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raspberry sherbert

2020 Decluttering, Cleaning, Get Organised

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luke's mummu

I decluttered the pantry Today and threw out a lot of out of date foods. Judging by use by dates I think I last did this in feb 2020

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Against my better judgement DH and I have agreed to do an extra job a week, so on the list over the last few weeks we have done

DH cleaned the windowsill area while I cleaned the  extractor fan thingy above the stove

We have decluttered an area at the end of the bath and organises our stores of toiletries

We cleaned out the fridge

Next is DS's bedroom, there is lego sets everywhere and a collectable collection, he is either has to dust them or they are being carefully stored in his bedroom in a boxes in the wardrobe but they are not staying as they are

I am feeling like a mature grown up and I am not liking it lol!


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