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we are trying for our second baby...but im having trouble shaking the fear of becomming pregnant again. Ive had 2 miscarriages. The first was a mmc at 12 weeks (used misoprostal) then had a beautiful son who was an emergency c section under general. During the operation i suffered anaphylaxis due to the antibiotic they used.

When my son was about 8 months old,i had another miscarriage at 8 weeks which was particularly brutal. Started while we were out in public...Very heavy bleeding (alot more than the filling 2 pads an hour before going to hospital rule) ...i got really hot and was sweating and dizzy, almost passed out..so i got scared and was taken to hospital ...i wanted a d&c, but the doctors/nurses at the hospital preferred the natural method..which im sure in some ways is better for you, but i shouldn't have gone through what i did. The product kept coming out in dribs and drabs for about 3 weeks...it wasnt a case of it passing all at once like i was told it would.

i guess im so scared of miscarrying again that i almost dont want to try again, however i really want another child.

Im over 35 so didnt really want to wait too long to begin trying again.

I know i should be positive and have the mind set that nothing will go wrong this time, but i also want to be prepared if it does.

Ladies what is your experience with d&c's and have you ever been told that you shouldn't have one? And did you ever feel like you can't go through pregnancy again?

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I'm so sorry for your miscarriages. I'd ask the GP if you could get a referral to a FS so you can be closely monitored to ensure there is nothing amiss that is causing miscarriages. While miscarriages are normal, they are definitely upsetting and traumatic even.


A FS can do a run of tests to ensure everything is up to par and from there you can find out if there is anything they can give to reduce chances of miscarriage.


Wishing you the best of luck on your journey.

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HRH Countrymel

I had a d&c when my IVF pregnancy failed.


My main reason was pretty stupid but we have a septic tank and I just didn't want to have the thought that what was supposed to be our child was sitting out there under my garden.


The bleeding still continued for a week or two afterwards anyway.


I don't have anything to add about subsequent pregnancies as they never happened.

That was my only.

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My 1st pg was a natural mc. I then had 2 children after that before my next loss. It was a blighted ovum and I had been bleeding heavily for 2 weeks before my D&C.


In my experience they offer you 3 options. This was at a major public hospital in the Early Pregnancy Assessment Service Clinic.

I was told I could wait for it to happen naturally, take some tablets or have a D&C (With the D&C I would have to wait until they could a lot me in as there wouldn’t be an allocated spot for me)


I was told they prefer the first 2 options, but I requested the D&C. They had no issues with my request.


I was nervous about TTC again after that loss. Like you I was 35 and worried about going through it again. It was hard not to worry-mc is very difficult to go through. I ended up falling again 6 months later with twins.


If you are looking for any other support, can I suggest that you connect with the Pink Elephant Support Network on FB. They are an amazing organisation who help women deal with loss. They might be able to answer any other questions you may have or give you some guidance xx

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