has a 0.29 effect (on improving grades) during primary school years, which he interprets as a zero effect because it's nothing above going to school. For comparison, just being in an average class with an average teacher for a year has a 0.15-0.30 effect, a kid just getting a year older has a 0.15 effect, teachers giving specific feedback to kids has a 0.70 effect, and teachers having classroom group discussions with kids has a 0.80 effect.


In high school: during year 7-9 doing homework has a larger effect - kids who do it get 50% better grades. In years 10-12 they get 69% better grades.


Note these stats are statistical averages so probably don't accurately reflect kids at the top and bottom of the ability curve.


But I will not insist on homework to the point of yelling and fighting about it, until high school.

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Thanks guys. Some helpful responses!! I'm going to meet wirh her teacher and give her some more info about my DDs condition as I suspect she doesn't know much.

Her reading is quite good and she likes go read before bed, so surprisingly this isn't the issue. The maths homework is a major issue for her as it's hard, and we probably do need to do some work on it, but not the whole 2 worksheets.

You are all right as at the school most parents seem to disagree with me on homework and want there kids to have it. Many complain when they get a teacher who doesn't give much homework. So culturally it's difficult for the teachers also.

Booking in with her tomorrow afternoon for a chat so will go from there.

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