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Miscarriage, was it chemical preg for waiting to try again

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I am currently most likely miscarrying, just need another hcg test to confirm. But I began spotting and cramps and back pain at 4 weeks 3 days. I had an ultrasound that showed a 0.23 amniotic sac. Is this still considered a chemical pregnancy or would I need to confirm cervix closed first in terms of time to wait again to TTC?


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I'm so sorry for your loss xxx


A chemical pregnancy is a MC before 5 weeks gestation. I haven't had a chemical, but for my other MC I was told to wait for the bleeding to stop, or two weeks, whichever was later. My OB told me there was no medical reason to wait to TTC again, and as soon as I felt emotionally ready I could start. I have fallen pregnant the cycle after MC twice.


Take care :bighug:

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