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At a loss

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Mum had 6 months of chemo and hormone treatment to treat the bone cancer - to shrink it and 'switch it off'. She now has hormone treatments every three weeks (infusions in hospital) to keep it 'switched off'. The cancer has shrunk to a manageable level - so she doesn't get repeated bone fractures and debilitating pain, but it won't go away and she will have this treatment for the rest of her life - either until the cancer reactivates, or she passes from something else.


Chemo was a nightmare, she had to move in with us both times as she was so unwell (Dad has dementia). I had to take her to emergency a few times due to severe vomiting and dehydration as well as a couple of times she developed infections due to low immunity. She really suffered. I wouldn't criticise anyone who chose not to do, although I'm so grateful that my mum is still around.


Again, I'm so sorry OP.

LG, I'm sorry to hear your Mum has had such a tough time. I know what you mean about chemo. Mum didn't cope well at all the first time. She wouldn't eat or drink. She said she couldn't stomach either. She was often dehydrated and rushed to hospital a few times.


Again thanks everyone for your kind words. I'm trying to stay positive and deal with this crap situation.

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Thinking of you OP. x

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