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Christmas budget

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Hypnic Jerk

We don’t usually budget but this year I think we will have to. That said we already do $ limited KK with my family and nothing with DH’s (not as bad as it sounds).

We’ve made a habit of seasons passes to a local theme park and now that Santa has left the building we don’t have to double up on the gifts.

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My son has asked for walkie talkies, so I'll probably buy those (less than $100?). I might also look for something modest for DH (like his favourite sweet treats, etc).


Other than that, us grown-ups don't buy one another anything. We've agreed to pool the money we would have spent into a single donation to a charity.


This started because a few years ago, DH claimed that we couldn't afford to donate to the Syrian refugees, and I countered that we could indeed afford to, because we could afford Christmas presents for each other...


So overall, our expenditure on gifts is relatively small, but we will probably spend a bit on cooking a nice meal (but again, there are only five of us, and three of us don't even eat meat/seafood, so it won't break the bank hehe).


Oh hang on, I'm going to buy something for my son's kinder teachers. They're amazing!

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We don’t budget. We just buy the gifts as we see fit. We have a Christmas tree but we actually don’t really celebrate Christmas. There’s no big event or lunch on Christmas for us, especially this year given I’m due around then.


DS has finally stopped believing in Santa so he will just get a gift from us this year. He’s asked for the new Pokémon game early. His birthday is also in early January so I usually get him another present then. He hasn’t expressed what he wanted yet.


I get DH, my mum, cousin and brother a present from DS. He helps pick things out. I usually also get a present for all my friends’ kids I see at various Christmas lunches and dinners. Usually don’t spend more than $20-$30 per kid and probably about 10 kids this year I need to grab presents for. Theres also the odd KK we need to get gifts for.


I might DH an Xmas present if I could find one. We’re not fussy about gifts even for birthdays.


I usually also donate $200 to the Smith family for Christmas for 1 boy and 1 girl gift hamper.


I don’t think I really go over $1500 on presents. We do spend quite a bit on lunches/dinners though. It’s usually $200-$300 for the three of us as it’s usually at a restaurant.

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$200 DS

$200 DD

$100 DH (gift from me)

$100 Me (gift from DH)

$200 grandparents total combined

$120 Nieces and nephews

$200 secret Santa's /work/teachers total

$400 food and alcohol


Total $1520. I have already bought and wrapped 75% of the gifts. I refuse to overspend and buy presents after November. Too stressful.

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No set budget as such, it varies. Last year kids hardly got anything, but we left right after Xmas for an OS trip.


This year our MIL is coming from OS (first time) so will make it a bit more special.

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For DS we spend approx $150, (he's just turned 3 and will be spoiled by grandies) DH and I spend $150-$200 each.


Parents is usually $150 per person.


Grandparents we do $50 each.. $350.


We buy for nieces and nephews (5), and spend $50 for each of them... $250.


We also do a secret santa for our extended family Christmas gathering (usually around 40 people), and the limit is $25.

For that though, we all usually chuck in $50 per adult for food and drinks. $125


Work secret santa is $20.


Giving tree and donation to Smith Family $100 each.


All up, budget is around $2200 this year. Will come under, but that's our max.

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It's really dependent on what the kids what/need as to how much I spend. I try to keep it to about $300-$400 for the 2 kids at the most. Then about $350 for the cousins gifts (about $30/kid).


Of course, if you count how much it's cost us to visit the in-laws and family this year, I'd say I've spent $4500 before gifts... so yeah my kids are not getting much this year.


I also have a child whose birthday is 2 weeks before Christmas.

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I don't have set budgets for the 3 kids yet, they're so little I usually just give them clothes and stuff I'd get anyway lol.

But we have 5 adults to buy for on dh's side and 8 adults and 2 kids to buy for on my side, I usually do $50 max for adults and $30 for kids. Which is a bit under $500 for that, I probably allocate $500 more for me, dh and the kids

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