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How to support family of a NICU baby

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I found it really helpful when people treated us and our daughter like they would have with any other baby. Eg. Saying congratulations, telling us how cute she is, buying her a gift etc.


A friend gave our daughter the most beautiful picture book called ‘From Above the Clouds’. It is about a sick baby that overcomes the odds and gets well. The illustrations are stunning and it is written in a beautiful lyrical way. We would read it to our daughter, which I am told is great for their development, but it was also a really nice bonding activity for us to do with her.


Also, when offering help, rather than saying: “ is there anything I can do”, offer something specific: “Can I drive you to the hospital tomorrow?” “How about I bring some lunch for you?” etc.


I found it incredibly unhelpful when people would try and focus on the positive or find a bright side. Sometimes you just want people to listen to you and agree that the situation is sh*t, rather than trying to tell you that some diagnosis “sounds good”, or that they “know someone who knows someone who had a nicu baby and is now fine.” While well intentioned, I always felt like these comments were diminishing the seriousness of what we were going through.


Good luck!

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