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Fit bit or similar for kids.

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My DS9 has vivofit jr. We bought it for him to track his sleep. How melatonin works and when. And to potentially not let him have any screen time the day after he didn't have 10 hours of sleep ( when it is his fault).

He did track his steps and activity for 3 days. Still enjoys the fact that he can swim and shower while wearing them.

But the main ( and unexpected) thing for us - chores! He asked what chores he can set up and I said without thinking - brushing teeth, shower without complaints, dishwasher, wheelie bins on garbage collection days. He set them and two months later is still obsessed with them. Wants more. We bought a lighter vacuum cleaner so now he vacuums every day.

All chores earn him points which he can redeem on screentime. With all his chores done he gets his 30-45 mins TV time ( we used to fail at getting him change after school, now he showers and changes straight after!).

Oh and me changing 24 hour format to 12 and back for a few days made him more confident with time and got him to compare 24/12 format time to time on mechanical clock on the wall.

Also my son chose strap design of an older model which is cheaper now. Main difference between jr models is design of the strap.

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