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Can someone help with lap top details (for school) please?

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Ok the school needs the lap top to have this (I think I asked before on a cheaper one)


Essential o

Wireless hardware must support 5GHz Wi-Fi networks (2.4GHz Wi-Fi is NOT compatible with the school wireless)

Minimum screen size 9.8”

Battery life of 5+ hours or with an extended battery

Must contain a physical keyboard (either a laptop or tablet PC with detachable keyboard)

USB ports for peripherals and storage o Maximum weight no more than 2kg Windows

Windows 7 or newer

Recommended o Intel i3 (1.8GHz) or

equivalent processor

4GB memory or higher

256GB or larger storage capacity


we found one we like but although DH thinks it matches he is not 100% sure (he is unsure mainly on the wifi 5GZ bit)


JBHI website source


Lenovo ThinkPad L390 Clamshell / 13.3 / i5 / 8GB / 256GB / Win10Home / 3 Year Depot Warranty

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This is from last year,


Some models are probably superceded but info and whats in the guts of the laptop should be helpful.




I ended up getting our yr 7 boy a Hp one thru the school with the aftercare package.


I think there was another thread too but I am running out the door just now and the search features on eb leave a lot to be desired.

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